Hosting server plays a crucial role in the success of your website or blog. You might have designed your website following the latest trend and assuring the best user experience possible, but if your website is not up, all the hard work goes in vain.

With the evolution of the Internet, users have started realising the importance of a hosting server. Whatever your requirements are, you will find a hosting package available. But still, a lot of people rely on free hosting which is actually a trap.

There are times when users are unable to decide which hosting server they need. Everyone talks about privacy and security but sometimes the government shut down their website without prior notice, and they’re left with nothing but a plan on their head.

Today, I will talk about Offshore hosting and how it can help you achieve what you have always wanted without compromising the security.

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What is Offshore Hosting?

what is offshore hosting

Offshore hosting simply means hosting your website or application to a far off Datacenter location from your place of origin. If you are thinking why would want to take their hosting offshore, let me tell you there are enough reasons to do that.

It allows you to host adult, gambling, movies and other websites which aren’t allowed by other hosting providers. Offshore hosting makes it quite harder to shut down the website legally.

These hosting providers value their customer’s privacy immensely. They store your website’s data in servers running in countries who don’t allow authorities to retrieve data and invade the client’s privacy at any cost.

Is there any Free Offshore Hosting?

is there any free offshore hosting

The term ‘FREE’ is overrated in this online world. People go with a free hosting just to save a few bucks but in return, they face downtimes, non-reliability, less storage, limited bandwidth, customizability restrictions, no support and sometimes the hosting provider even serves ads on their website.

The first thing you should understand that Web Hosting is not just a special computer called server where your website’s files and data are stored. It’s much more than that.

Talking about Offshore hosting providers, they provide data privacy, security and flexible content policy. They are not bound to take your website down on the government’s request.

Offshore hosting provides full freedom and customer support. They strive to fulfil customers need in every possible way they can. You might be thinking that hosting your website far from the origin may result in slow performance. But it’s not the case with every hosting provider.

Most of the offshore hosting providers use solid state drives (SSDs) and secured technology standards with full optimization and support. They always ensure your website loads fast without any noticeable latency. You just have to know your requirements and choose a plan accordingly.

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Overall, Offshore hosting guarantees the data privacy and it’s not possible to maintain the entire infrastructure for free. In simple words, Offshore hosting may not be available free but always worth the money.


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