There have been several instances where you are bored to your bones, without having anything to say or do on your group chats. Live Stickers can do the trick for a while, but nothing can truly defect the boredom without games. To address the issue, Apple has actually introduced iMessage games that you can play with your family and friends. 

Starting from playing arcade games that bring back your childhood nostalgia, to brain teasers challenging your knowledge altogether, you can play a whole new array of games. So, without further ado, let’s dive into the list of the best iMessage Games you can play in 2024. 

Note: Games are only supported for iMessage on iPhones, and iPad running iOS 10 or higher. 

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How to Actually Play Games on iMessage? 

Playing games on iMessage is really simple. You can just follow through the steps mentioned below: 

Step 1: Once you start a new conversation in iMessage, tap on the App icon right below the text box. 

Step 2: From there, you can across the entire collection of apps, games, and different stickers. Simply tap on any one of them, or search for the game based on your preference and tap on ‘Get’ to install. 

Step 3: Once you have downloaded the app, you can use it by tapping on its icon.

Step 4: Simply scroll through the list of the installed games and choose the one you want to play. 

Note: In order to play games, make sure that the other person also has the same game installed on their iPhone. 

Best iMessage Games to Try on Your iPhone

1. Tic Tac Toe

This is by far one of the most evergreen titles you can play on iMessage among your friends. Without any learning curve or complicated game mechanics, you can play Tic Tac Toe for hours. In fact, it is one of my go-to picks, when I need some time to kill the boredom. 

Furthermore, the game has a very clean interface, while being lightweight without taking much of the system resource. Easily challenge your friends, and use the iOS stickers to add more fun. While being completely free to play, you can also unlock premium designs including Dog vs CatBurger vs PizzaUS Elections, and more. 

Price: Free

Download Tic Tac Toe

2. Qiktionary

Qiktionary is by far one of the quirkiest word games that you would have come across. Within this iMessage game, you have to solve the four-letter word by typing the letters itself. While feeling stuck, you can always make use of the hints to solve the puzzle at hand. The first 5 hints are free, while you have to pay as you move forward. 

As long as you can type a word, you can play as many turns as you want. The only catch is, the game doesn’t allow you to enter random alphabets. Since the words are just restricted to 4 letters, it can get challenging at times. If you have a strong vocabulary, you can always reach out to your friends and have a face-off. 

Price: Free, 1.99 USD/month

Download Qiktionary

3. Checkmate 

While I will be discussing Game Pigeon in the later part of the article, which also comes with its own version of chess, Checkmate provides a completely different experience. For less than a dollar, you can play games and set up multiple boards all at the same time. Without having any timers in between, you can take as long as you want, before considering your next move. 

Price: 0.99 USD

Download Checkmate

4. Truth Truth Lie

The next game on our list, Two Truths and a Lie can be played within groups and among each other. The game mechanics are pretty simple in itself. Each player will get to make three statements regarding themselves, while everyone else has to guess the false one

Price: Free

Download Truth Truth Lie

5. Game Pigeon

Game Pigeon can be hailed as one of the best iMessage games that you can download on your iPhone. It is a treasure trove of some of the best classic titles including mini-golf, chess, basketball, cup pong, word hunt, dots and boxes, and more. What makes Game Pigeon so unique is that, without the need for jumping from one app to another, you can choose your preferred game and have fun. 

Price: Free, 4.99 USD for GamePigeon+

Download Game Pigeon

6. 8 Ball Pool

8 Ball Pool is one of the most prominent pool titles, offering addictive gameplay with various customization options. This time around, they have ported the same game into iMessage. It has the same game mechanics, where you need to pot balls, earn coins, and use them to enter higher-ranking matches with bigger stakes. 

Price: Free, 7.99 USD/week

Download 8 Ball Pool

7. Sudoku is widely renounced as one of the best games to actually train your brain on problem-solving. With a huge number of puzzles to choose from, you can actually spend hours honing your skills. Sudoku offers puzzles for both beginners and advanced players, ensuring you can have a good time with your family and friends. 

Price: Free, 4.99 USD for ad-free

Download: Sudoku

8. Solitaire

Last but not least, iMessage has incorporated the vintage card game, Solitaire that you can enjoy with your friends. One the game you can actually complete daily challenges and earn crowns and trophies. Not to mention, each point you collect would contribute to level up. If you are completely new to the game, you can also make sure of the ‘Show Me How To Win’ feature to master the tips and tricks of Solitaire. 

Price: Free, 1.99 USD/month

Download Solitaire

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The Bottom Line: Game On!

That’s it for our top picks on the best iMessage games in 2024! Now you’re ready to transform those dry chats into laughter-filled battlegrounds. Remember, these are just a few – the iMessage game library is vast! So explore, experiment, and find your favorites.

We’d love to hear from you! What are your favorite iMessage games to play with friends and family? Share your picks in the comments below and let’s keep the fun rolling!

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