Google Play store has a great collection of so many marvellous apps that makes our life a little less chaotic and our phones a lot more handy and fantastic devices. But despite having such a huge collection of apps, there some of the best android apps not available in play store.

The prime reason for this happening is that Google Play store has a set of rules and policies that every android app has to follow and the ones that do not fit in the rules and the polices are Google Play banned android apps.

The rules and policies on Google play store ensure the safety and security of the data on the user’s phone and the apps that do not verify with the same does not get a place in Google Play store.

Here we have a list of 10 stupendous apps not on play store. Scroll down and have a look.

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Best Android Apps Not on Google Play Store

1. Fortnite


Talking about the most popular digital game around in the world, the company Epic Games decided to take the game off Google Play store as Play store demands about 30% of the profits of the app. and in return, the Play store promotes the app.

Fortnite has the negligible need for promotion and its giant company can deal with the software update on its own and so didn’t need to rely on the Google Play store for the same.

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2. Fire Tube

firetube banned android apps

The biggest challenge we face while playing music on YouTube is constantly active screen that drains out the battery as well as the data. To beat the problem, Fire tube enters. You can simply download the app and play music on the app while keeping the screen on the sleeping mode.

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3. MixPlorer

MixPlorer is one of the great file explorers which offers a stunning collection of features with a well-organized interface.

For the starters, it is inclusive of dual-panel mode along with tab support to facilitate your working on multiple windows while using a big screen. You can use also use your cloud data on the manager with the support of up to 17 services including the most popular ones like Dropbox, Google Drive, Onedrive, etc.

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4. Adaway


If you are also tortured by the ads popping up on our screens all the time, Adaway is for you. This app will bless your phone to be ad-free just by downloading and installing it. Adaway uses a hosts file which is present in the /system directory. So, to use this app, the root access will be required. This app is not available on the play store due to some violations, but you can download it for F-droid.

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5. Popcorn Time

popcorn time

Popcorn Time is still one of fantastic application available out there. It gives you the freedom of watching your favourite movies and series either online or by downloading it on your device. The app has a humungous collection of all kinds of shows and movies from different parts of the world. Overall, Popcorn time make sure that you will never get bored. And lastly, the best part is, it does not charge a penny from you.

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6. Amazon App store

Amazon is a giant online seller and it decided to have its spate market for apps too. The Amazon app store is not a competitor of Google play store but it has a lot of incredible applications. It even offers some of the applications for free that you are supposed to purchase on Google Play store. Also, you can always buy Amazon products from the application.

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7. Show Box

Show box is a streaming app that has a massive library that consists of a huge number of movies and shows. The content of the application is impressive. The application has features like subtitles, categorical differentiation of the content, no ad pop-ups, download option for almost all the shows and movies in high quality. Also, you would not have to register in any way or pay anything to use the application. Isn’t it interesting?

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8. Secret SMS Replicator

secret sms

This application got banned from the Google Play store because of the violation of privacy. The application builds a copy of the SMS coming to the victim’s device and sends them to the attacker’s phone having the same app installed. Secret SMS replicator works silently in the background and so the users will never think about the presence of something like this in their phone.

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9. Hackode


If you have never heard of this app, you must read about it now. Hackode, as the name suggests is an app that serves multiple purposes with several tools that are prominently used by IT professionals and ethical hackers to specifically test their software and check it thoroughly before the launch. The best part about this app is that it is free and does not demand any information from the user, maintaining security.

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10. Humble Bundle

humble Bundle

Yet another play store banned android app that deals with games. This app has a collection of many game bundles at a very low price. The price of the games is not decided by the seller but by the buyer itself. Every bundle has a compilation of 10 games. If the user is offering to pay more than $1 then the user gets offered as many as 3 bundles for the same price.

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Wrapping Up

We hope after going through the list of some of the best android apps not available in the play store, you would have realized that you don’t have to struggle for them. These apps might not be available on our loving play store, but there are many third-party app stores which have some awesome apps available. Lastly, do remember to enable ‘Unknown Sources’ from the settings before installing any of these banned apps.


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