T-shirts have always been a crucial part of any outfit. From basics to graphical, it lets you creatively speak your identity. 

The recent trends in t-shirt design have allowed more and more customization. Small startups, as well as individual artists, are launching new creative designs that are immensely popular. 

But how can you design them easily? We are here to address this. You can try multiple T-Shirt design software; however, you need to ensure that it is not complex and compatible with your computer. Here, we will look at the 6 6 T-shirt designing software you can use. 

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Best T-Shirt Design Software

1. DesignAShirt (Best for Online)

First, we have DesignAShirt, an easy and popular online platform for creating awesome t-shirts. 

It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or have some experience in this arena. The website has a clean and straightforward interface by which even beginners can create incredible designs. 

The process of making t-shirts is even more straightforward. Choose a t-shirt type, color, and style. Next, you can either go for the existing Clipart on the website or upload your image. 

After that, you can add text, choose from many colors, set borders, effects, etc. You have your shirt ready to be delivered free within ten days. 

We highly recommend DesignAShirt if you’re a beginner. 


  • Easy to use 
  • It has a free delivery option


  • Faster delivery cost is higher 

Try DesignAShirt

2. Rush Order Tees (Best for Speed)

Who doesn’t love a simple yet effective platform? Rush Order Tees ensures you don’t face any problem bringing your imagination to life. 

With over 50,000+ Cliparts, Rush Order Tees allows a broader catalog. Moreover, thousands of font styles would enable greater customization.

You can also upload your favorite images and get them delivered as soon as the next day. 

Rush Hour Tees have an online chat and call support to assist you. Furthermore, their team reviews your designs before sending them out for print. 


  • Faster delivery mechanism 


  • Issues often take longer to solve

Try RushOrderTees

3. Snaptee (Best for Mobile)

We used to be dependent only on desktops and laptops for designing t-shirts. But with Snaptee, you can now create cute t-shirts using your Android and iOS devices. 

Snaptee’s app has a wide range of user-generated designs to choose from. Moving forward, you can select the fundamentals of your t-shirt, such as type, color, style, etc. Also, you can add text with your favored font, make adjustments, and make several other customizations. 

However, you can always upload your design using your phone’s camera, Instagram, and other resources. 

Snaptee provides greater flexibility with payment support for Credit Card, Apple Pay, Google Pay, etc. 


  • You can use your mobile devices


  • The user interface may take a little time to get familiarized. 

Try Snaptee

4. Adobe Illustrator (Best of Professional)

If you want to create an industry-standard, professional-level t-shirt design, there’s no alternative to Adobe Illustrator. 

Adobe’s graphic designing software has mammoth customization abilities with supreme quality at its end. 

Professionals use this tool for almost every creative activity like Billboard, Artwork, Banners, Visiting Card, etc., and that’s why it costs way too much for an occasional t-shirt design. 

However, the vector output is the best across all t-shirt design platforms. 


  • Get the premium quality design. 


  • Way too much expensive 

Try Adobe Illustrator

5. PlaceIt (Best for Mockups)

Designers looking for a hassle-free designing platform can look at Placeit, a convenient, user-friendly website with hundreds of mockups at your disposal. 

You can select any ready-made mockup and start customizing. Although you can only alter the font, background, and color, the output will look better than on other websites. They provide a live preview throughout the design process. 

Furthermore, you can club it with your own designs and download it with minimum fees. 


  • Affordable subscription fees with unlimited downloads


  • Download cost of Clubbed design high-resolution images are high.

Try PlaceIt

6. Inkscape (Best for Free Design)

If you want greater flexibility while creating lucrative t-shirt designs without forking out a considerable sum of money, Inkscape is an excellent platform. 

Inkscape lets you create high-quality vector designs similar to Adobe Illustrator minus the considerable amount. 

Although, it doesn’t have a t-shirt template built in. But, its active community has worked collectively to provide enough resources that you might need for t-shirt designing. 

Inkscape allows you to convert bitmap images to vectors. Moreover, you can generate high-quality png and jpg files for printing. 


  • Extensive features and supporting the community 


  • The complex user interface needs time to master

Try Inkspace

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Wrapping Up

Custom t-shirts are a canvas of your inner thoughts portrayed creatively. So, a more fantastic room for flexibility will help you tell your story better. Overall, all the abovementioned tools will allow enough resources to get the best out of you; some require a steep learning curve. But then again, patience is a virtue!

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