Painting on an iPad has a completely different experience when compared to traditional paper. Even for the most versatile artists, you might feel some setbacks due to certain limitations. But, Procreate completely changed the game, offering versatility for everyone drawing in the digital platform. 

I have covered basic Procreate tutorial in my last article. In order to further enhance your digital art, I am going to cover some of the best free Procreate brushes. Starting from breath-taking calligraphies to anime-style painting, our list of Procreate brushes allows you to enjoy just about anything. So, without further due, let’s explore the best brushes you can use. 

Best Procreate Brush Sets to Use

1. Paperlike Dynamic Environment Brushes

This particular brush set from Paperlike offers some of the best backgrounds you can create for your character. While other environmental Procreate brushes only focus on static worlds, here you can actually add moving elements for the background

For starters, you can add mountains to thunders and other dynamic elements to your drawings. Not to mention, each brush is detail oriented and can easily set a realistic effect. A large contribution of the Paperlike Dynamic Environment brushes goes to Filip Zywica, which is renounced for dynamic backgrounds. 

Total Number of Brushes: 34

Get Paperlike Dynamic Environment Brushes

2. Stocking Stuffers Brush Set

Next on our list is yet another unique background brush set by Stocking Stuffers. While all the brushes are best suited for creating indoor scenes, you can also use the same to add depth to rocks, buildings, and other objects outdoors. 

Furthermore, there is also a Christmas-themed brush which allows you to add snowflakes to your artwork. Upon close inspection, you can actually find subtle grains on every stroke which adds further details to your work. 

Total Number of Brushes: 20

Get Stocking Stuffers Brush Set

3. Free Procreate Pencil Brushes 

While transitioning from conventional mediums, many artists might feel that digital drawings missing that touch of realism. Using the free Procreate Pencil Brushes, you can actually mimic real-world pencil strokes. 

Similar to the B series for pencils, you can actually find brushes from different shades and sizes, for added flexibility. Furthermore, the irregularities of the strokes add a granite effect to the drawings as well. There are also brushes to add smudge effects to your drawings as well. 

Total Number of Brushes: 17

Get Free Procreate Pencil Brushes

4. Marc Brunet’s Starter Brushes

Just as the name suggests, if you are getting your hands on Procreate for the first time, Marc Brunet’s Starter Brush Set is the perfect gateway for you. With a total of 17 different brushes, you can use them for various unique scenarios. 

Some of the most prominent brushes from the collection allow you to paintcreate outlines, and add textures and background patterns. There is also an addition of a cube-shaped brush for steady paint strokes.  

Total Number of Brushes: 17

Get Marc Brunet’s Starter Brushes

5. Azzylum’s Default Brush Set

With the default brush set from Procreate, you can get the job done, but it might not be suitable for every occasion. This is where the Azzylum brush set adds that extra flexibility with both soft blends and precise stroke brushes

Whether you want your artwork with great detailing, or something similar to comics, the Azzylum’s brush set has got you covered. So, if you are just starting out, it is always a good practice to pair your default brush with Azzylum.

Total Number of Brushes: 29

Get Azzylum’s Default Brush Set

6. Flora: Vegetation Brushes

Showcasing vegetation is one of the most integral elements of outdoor art. But, given the huge detailing that goes into it, you might end up spending hours. What if there was a dedicated brush set to speed up the entire drawing process? 

The Flora: Vegetation offers a plethora of brushes to choose from, dedicated to treesgrassleaves, and more. There are also filler brushes, which can add texture to the background. Just bear in mind, the brush set works best for monochromatic artworks.  

Total Number of Brushes: 91

Get Flora: Vegetation Brushes

7. Calligraffiti Markers

If you want to get the best of both worlds, combining traditional calligraphy with graffiti, the Calligraffiti marker is the perfect brush set for you. The brushes can perfectly mimic real graffiti paints, with realistic marker trails with each flow. As much as you can use the brush for calligraphy, it also works perfectly with freestyle illustrations. 

Total Number of Brushes: 15

Get Calligraffiti Markers

8. Rain Brush Pack 

Rain is one of the few natural elements that can enhance your artwork to many folds. But, carefully crafting every raindrop can get tedious at times. This is where the rain brush set strives to replace the manual process with actual brushes. 

From the set, you can expect a variety of rain brushes offering different drop lengthsspaces, and volumes. Getting the right blend of variations can result in some great artwork. Furthermore, you can also make use of the diagonal brush to create realism in your artwork. 

Total Number of Brushes: 25

Get Rain Brush Pack

9. Tree Silhouette Stamps 

Stamps tend to take a completely different approach than traditional brushes. While regular brushes operate based on flows, you can use stamps with a single tap. Predominantly stamps are used to create specific shapes and sizes without any additional detail to it. 

Using the Tree Silhouette Stamps, you can create various trees with different branches. Not to mention, you can easily create continuous forests with multiple stamps creating a series of trees. Once the base is ready, you can add further details including leaves.  

Total Number of Brushes: 35

Get Tree Silhouette Stamps

10. Cloud Brushes

Clouds are by far one of the most common elements which can be added to just about any scene. That being said, they are not easier to replicate in most of the artworks. This is where a cloud stamp brush can really come in handy. 

