In a Nutshell

  • Setting up a timer on your iPhone allows you to take photos after a countdown
  • You can set the camera timer to take photos after 3 or 10 seconds
  • The camera will also take a series of 10 burst photos on a timer, allowing you to choose the best shot

Have you ever been in a situation when there is actually no one to take a group photo of your family and friends? Even if you volunteer, you end up missing out on the group photo. Also while taking any still photos, that few extra seconds could actually help you get the perfect shot.

With the built-in timer feature on your iPhone, you don’t have to worry about physically clicking the shutter right at the very moment. This feature is available across all models of iPhone. While setting up the timer on your iPhone, learning how to setup camera timer on iPhone, the countdowns can actually come in handy to get the best possible photo.

Why You Should Consider Using Timer on Your iPhone Camera? 

Over the years, iPhone cameras have truly evolved, and are before the industry standard for taking good shots. You can actually get accustomed to using the timer feature on your iPhone camera to reap the following benefits: 

1. Great Group Photos: If you want to capture those precious group moments, this feature would give everyone enough time to get ready for the shot. Not to mention, no one is going to miss out on clicking the photo anymore. 

2. Better Stability: You can always set up your iPhone on a stable surface, and turn on the timer to click photos without much shake or noise, while significantly improving the photo clarity. 

3. Better Selfies: This goes without saying that taking that perfect selfie is a form of art. Using the iPhone’s timer feature, you can find the right angle, looking for a better background and pose comfortably. 

4. Brings forth Creativity: With that additional few seconds before the shutter clicks, you can actually fine-tune your frames to get the perfect shot. 

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How to Set Up Timer on Your iPhone Camera? 

Within the camera settings on your iPhone, you can find the timer feature. This allows you to set a desired countdown before capturing the shot, once you have pressed the shutter. Definitely, you can use the Apple Watch Camera app to click pictures, but it can often get you distracted. So, here’s how you can use the timer feature: 

Step 1: Once you open the Camera app on your iPhone, from the top center, tap on the Upward Arrow button.

Step 2: Right above the Shutter button, you can find the Timer option.

Step 3: Tap on the Timer button and select your desired time frame. On iPhones, you can set the timer for 3 seconds or 10 seconds.

Step 4: After setting up the timer, you can position your iPhone can click on the shutter button to start the timer.

Step 5: You will see a countdown right in front of the screen.

Step 6: Once the count goes down to 1, the shutter will automatically trigger, capturing the photo.

Tips for Taking Photos Using iPhone Camera Timer

Any feature is just as good as without proper implementation. The same goes for the timer feature on your iPhone camera. Here’s how you can take better photos while using the most out of it: 

1. Try Using a Tripod: Using a tripod you can easily get better-looking photos as compared to setting up your phone against something. Furthermore, Tripod allows you to adjust the angle, making sure your iPhone is positioned at eye level. This is especially effective while taking group photos. Similarly, tripods are ideal for taking night photos to reduce any blurs whatsoever. 

2. Use Live Photos: Try to incorporate using the Live Photos features on your iPhone while taking pictures. This allows you to capture 1.5 seconds before and after the image is clicked. With that, you can easily scrub back and forth to choose the perfect frame that suits your preference. Bear in mind, Live Photos take more space compared to standalone photos. 

3. Turn on Burst Mode: Burst Mode comes by default, once you set the timer on your iPhone. With Burst Mode, every time you click on the shutter, 10 photos are taken simultaneously. Turning off Live Photos, you can actually use this feature, to scroll and pick the photo you want to keep.  

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Mastered the iPhone Camera Timer? Unlock Its Full Potential!

Remember, the timer isn’t just for selfies! Capture flawless group photos with everyone perfectly framed. Unleash your creativity with solo long exposures or unique angles. Even freeze action shots without camera shake. Take it further with Pro mode: achieve stunning portrait bokeh or master low-light photography. So explore, experiment, and snap epic photos with your iPhone’s powerful timer!

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