When technology is progressing everywhere why would earphones remain behind? The South-Korean based electronics giant LG is currently working on the second generation of LG TONE FREE wireless earbuds.

LG’s New TONE FREE Wireless Earbuds With Self-Cleaning Feature

Though the company is following the rectangular design of the model launched in 2017, the earbuds have now been improved. The curved design on the sides and the sturdy button looks more appealing. It might not be clear at this time, but LG may be planning to give the button a touch-sensitive look.

lg tone free wireless earbuds

Talking about the major change, actually happened with the charger. Unlike previous pencil-shaped carry case, the new charger now comes with a circular-shaped design with new disinfecting capabilities. According to a report by Android Headlines, this is actually a UV LED charger that enables the earbuds to clean and sterilize themselves in less than five minutes.

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LG’s New Germ-Free Earbuds

With these LG earbuds, users can assure that each time the earbuds are stored in the new case, they will be automatically cleaned and disinfected before each use. LG may market these earbuds as a germ-free option, but there are also many other things you should know.

The new TONE FREE earbuds have also been improved in terms of battery life. While the previous model offered three hours of usage, the latest one will be coming with six hours. If you also consider the capacity of the on-the-go charger, you can use your earbuds for a duration of up to 24 hours.

LG TONE FREE Wireless Earbuds

Talking about the other features, the company has partnered with Meridian for a superb audio experience and also including Google Assistant for hands-free voice assistant functionality.

Though the previous model was accompanied by a neckband attachment, after seeing the new design, we can’t say whether the new TONE FREE wireless earbuds will be compatible with the older neckband. Also, it’s important to note that just like the original version, customers will have to buy the charging case separately.

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LG’s New Wireless Earbuds: Expected Price

As far as the details of the previous model are concerned, they were launched in January 2017 and made available for purchase at $199.99 in March 2017. However, this time, LG is focusing more on minimal design and considering the self-cleaning feature as its USP. Hence, we can expect the new LG earbuds at an affordable price.

Image Source: Android Headlines


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