With 5 unique brushes to choose from, you can create just about any cloud type. Just make sure, while using the brush, try to tinker with the size and rotate to get the most realistic effect. Not to mention, you can add different shades of colors to add more depth and shadow effect to your clouds. 

Total Number of Brushes: 5

Get Cloud Brushes

11. Maria’s Deer Brush Stamp 

Another brush stamp on our list allows you to seamlessly add deer to your artwork. Especially, if you are working on forest scenes, there’s nothing beats adding a few deer here and there. Manually creating a deer isn’t an easy task, and that is exactly where this stamp comes into play. 

Starting from idle standingrunning, and eating, you can actually pick a plethora of poses to cover every deer silhouette. Thanks to the higher quality of the stamp, you can actually use these brushes for any resolution whatsoever.  

Total Number of Brushes: 45

Get Maria’s Deer Brush Stamp

12. Pixel Art Brushes 

The advent of games like Alt254 has made the rise in popularity of pixelated games. Not to mention, this trend is not going away anytime soon. The Pixel Art Brushes on our list is far from realism and mostly replicate the pixelated style of illustration. 

Predominantly, the 1×1 pixel brush focuses on creating your artwork from pixel to pixel. The remaining 2 brushes add further depth to your artwork with retro noise effects. Just bear in mind, even though the artwork seems simple enough, a lot more goes into it. 

Total Number of Brushes: 3

Get Pixel Art Brushes

13. Webtoon Frame Brushes 

If you are more inclined towards drawing comics, manga, or any webtoon, this brush collection is a perfect fit for you. The Webtoon Frame Brushes caters to a lot of the shortcomings Procreate has regarding framing options

Each brush acts as a stamp, allowing you to create frames for different formats. This includes squaresrectangles, and even divided frames. With the Webtoon Frame Brushes, you can have a better stronghold on dividing dialogues and scenes

Total Number of Brushes: 5

Get Webtoon Frame Brushes

14. Lettering Daily Brushes 

In Layman’s terms, lettering can be best defined as the art of drawing letters. Compared to calligraphy, you need to add shadows, borders, and even more letters to get the perfect fit. It all comes down to adding characters and personalities to every alphabet. 

The lettering daily brush set can help you achieve the same on your artwork. Not to mention, it can easily replicate stationery items such as markersbrush pensparallel brushes, and even chalk. The collection of brushes comes from an active online community dedicated to lettering. So, you can be rest assured to get the best support. 

Total Number of Brushes: 8

Get Lettering Daily Brushes

15. Galactic Lens Brushes

The Galactic Lens Brushes are best suited to cater to your space illustration needs. The brushes focus on light effects, similar to what you can see in space photos. Each brush can create your light sources in illustration more realistic. 

There are also 5 cluster brushes that can add glowing effects in the space. The addition of lens flares can also recreate the flare effects, similar to what you can expect while looking through cameras. Not to mention, the included stamp brush adds light sources such as stars. 

Total Number of Brushes: 20

Get Galactic Lens Brushes

16. Fur and Fluff Brushes 

The Fur and Fluff Brush set targets illustrators who extensively work on drawing animals. With a total of 17 unique brushes, you can create the most realistic fur for animals. Some brushes also come with fluffy effects, allowing you to draw animals such as cats and dogs. 

Not restricted to animals, you can also create monsters, soft toys, and other creatures as well. Furthermore, all the brushes are properly categorized for different usage including short hairsfluffshaggy, and a combination of all three. You can also use the brushes for human hair as well. 

Total Number of Brushes: 17

Get Fur and Fluff Brushes

17. Flower Brushes and Stamps

No scenic beauty is ever completed without adding flowers to the landscape. But at the same time, drawing different flowers can get repetitive at times. Fortunately, the Flower Brushes and Stamps set allows you to get that natural-looking flowers with just a few strokes. 

Furthermore, there is also an option to add flower beds, so that you don’t have to draw single flowers. There is also sunlight and pollen brush which can make the scene look more natural as well. Overall, the level of detail that goes into these brushes is impressive. 

Total Number of Brushes: 40

Get Flower Brushes and Stamps

18. Original Handmade Brushes

Ending our list with one of the most comprehensive brushes that you can find for Procreate. In fact, this is probably the only brush set you would need to get past just about everything. With a total of more than 200 handmade brushes, there is one for any use case. 

You can find dedicated brushesmonolinestexture brushes, and even stamps. This way, you can set up the background and move to the main subject without toggling between different brush sets. All the brushes on the set are also high quality, ensuring you can create the highest resolution of artwork possible. So, no more worrying about adding strokes for larger artworks. 

Total Number of Brushes: 230

Get Original Handmade Brushes

Create Awesome Digital Artwork with Best Procreate Brushes

So, that sums up all the different Procreate brush sets we have covered throughout the article. Whether you are just starting out or already a creative professional, Procreate is by far one of the most essential tools. 

Try exploring all the brushes mentioned in our article and improve your creativity. With such a plethora of options to choose from, you can experiment with all the fun options and pick the style that suits your preference. And don’t forget to let us know in the comment section below, which brush set you enjoyed the most. 


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