This goes without saying, if you are regular on Discord, you must have heart about MEE6 at some point in time. In fact, it is by far one of the most popular bots, making it completely easy for users to ditch using multiple bots. But, there are several underlying bot commands that users are not aware of, making them unable to use the full potential of the MEE6 bot. That is why we have curated this article offering a mee6 commands list that you can take advantage of. 

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Best MEE6 Bot Commands

Before jumping right into the article, it is very important to understand what makes MEE6 commands so unique. Each command can only be executed with an added prefix (for MEE6 it’s an exclamation mark). The change in the prefix is only available in the premium version of MEE6.

In case, you are already a premium subscriber, you can simply head over to MEE6 Dashboard > Settings. Now, keeping that aside, we have divided the list of commands based on their various purposes. So, let’s jump right into it. 

mee6 bot

Moderation Commands

From the most basic to the advanced user, keeping track of moderation commands is a must-have. Like every other Discord bot, banning, kicking, and muting are some of the most basic features. For starters, if you ban a user, they won’t be able to read or write any messages whatsoever. So, here are some of the moderation mee6 bot commands you should be aware of.

1. !ban @username: The most commonly used command to ban a certain user.

2. !tempban @username duration: Offers more flexibility over the ban command with the ability to ban users for a certain duration of time.

3. !warn @username: Most effective in warning the users. Due to the leveling system added in the MEE6 bot, it can also decrease a user’s ranking with series of warnings. 

Music Commands

While running your Discord channel, you should always be aware of some of the music commands. Sometimes they can come in handy while keeping your followers engaged. Here is a list of all the music commands that you might end up using. 

4. !play [URL] or [song name]: most effective in playing songs from a particular URL. Some other similar commands include !resume!add!queueand !skip.

5. !join: Helps you to join the bot directly to the voice channel. So, instead of changing the bot manually, every time you change the voice channel, it does it automatically.

6. !start-quiz: Start a music-based quiz directly on your channel. 

Level Commands

While all the level features are completely automated in the MEE6 bot, you can still make use of some of the commands and check stats for the users within the server.

7. !level: Can be used to get a leaderboard link for your server.

8. !rank: Gets your rank information.

9. !give-xp @username: Add points to the named user. Similarly, there’s also a !remove-xp to remove points of the user.  

Birthday Commands

With the recent addition in the MEE6 bot, you can actually get details of any user’s birthday within the server. The way it works is that at first it grabs the details from the user’s profile and adds a gentle reminder to it. Some of the birthday commands include:

10. !next-birthday: Displays birthday for the next 10 users on the server.

11. !birthday @username: This can be used to view the birthday of a specific user.

12. !remember-birthdayDecember 1, 2023: You can add your own birthday using the command. Similar !forget can be used to remove birthday as well. 

Search Command

If you are willing to find things on Discord, you should know your way around the search command for the MEE6 bot. In fact, you can just type in Pokemon and find them directly from Discord. Here are some of the most fun search commends to look for.

13. !imagur [search]: Used to search the most trending meme at the moment.

14. !youtube [search]: Search and play YouTube videos directly within Discord.

15. !twitch: Search for Twitch streams within Discord. 

Message Command

Just as the name suggests, message commands help to control messages within a Discord server.

16. !clear [1-1000]: Delete the given number of messages in your server.

17. !slow-mode: Bring forth slow mode in Discord. Most effective against spam. With the time set to 10 sec, users have to wait for the same before sending another message. 

Temporary Channel Commands

Do you know that MEE6 actually enables you to create temporary channels in Discord known as hubs? Just bear in mind, the temporary channel commands are only for premium subscribers.

18. !Voice-claim: Claim ownership for your temporary voice channel in Discord.

19. !Voice-owner: Find out the owner for a given voice channel.

20. !Voice-clean: Clear all the in-active temporary voice channels. 

Economy Commands

While not everyone is aware of the economy command, but users can actually play games within the server with fake MEE6 currency. It really adds fun while buying and selling items with fake currency. Some of the most common economy commands includes:

21. !coins: Coins that every user has within the server.

22. !rps: Users can acquire coins just by playing rock paper scissors.

23. !richest: Can be used to know the richest player within the server. 

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Become a Master of MEE6 Commands

So, that was our curated list of all the useful MEE6 commands you can use on Discord. While there are other niche-specific commands, but there’s hardly any need to use them. You can also follow through our article on the list of best Discord commands. And don’t forget to let us know in the comment section below, which commands you find yourself frequently using. 


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