Playing Games is one of the most interesting activities people do in their spare time. Games become even more interesting if they help you improve your math skills. You might be dealing with so much of mathematics in your daily life but it can get boring sometimes. Today, I am going to share some cool math games you can play in your free time.

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1. Arcade Neon Golf


One of the best time-killing games that you can play using your mouse only, This game has very simple logic and logic is that you have to put the ball inside the cups across various terrains just the real golf. You have to adjust the line and angle accordingly to play the game smartly and as the game proceeds your difficulty level keeps on increasing.

2. Run 3


In this game, you have to run through an endless tunnel by shifting your point of view so that you can play the game for a longer duration. Meanwhile, you have to press the space button, jump over the chasm to save yourself and play the game effortlessly.

3. Snake


Snake is one of the traditional games that we all have played in our childhood. The best part is this game is still exciting. Talking about the rules, you have to move your snake by using keyboard controls and digest the other block continuously. In this whole process, the snake gets longer and longer finally it becomes very difficult to move to snake in this given frame to proceed further with the game.

4. Khan Academy Kids


This game is particularly designed by the experts of Stanford graduate school to enhance reading, writing, problem-solving, and socio-development skills by providing a personalized digital experience. This game is mostly for 2-6 age group students. You can download this application on your mobile phones as well directly from these links: Playstore and Appstore.

5. SplashLearn


Splash Learn is providing thousands of activities and 4000+ math games with an appealing interface. Games are very innovative and engaging to make Students learn everything visually and fearlessly. it mainly focuses on 2 to 6-grade group students which deal with basic addition, subtraction, division, multiplication, fractions, and decimals. You can download this application on your mobile phones as well directly from these links: Playstore and Appstore.

6. Moto X3M


If you are a fan of racing or bikes then this game is for you. This game starts after pressing a space button thereafter you have to control your character from keyboard controls and finally, you have to avoid obstacles coming in your way. If you are doing these things successfully then congratulations you are a winner.

7. Olympic Jump


If you are a great jumper then this game is definitely for you, All you have to do is to jump timely to save yourself from various hurdles. You will earn unique power-ups with new mechanics which helps you to finish the game effortlessly.



It is another type of snake game where you have to eat neon bits and destroy other snakes to win the crown. You can speed up moving right beside another snake. This game will improve your eye-hand coordination so that you can react faster and can quest the game by zapping all your enemies.

9. Darts


This is basically a shooting game in which you have to hit exactly 0 and the last shot game must be a double. First of all, you have to stop the moving dart, then click and drag it to adjust the angle and power, you can win the game by hitting the bullseye. You can choose to play against a computer or can play with real-world multiplayer. You can play the game on your smartphones as well.

10. Awesome Tanks 2


It’s a simple game where you have to destroy your opponent’s tank, collect the coins and clear the enemy’s base with your upgraded mercenaries. Better weapons will increase your chances to win the game.

11. 2048


Here, you just have to make a tile 2048. Sounds easy, right? But it isn’t. You have to play with proper calculations to decide your next moves. You can use arrow keys to move your tiles. Once you reach, 2048, you will win.

12. B-cubed


This game will test your thinking ability. Here, you have to traverse all the blocks one after another until you reach the final block. All the blocks will fall down automatically after some time during traversal. Your goal is to walk through each and every blocks to finish the game and proceed to the next level.

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So, that’s it for this article. These games are not just for killing time but can also improve your thinking and reasoning ability. Don’t forget to comment on your favorite time killing games in the comments below.



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