It can get really tedious over time, especially if you were working with multiple video and video formats all the time. Not to mention, not every file is universally compatible or can be easily read. You might come across the same troubles in order to open XVID files.

The XVID codec was specifically designed to highly compress video files using MPEG-4 Part 2 ASP format. The XVID file is distributed under the GNU GPL (General Public License), so there are several instances where you might end up downloading them from the internet.

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What is an XVID File?

The XVID file is commonly known for using the XVID codec. Bear in mind, that the XVID file is not a video format unlike MP4 but rather a program to compress and decompress video files to MPEG-4 ASP

It is a compression standard that is often used to facilitate faster file transfer and save disk space. Thanks to the XVID codec, one can easily fit a full-length movie into a DVD and let alone a CD drive. There are also several file containers that store XVID video under the XVID file extension. 

For example, with an AVI video, the file can be named like video.xvid.avi. The XVID file is distributed under the GPL free software license, ensuring it can be easily compiled to any operating system without getting into any legality. 

How to Open XVID File?

It is imperative to understand that XVID files are not obsolete, ensuring that you can easily play regardless of the OS you are using. Here are some of the most common applications you can use to open XVID files: 

1. Dedicated Blu-Ray and DVD Players

If you have a copy of the XVID file burned on a DVD or CD drive, you can easily play them on dedicated Blu-Ray and DVD drives. In fact, XVID files were primarily used to distribute movies on CDs and DVDs. If your player comes with a DivX logo, chances are you can easily play XVID files, since both are based on the same underlying technology

2. Windows

On Windows 10 and Windows 11, you can natively open and play XVID files. The XVID codec comes pre-installed with the default video player. You can simply double-click on the XVID file and play. You can also use dedicated video players capable of playing any standard MPEG-4 file including VLC and Free Xvid Player to open any XVID file on your Windows PC. 

VLC Media Player

3. macOS

Last but not least, while macOS lacks any default player to open XVID files, there are several third-party applications that allow you to play XVID files. Not to mention, VLC is a prominent choice to use with macOS. Both the commercial and free version of Elmedia Player allows you to quickly run XVID files. 

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How to Convert XVID File?

If you are having a hard time sharing or let alone storing XVID files, you can always convert to other formats including MP4, OGG, WMV, DIVX, and MOV for ease of use. There are a plethora of free video converters you can find out there on the internet. is one of the most commonly used online video converters to convert XVID files to other formats. Being completely online, you don’t have to go through the hassle of downloading any dedicated application. Simply upload your file, convert and download your converted video. 

On the contrary, any video larger than 100 MB, can take a substantial amount of time to upload. This is where you can easily use any offline converter including HandBrakeMiro Video ConverterAvidemux, and more to seamlessly convert your file. 


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Difference Between Xvid and DivX File

Along with Xvid, there is yet another video codec namely DivX that is often used to store raw video files. Both Xvid and DivX are extremely flexible while streaming over a network. But both formats still pose some differences. 

While the Xvid file is open-sourced, DivX was published under a restrictive license. In order words, DivX is only accessible via a limited number of platforms. Not to mention, Xvid also offers advanced codec features, while DivX strives on being more stable. This also makes DivX comparatively slower during file conversion. 

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Concluding Words

That was our curated guide on everything you needed to know about XVID files and how to open them. But there are still instances where you might end up with misleading file extensions. In fact, there are several files that offer similar file names, including XV. 

The file extensions such as XVD and VID are also very similar to the XVID file. But the XVD file is actually an Xbox Virtual Disk while VID stands for Bethesda video file. XVA is yet another extension that stands for XenServer Virtual Application files. 

Bear in mind, that while these extensions are nothing alike XVID files, their abbreviation closely resembles the same. So, once you get the extension right, you are always good to go. 

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