Since the announcement of a visual overhaul last month. Google has started to roll out the redesigned Gmail for all personal accounts worldwide. For the Gmail web client, Google is adding an integrated view with dedicated tabs for Chat, Meet, and Space. 

Users can avail of their popular services from the new side menu, allowing them to seamlessly switch from one app to another. So, in this article, we are going to discuss everything there is to know about Google’s new approach towards Gmail. 

Source: Google

Gmail to Get a Design Overhaul 

It has been quite some time now, with Google working behind the idea of unifying their messaging and communication service for Gmail. This way, users can easily switch between the popular Google services including Gmail, Chats, and Meet at the same place. 

By implementing a new collapsible side panel over the left side, Google can offer dedicated tabs for Gmail, Google Meet, Chat, and Spaces. Instead of changing browser tabs, users can switch between apps almost instantaneously. 

Furthermore, users will also get a floating preview by hovering over the tabs with the cursor. Although this is not available for Google Meet as of now. In fact, Google is also adding a new app menu UI, that allows users to access notification bubbles from the bottom-left corner and reply to messages accordingly. 

Source: Google

You can also check out the detailed view on how Google is implementing the integrated view over Gmail. 

How to Access the New Integrated View? 

Based on the official update over Google’s Workspace forum, every Gmail user can experience the new side panel-based UI within an optional feature. Although we haven’t gotten our hands on the same. Google explained users can enable it by following through the steps: 

1. Click on Settings from the top-right corner

2. Over the ‘Quick settings’ menu, simply click on ‘Try out the new Gmail view

3. Click on Reload to test the new UI

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Concluding Words

According to Google, the new integrated view on Gmail is going to be available by default from April 2022. These include users with personal Gmail accounts as well as Rapid Release domains. 

Even prior to that, you can opt-in to experience the redesigned Gmail. Although the feature is not available for Google Workspace Essentials customers as of now. In case you get your hands on the integrated view, let us know in the comment section below, what is your overall experience? 


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