Stickers are one of the most interesting things in WhatsApp. I have been receiving different kinds of WhatsApp stickers from the day it launched on WhatsApp. The number of Android apps available for WhatsApp stickers are also increasing day by day, making it really confusing for a normal user to choose the required app. Today, you’ll have a look at some best Android Apps for WhatsApp Stickers which you can download and send awesome stickers. I will also show you a glimpse of each app along with the number of stickers available in them. So, without any further ado, let’s get started..!!

Best Android Apps For WhatsApp Stickers

1. Sticker Packs for WhatsApp by Telegram

android apps for whatsapp stickers

Category = Telegram Stickers

No. of Stickers = 300

The messaging app Telegram has tonnes of high-quality stickers and making them available under one app isn’t possible. In this app, you will get a total of 10 packs which includes Polar Bear, Rainbow unicorn, Penguin, Velociraptor, etc.

Install Telegram Stickers

2. WAStickerApps

android apps for whatsapp stickers

Category = Cartoons and Comics

No. of Stickers = 500+

If you are a serious cartoon watcher and want something you can relate with comic superheroes from Marvels and Avengers, etc., you will definitely like this Whatsapp stickers app. It includes many stickers from Naruto, Mario, Pokemon Go, Marvel, Zumbis, etc.

Install WAStickerApps

3. Counter Sticker Apps

Android apps for whatsapp stickers

Category = Gaming

No. of Stickers = 90+

This sticker pack is one of the best Android apps for WhatsApp stickers for someone who love games like Counter-Strike.  This app offers cool stickers of team logos, team roles, headshot guarantee, ninja logo, etc.

Install Counter Sticker Apps

4. Bollywood Stickers

bollywood whatsapp stickers

Category = Indian Cinema

No. of stickers = 35+

If you are a Bollywood fan or want to enjoy some super cool dialogues of Hindi films, you can try this app. The app updates every week and currently has a nice of stars stickers.

Install Bollywood Stickers

5. Meme Stickers

meme whatsapp stickers

Category = Memes

No. of Stickers = 270

Memes become an integral part of our social media experience nowadays. In this pack, you will get 10 Meme stickers packs with Hide the pain Harold, the mischievous racoon, etc.

Install Meme Stickers

6. Sticker Maker

WhatsApp sticker

Category = emoji

Number of Stickers = 70+

This is one of the best Android apps for emoji WhatsApp stickers. The stickers are categorized into different categories like sticker talk, food meme, etc. This app also lets you send your own images as stickers.

Install StickerMaker

7. PUBG Stickers

pubg stickers

Category = Gaming

No. of Stickers = 150+

You can make any chat group a war zone by sending these awesome stickers of weapons, costumes, etc. This app includes many interesting PUBG stickers and helps you win even chats with Winner Winner Chicken Sticker title.

Install BattleGrounds stickers

8. What Stickers

Android apps for WhatsApp stickers

Category = TV Show

No. of Stickers = 200+

The famous TV shows have now become a part of memes. I have already come across a lot of memes about the scenes and character of popular TV shows. Install and talk to your friends using Homer, Bart, Harry Potter, Dragon Ball, etc memes.

Install WhatStickers Free

9. Monkey Stickers

monkey stickers for whatsapp

Category = emoji

No. of stickers = 30

Monkeys symbolise fun and humour and so these monkey stickers for WhatsApp will add a funny quotient to your conversations. Do try this app once.

Install Monkey Stickers

10. AZ Pack Stickers

android apps for whatsapp stickers

Category = cartoons and emojis

No. of stickers

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If you want a single app to offer all the famous cartoon and emojis as stickers, you can install this AZ WhatsApp stickers pack. This app offers you a variety of stickers from Minecraft, Deadpool, StanLee, Mr Bean to Foods, emoticons, Pusheens, etc. You can use all these in your WhatsApp at just Rs 70 ($1 approx).

Install AZ Pack Stickers

11. FreeStyle Stickers

android apps for whatsapp stickers

Category = Cartoon and Emoji

No. of stickers = 175+

This is another one of the best Android apps for WhatsApp stickers. This app has more than 175 stickers but the best among them is Angry birds and Minions stickers.

Install FreeStyle

12. Earthy Stickers

whatsapp stickers apps for android

Category = Cartoon

No. of stickers = 18

This app contains 18 good quality cartoon stickers of the Earth which look amazing in WhatsApp. Try it out.

Install Earthy

13. Moon Stickers

moon stickers for whatsapp

Category = Celestial

No. of Stickers = 16

Just like Earth stickers, you can even send Moon WhatsApp stickers using this app. It offers all the 16 phases of moon starting from Full to new moon.

Install Moon Stickers

14. Meme Stickers

meme stickers for android

Category = Memes

No. of Stickers = 120+

This app consists of all the famous Meme stickers from all over the Internet. Now, you can easily install this app and share these popular stickers with your friends anytime.

Install Meme Stickers

15. Ultimate Pack

best android apps for whatsapp stickers

Category = Indian

No. of Stickers = 2000+

Ultimate Pack has a wide range of WhatsApp sticker collection from your favourite TV Shows to daily seen memes. All you need to do is install this app and add the required stickers pack to WhatsApp.

Install Ultimate Pack

Best WhatsApp Stickers Apps For Android

Though there are many Android apps for WhatsApp Stickers, I tried to share only those which can be used by most of the WhatsApp users. You can choose from these 15 stickers apps in different categories. I am not a big fan of WhatsApp stickers but I love to try new sticker packs. If you know or use any other Android apps for WhatsApp stickers, do share with us in the comments section below.



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