When it comes to finding the right information over the internet, chances are people would stick to only one or two search engines. While looking out for a search engine, the first and foremost thing to look for is how relevant are the results. 

Not to mention, it is often helpful if you get an uncluttered and easy-to-read user interface altogether. This is where Google nails everything with a staggering market share of over 85%. Although, there are other search engines, which offer different perks as compared to Google. 

For starters, there are search engines that are inclined towards privacy and security, while others straightaway offer you a gift card for using them. So, in this section, we are going to discuss some of the best search engines you can use based on your preference. 

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Best Search Engines to Look Out for

1. Google 

There is a reason why Google is hailed as one of the most sought-after search engines worldwide. Google results tend to be fastresponsive, and relevant, and often cater to an extensive catalog of web pages. 

The advanced algorithms used by Google make sure that you can access the most accurate result for your searched terms. Not to mention, Google also brings forth some of the best image and video results. You can also rely on Google Shopping to find exactly the product you need.  


  • Always favor the most relevant and fresh content
  • Ranks blogs and websites based on relevance 
  • Easily accessible to any device whatsoever


  • Collects user data on several occasions 
  • Black hat SEO can often damage ranking 
  • The number of search results can be overwhelming

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2. Bing 

Bing stands as the second-largest search engine worldwide based on market share. it is Microsoft’s attempt to dethrone Google as the leading search engine. In fact, there are instances where Bing outperforms Google to a certain degree. 

The video result tab has more visual appeal to it, where the results are curated in a grid as compared to that simple lists in Google. You can also get Microsoft Rewards for making a search on Bing, and over time you can redeem them for gift cards. 


  • Biased towards older and established web pages
  • The ranking is based on the home page instead of the blog 
  • Ability to crawl on both hidden and generic content 


  • Instant search result is slower than Google 
  • Forums are often ranked lower
  • Search result comprises ads

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3. DuckDuckGo

Initially, DuckDuckGo came out as an alternative to Google, but there are several aspects that make the search engine truly unique. For starters, DuckDuckGo comes with some of the most prominent features such as zero-click information where you get the curated results all on one page. 

Furthermore, it also clarifies with you exactly the question you were looking for. DuckDuckGo doesn’t track your online activity, ensuring that you are not going to get targeted personalized ads while surfing the web. Overall, DuckDuckGo is worth giving a try.


  • Doesn’t store or track any user information 
  • Offers very fast and quick results
  • Users can opt for an optional one-month search window


  • Lack of personalized results 
  • Offers a very limited search result for images

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4. Yahoo

While over the years Yahoo lost its popularity, it was once hailed as the go-to search engine. Furthermore, Yahoo has been more than just any regular search engine, including a news aggregatoremail service providershopping centergames storehoroscope, and even a travel directory

Such a variety of choices makes it extremely easier for first-time users. So if you want everything curated in one place, it is worth giving Yahoo a shot in 2023. 


  • The homepage can be your one-stop solution for news and trending topics
  • A curated solution for your search, email, weather, and horoscope needs
  • Allows users to search verticals as well


  • Might offer outdated search result 
  • Ads take a large portion of the home screen
  • Often ads are not clearly labeled as advertisements

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5. Google Scholar 

Google Scholar is a dedicated search engine forked from Google that particularly focuses on hard-research-based academic content. For the most part, several scientists and scholars have their contributions to these findings. 

Some of the most common content types you can find in Google Scholar includes graduation thesescourt opinionsmedical research reports, and even world political explanations. If your search result revolves around academics, Google Scholar can be the best way to find answers. 


  • Specially curated for academic purpose
  • Allows users to save articles
  • You can find citations in several styles
  • Results also include the total number of times an article has been cited 


  • Lack of setting preferences for search result 
  • Offers a very wide range of search results

Visit Google Scholar

6. The Internet Archive 

The Internet Archive can be your one-stop destination for curated web searches. What sets apart the Archive from the rest of the web browsers is that it provides users the ability to look for websites that date back to 1999

This is possible since the Archive has been taking snapshots of the WWW (World Wide Web) for years now. At the same time, if you are a regular user of Google, Bing, or Yahoo chances are you are not going to visit the Internet Archive on a daily basis. 


  • Ability to search for texts, news articles, archived websites, and more
  • Comes with advanced search functionalities 
  • Search for older websites using ‘Wayback Machine’


  • Not really suited for daily use
  • Such huge data can be overwhelming at times
  • Comes with a learning curve 

Visit The Internet Archive

7. Dogpile Search 

There was a time when Dogpile Search exceeded Google as the most efficient way to search the internet. It was back in the 1990s when Google took lead. But Dogpile is back once again, with an ever-growing index and an intuitive UI. Overall, if you want to try something refreshing with an engaging appearance, try using Dogpile for once. 


  • Offers a very fast search result 
  • Offers a broad result using data from multiple database
  • Provides curated links to ‘favorite fetches’


  • Sponsored results can be tedious at times
  • Lack of any home screen personalization

Visit Dogpile Search

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As mentioned throughout our article, your choice of search engine shouldn’t be restricted to Google anymore. There are alternatives to look for, especially if you value privacy or a search engine with advanced functionalities or something as simple as the ability to earn rewards. Regardless of your preference, there is a search engine on our list. 


  1. When it comes to finding the right information over the internet, chances are people would stick to only one or two search engines. While looking out for a search engine, the first and foremost thing to look for is how relevant are the results.


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