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Looking for free Robux on the internet? You will come across lots of blogs, webpages and videos that promise to help you out. If you even ignore those free Robux workarounds and clickbaity videos floating over the Internet, there are many free Robux generators available out there where you can just enter your credentials and receive free Robux.

In this article, we will deep dive into Roblox and try to find the truth behind these free Robux generator tools. If you have already tried various options for receiving free Robux and got no success yet, just keep reading and you’ll get all your answers here. 

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What is Robux?

If you have landed here out of curiosity and have no idea about Robux, no worries. Robux is the virtual currency of Roblox, a very popular online gaming platform. It allows users to design their own games along with playing games created by other users.

Is the Robux generator websites really work?

The straight-forward answer is No.

Roblox has already informed its users about these scams and asked to not enter their login credentials on any webpage except, and the official mobile app. 

These Robux generators may look legitimate because of the presence of Roblox logo, similar user-interface or any other reason but in the end, they are nothing more than a fake website which is trying to steal your credentials, bombard you with ads/surveys or just waste your time.

Overall, it’s completely unsafe to use such free Robux sites. Involving in such things may lead to loss of your Roblox account, money or even worse. Roblox also suggests reporting these sites to its Report Abuse system. 

What happens if you visit such websites?

I know for some people it’s difficult to digest that I am asking you to stop your search for ‘free Robux’ completely. Just for the sake of providing more information in this article, I have tried two of such Robux generators. 

On the first website, I have asked to create an account first. I created one using a disposable email. Then, it redirected me to a webpage where I had to complete surveys and as a reward, I would get receive Robux. Interestingly, I completed a few surveys which were of 1-2 minutes but at the end, I only got one response – “We are verifying your responses, you will receive your Robux soon.” 

Obviously, I never received any Robux and realised that their webpage was full of advertisements. They are earning money through that. The second website was also similar but instead of surveys, they were asking me to buy some products available in offers, and they will give Robux after that. Though there may be different cases here, just think about the worst one where you won’t get product and Robux both.

There are also many websites which are directly asking people to enter their login credentials or personal information, which will definitely put their account at risk. 

Roblox has also created a free game to educate players about spotting inaccurate information. You can play Beat the Scammers and get your Shield of the Sentinel for free. 

How to report scam websites to Roblox?

You can report any suspicious link by clicking on the report option in any game on Roblox web or app. The moderators will take proper action to safeguard your account against such risks. Your reports will help the Roblox team in making the platform better for its users. 

What are the genuine ways to get Robux?

You can buy Robux on the official Roblox platform itself, and use those Robux to purchase upgrades for your avatar, special abilities, game passes, etc. Here are the pricing details – 

robux pricing on Roblox

Alternatively, you can get Robux by buying Roblox gift cards, Receive Robux stipend in accounts with a membership, by selling items, etc. You can also earn more Robux by selling passes of your own games. 

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Final Words

That’s it for today. I hope you are now aware of the legitimate and safer ways to earn more Robux and the risks associated with the free Robux generators. If you also have some bad experience with such websites, do share with us in the comments below. 


  1. I really want robux So I can look cool like my friends and not be left out , then if I get robux from this (my cousin has really been wanting robux for a while now) So I can show her this and she can look cool!

  2. Awesome thank you for letting me know I’m a little bit down but yeah thanks I hope other kids tap on this bc they are getting scammed everyday and I know there’s a lot of hate comments but your just someone who likes to be helpful thank you for making this site!

  3. How do you use a gift card to get robux because I got a gift card worth 800 robux. It was only £20 ass well.
    But Idk how to use it

  4. You dont need robux to be cool i have never got it and i played roblox for 13 years my friends thought i was cool because of how talented at sword fighting games

  5. this is real helpful, im glad i clicked on this because i always used to try and use those kind of websites, and never got anything just like you said. lol i only tried to because my parents wont buy me any ._. bai

  6. hi would like to have robux to buy things for me and my sister and to pay robux for bloxburg and adopt me so we can buy pets potions houses cars and lots

  7. Sir…Is this some kind of sick joke that is supposed to be funny? Anyways I think I might have gotten scammed..idk..but what I know for sure that the robux was supposed to send it into my account in 2 minutes…Boi, its been an hour ._.


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