Are you trying to delete Yahoo mail? Then this article is for you. But first, why should you think of deleting your Yahoo ID? In 2012, 13, and 2019 Yahoo faced severe data breaches that exposed the data of almost 5 billion people in total. So, staying secure on the internet is probably the first reason for NOT using Yahoo mail.

Moreover, Google has eclipsed Yahoo in every branch. It provides every service that Yahoo offers and better. Since Google is a widely used product recognized by everyone, you might be tempted to use it more than Yahoo.

If you are considering deleting your yahoo account, there are a few things that you need to do. This article talks about it in-depth. Let’s dive right into it.

Things to Remember When Deleting a Yahoo Account

Below are some essential facts you should know when deleting an account.

1. Your ID may be allotted to a different user

When you delete a permanently, the username you had earlier occupied will be available to other users. So, they might use it. As a result, mail meant for you might be delivered to them. So, when you delete a Yahoo ID, inform your peers. Moreover, if you have signed up for any sites that send you information, change your email ID there.

2. 0 Days Till You can Reactivate Your Account

Once you submit a request to delete your account, it is due for deletion in 30 days. So, if you log in to your account within those 30 days, you can reactivate that account and receive new emails. However, when that account was ‘in deletion’ mode, it wouldn’t receive any emails. Once you reactivate it, then senders can send you emails.

3. Senders Sending Emails to You will Get an Error Message

When you delete your account and any senders send an email to that email, they will have an error message.

The is a delivery error message that reads: 

“SMTP 554 delivery error: dd Sorry, your message to *** cannot be delivered. This account has been disabled or discontinued [#102]. – mta***.mail.***

However, once you reactivate your account, this problem will be fixed.

Prepare to Delete Your Account

Before you delete your Yahoo account, you must check if you have an ongoing premium subscription. Moreover, if you have paid services that contain a recurring amount, you need to cancel those services. 

You can check your paid services from Yahoo’s subscription management page. The status of the subscriptions, monthly bills, services, and everything is available here. So, you must cancel this subscription when you decide to delete your Yahoo account. Once you cancel,m Yahoo will take time to release your budget from these subscriptions. Once the process is complete, you can delete your account.

One more thing that you need to do is disconnect your Yahoo account from other registered sites. Say you use a mail address to log in to Facebook; you need to replace it with other email clients before you delete your Yahoo account.

How to Delete Your Yahoo Mail Account Permanently

Now that we have all bases covered, let’s look at how to delete your yahoo account permanently. Here are the steps:

Step 1: Go to the Yahoo account termination page

Step 2: Log in to your Yahoo account.

Step 3: You’ll land on a page stating, “Before continuing, please consider the following information.” Once you go through all the details, click Continue to delete my account.

If you don’t wish to continue, click on Cancel.

Step 4: Enter your Yahoo email ID on the specified page and click on Yes, terminate your account.

Step 5: Your deletion process is now complete. Yahoo will hold your information for about 180 days. Although the time differs depending on the country you’re from.

How to Recover Your Deleted Yahoo Mail Account

You can still recover your account if you recently deleted your Yahoo account. However, Yit is only possible if Yahoo determines it to be good.

Step 1: Open the Yahoo account recovery page.

Step 2: Enter your email address and follow the instruction on the page.


How do you add a contact in Yahoo Mail?

You can import your contacts from other mail providers. Go to Settings>More Settings> and choose the import button next to the mailbox you want to import from.

How do you block unwanted senders in Yahoo Mail?

Open the suspicious email and select Block sender from the three dots on the top ribbon. Please read our complete guide here.

To Summarize

We visit hundreds of websites, and many of them we sign up to. So, it’s hard to remember where you have registered with your emails. Go through your most visited websites, and replace them with your alternative. So, when you delete your Yahoo mail, you won’t face additional issues. We hope that this article has been of help. Till next time, Ciao!

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