An envelope printing software is a computer program enabling users to design and print envelopes. It provides various tools to create and print envelopes of different sizes, styles, and formats. 

A plethora of free envelope printing software programs is available out there. They also offer a feature to design and print business cards. By providing a few details, such as a sender’s address, receiver’s address, date, name, etc., these software programs create envelopes and business cards for you. 

Furthermore, many of these software programs offer the functionality of an address book to manage the addresses of recipients and use them while printing envelopes. Simply import the saved addresses from the address book and print your envelope. 

More interestingly, a few word processors also support creating and printing envelopes. With these, you can design envelopes, add them to a document, and print them. 

This article aims to make you aware of the list of free envelope printing software available out there. 

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What to look for while choosing the free Envelope printing software?

While choosing an envelope printing software, ensure to look for the following features: 

  • Bulk envelope printing.
  • Customizable designs, such as fonts, images, and layouts. 
  • The address book feature that can automatically save addresses from previous creations.
  • User-friendly interface.
  • Compatibility with your operating system. 
  • The software should not record your data to ensure your privacy and security. 
  • Reviews and ratings. 
  • Round-the-clock support. 

1. Tweaking Envelope Printer


  • Bulk printing
  • Preview envelopes before printing
  • Embed images and text 
  • User interface with four sections 

Tweaking is a free envelope printing software. It allows you to design and print envelopes with ease. The software’s interface has four different parts requiring you to fill in different details or tweak settings to get the desired envelop design, such as –

  • Return address
  • Delivery address
  • Picture, Extra Text, and Post-net
  • Printer Settings

For each address, you can use the desired fonts, colors, styles, and sizes. With the help of the address book feature, you can directly import a sender’s address from previous creations. Else, you can even add new sender’s and recipient’s addresses. 

Further, you can insert an image or text you want in your envelope. Finally, there comes printer settings. These settings include the printer type, paper size, quality, etc. 

The best part is that it supports bulk printing envelopes once you are done with the above settings. In addition, the preview option lets you view and make adjustments to your envelope. 

Download here

2. Dataware Envelope Printer


  • Six different standard envelope sizes
  • A wide range of text style
  • A variety of font
  • Support for adding an image

Another free envelope printing software is Dataware Envelope Printer. It provides an easy and quick way to add addresses to your envelopes. Simply type in the address and hit the print button. Your envelope is ready!

Furthermore, the software allows you to save the addresses for future use. It leverages six standard envelope sizes, as follows: 

  • 10 business envelopes (4-1/8″ x 9-1/2″)
  • #9 reply envelopes (3-7/8″ x 8-7/8″)
  • #6-3/4 personal envelopes (3-5/8″ x 6-1/2″)
  • European size DL (110 mm x 220 mm)
  • European size C5 (162 mm x 229 mm)
  • European size C6 (114 mm x 162 mm)

You can customize your envelope with different styles, font sizes, and colors. Also, it lets you add a custom image to your envelope. 

Download here.

3. Microsoft Office


  • Two methods for printing envelopes
  • Supports a plethora of formats to save envelopes
  • Provides various customization options
  • Add images and graphics
  • Use online envelope templates

We all are very well aware of Microsoft Office as a word processor and use it to draft various documents. Well, it is also used to create and print envelopes. Hence, it serves as a free envelope printing software. 

You can save envelopes in different formats, such as pdf, DOCX, DOC, XPS, DOCM, DOTX, MHT, DOTM, MHTML, HTML, HTM, RTF, XML, TXT, WPS, and ODT, and print them easily. There are two methods to print envelopes using Microsoft Office. Let us explore both these methods. 

Before following any of the following methods, open Microsoft Word, and open a new document. 

Method 1

  • Search for envelope templates, or else you can use online templates. 
  • Edit them by adding the desired addresses and names. 
  • Print the document or save it in different formats on your PC. 

Method 2

  • From the Mailing Tab, choose an Envelope option. 
  • A new window appears where you need to enter details, such as Delivery and Return addresses. 
  • You can customize envelopes by changing styles, views, colors, sizes, etc. 

Further, you can use the option of inserting images and graphics in envelopes. 

Download here.

4. Envelope Printer


  • Enter multiple addresses without printing 
  • Install on three computers
  • One-click printing
  • DELETE name/address feature

Envelope printer is a free and premium envelope printing software. The free version can be used for personal as well as commercial uses. 

The software is available in two versions – one for US Domestic and the other for Non-US Domestic and International. The free version is primarily designed for simplicity, easiness, and quickness. 

Simply enter the return address and To address, set the vertical and horizontal locations, select the printer, and print your envelopes. The best feature is that you can enter multiple addresses without printing. Simply click Save instead of Print

You can find standard #10 envelopes to use with the ability to change the print location by simply setting the vertical and horizontal locations. 

Download here.

5. OpenOffice Writer


  • Auto-correction and auto-fill features 
  • Ready-made templates
  • Support creating customized templates

It is also a freeware envelope printing software that comes with a rich library of ready-to-use templates. It also allows you to create your own templates and save them for future use. The autofill function records your currently filled data while entering the address and name fields. It automatically fills these fields the next time you fill in details. 

In addition, the auto-correction feature eliminates typos by detecting wrong words or spellings and replacing them with the correct ones. 

As OpenOffice Writer is a word processor, the following are the steps to print envelopes: 

  • Go to the File menu, and open a new document. 
  • From the Insert menu, choose the Envelop option. 
  • A new window appears with multiple editing options to create envelopes. 
  • You find three options – envelope, formats, and printer. Adjust the settings to finalize your envelope. 

Download here.

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This was our list of the best free envelope printing software available online. All of them support designing, customizing, and printing envelopes. 

With so many options available online, you can find it difficult to choose the right one. We recommend you go through the above software, their features, and use them once, as they are free to determine the right one for you. 

We hope this article helped you find the right envelope printing software for your needs!

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