While Apple announced iOS 15 back in June 2021, the public stable version was released on 20th September. Apple is certainly notorious for their occasional incremental updates like they did with iPhone 13, but the software side is a completely different story. 

Starting from new features on FaceTime, to a completely redesigned Safari and the addition of Focus mode, there’s a lot more to explore in iOS 15. That is why in this article we are going to talk about some of the core features and changes that come with iOS 15. 

Should You Really Upgrade to iOS 15? 

This is the first time ever that Apple has actually made upgrading to iOS 15 optional. If you are running some of the older hardware, you might way to stick around iOS 14 for a little longer until all the major apps are fully supported. 

If you choose to continue with iOS 14, you can still receive all the security updates. Apple is showing the iOS 15 updates as optional. So, if you choose not to install the same, you can still keep on using iOS 14. The only catch is that you would be missing out on some of the most recent features introduced with the latest version. 

Most Notable Changes in iOS 15

Apple has introduced a plethora of tweaks and changes in the latest version of iOS 15. Some of the most prominent ones include the Activity View on Notes App, for the sharing feature in the Health app. Here are some of the most notable changes you can see in iOS 15. 

1. A Redesigned Notification Panel 

iOS 15 has completely redesigned the notification panel. Within the new design, you can find much larger icons for better identification along with display contact photos for people. You can also schedule your notification so that you can view them at the perfect time instead of getting overwhelmed. Furthermore, users can also completely mute any notification thread. 

2. Introduction to Focus 

With the line between work and life balance slowly shifting, the introduction of the Focus mode is the perfect way to reduce any distractions. Not only it filters out your notification, but you can also set up your home screen with the most essential apps alone. 

3. All New Spotlight 

While Spotlight has been around for quite a while now, it is now equipped with better AI capabilities to search for photos using scenes, different locations, and even objects. In fact, users can also access Spotlight right at the Lock Screen, making the process much more seamless. 

4. The FaceTime We Always Wanted

With iOS 15, FaceTime now comes with Spatial Audio, enhancing your overall video call experience. So, now users can listen to your sound, right from the person’s location. Further including, you can also share a link to FaceTime with other users who are not within the Apple ecosystem. A much-awaited feature for the majority of the users. 

5. Revamped Maps 

The Apple Maps now comes with an interactive glove view, where users can view the cities in 3D. You can also expect more detailed information for buildings, elevations as well as commercial districts. You can also enjoy a 3D-city driving experience like never before. The Map works both on iPhones as well as Apple CarPlay. 

6. The Unexpected Safari

With iOS 15, Apple has completely redesigned Safari as well. For better one-handed usage, all the controls have been shifted right at the bottom. Swipe gestures have also been used for toggling between different tabs. At last, there is also support for voice search as well. 

7. The Health App

At the advent of the current global pandemic, the added features within the Health App are truly commendable. With the introduction of the sharing tab, users can also share their health data with other family members. The app can also detect trends, and giving alerts for any significant change. 

8. Improved Siri

In iOS 15, all the requests Siri makes are being processed on-device. Al thanks to the new and improved Neural Engine, increasing the overall security and responsiveness of Siri as well. There is also much better integration of Siri with other Apple apps, including Podcasts, News, and Maps. 

The Bottom Line 

So that was our curated guide on some of the major features you can expect in iOS 15. While still offering support for iOS 14 devices showcases how much Apple truly cares about customer satisfaction. So, let us know in the comment section below, have you upgraded to the all-new iOS 15 yet?


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