Earlier, you had many reasons to avoid buying a Solid state drive by saying it’s costly or you don’t need it now. But with time, Solid State Drives or SSDs aren’t a luxury anymore. If you want to run your PC or a laptop buttery smooth, you should start using an SSD right now.

SSDs are a lot faster than your traditional Hard drives. They help processor in doing all the read-write tasks with such ease that you will automatically start saving a lot of time. It will make your applications load a much faster than any other storage device. They also consume less power than a normal hard drive.

If you are an Android developer or a video producer or anyone who works on a heavy software, SSD will make you work super smooth. Apple also uses SSDs in their mac books and that’s why we all appreciate their performance.

Yes, it’s true that if we compare an SSD or HDD in terms of storage, SSDs are still a way costlier than HDDs. But, there are some good solid state drives also available in the budget range for your gaming or work laptop. Today,  I am sharing some best SSDs under 5000 INR to fire up your slow PC/Laptop.

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Best SSD Under 5000 INR For Your PC or Laptop

1. Western Digital WDS240G1G0A 240GB Internal SSD (Green)

best ssd under 5000

Western Digital has already been quite famous for Hard drives and Solid State Drives. This SSD comes with big storage, shock-resistance and runs on ultra-low power which ultimately extends the battery life of your Laptop. This is one of the best SSD under 5000 INR.


  • SLC (single-level cell) caching boosts write performance to quickly perform everyday tasks
  • Shock-resistant and WD F.I.T. Lab certified for compatibility and reliability
  • Ultra-low power-draw so you can use your laptop PC for a long period of time
  • Available in 2.5-inch/7mm cased and M.2 2280 models to accommodate most PCs
  • The free, downloadable WD SSD Dashboard lets you easily monitor the status of your drive
  • Includes a 3-year limited warranty so upgrading your storage is worry-free.

View on Amazon: 240GB

2. Kingston SSDNow A400 240GB SATA 3

best ssd under 5000

Kingston’s SSD is one of the fastest SSD available under 5000 INR. If you are looking for an SSD with more storage capacity and great durability, this one is definitely for you. This SSD is also one of the most preferred high rated product on Amazon.


  • Fast start-up, loading and file transfers
  • More reliable and durable than a hard drive
  • Multiple capacities with space for applications or a hard drive replacement
  • Capacity: 240GB, Interface: SATA Rev. 3.0 (6Gb/s) – with backwards compatibility to SATA Rev. 2.0. 240GB – 500MB/s Read and 350MB/s Write
  • 2.5-inch

View on Amazon: 240GB

3. HP S700 120GB 2.5-inch Internal SATA SSD

best ssd under 5000

This is also one of the best SSD under Rs 5000. The California based company HP has provided some really useful with this storage device. It is lightweight and works in multiple read/write modes with great performance.

The dual-core HP controller that comes with HP S700 backed by DRAM Cache and support for NANDXtend ECC ensures a swift and steady performance. The lack of any moving parts unlike HDD makes sure it is never subjected to significant wear and tear.  


  • High performance
  • Low power
  • Minimum weight
  • Read sector
  • Read verify sectors
  • Set multiple modes
  • Write multiple
  • Execute device diagnostic
  • Flush cache
  • Identify the device

View on Amazon: 120GB

4. ADATA Ultimate SU650

ADATA is by far one of the most prominent names that come while looking out for budget gaming SSDs. Built around the same ideology, the Ultimate SU650 offers a sequential read and write speed of well above 500MBps

The sleek SATA interface makes it a perfect fit for anyone upgrading their laptop or even building a new system. Backed by error-correction code technology, you can rest assured of seamless data transfer. 


  • New generation 3D NAND flash
  • Wide capacity range and high TBW
  • Intelligent SLC caching and DRAM cache buffer
  • Advanced LDPC ECC engine
  • RAID engine and data shaping for ultimate protection
  • Outperforms HDDs with a massive performance gain
  • Lower power consumption, longer battery life

View on Amazon: 240GB


If you are looking out for an SSD that can keep up with faster game loading time and rendering, the XPG S40G MVMe SSD is the perfect option for you. Not to mention, the RGB lighting heatsink gives you all the gamer vibes while keeping your SSD cool for intense operations. 

Backed by 3D NAND technology and a PCIe NVMe interface ensures that you get the highest sequential read and write speed. While the 256G variant comes well under 5000 bucks, you can also step up your game with higher storage. Lastly, the XPG S40G NVMe SSD is also well suited for overclocking as well. 


  • Comes with 5 years warranty 
  • Offers a sequential read and write speed of 3500Mbps and 3000Mbps
  • Offers pre-attached heatsink
  • Comes with an error correction code for seamless data transfer
  • Built around the next-gen 3D NAND flash technology

View on Amazon: 256GB

6. Samsung 860 EVO Series 

This goes without saying, Samsung makes some of the most reliable SSDs in the market. The Samsung 860 Evo is one of the best-selling SSDs that you find well under 5000 INR. Backed by the whole new V-NAND technology, you can rest assured of the enhanced performance of the SSD. 

Even getting the base level 256GB variant can be used as a bootable drive for faster OS loading. The built-in Magician software allows users to seamlessly manage their SSDs with a very intuitive and easy-to-understand interface. The 860 EVO Series is compliant with IEEE 1667 and TCG Opal, offering an AES 256-bit hardware-based encryption


  • Offers a whopping 5 years warranty
  • Backed by V-NAND technology
  • Comes preloaded with Samsung’s Magician software
  • Supports AES 256-bit hardware encryption 

View on Amazon: 250GB

7. WD Blue M.2 SSD

If you are someone who is more inclined towards reliability over speed, the WD Blue M.2 SSD can be the right pick for you. Not to mention, the implemented error-correction technology makes sure that your SSD lasts for a longer duration of time. 

Specifically optimized for multitasking sessions, it can easily withstand resource-intensive tasks. In fact, WD Blue M.2 SSDs are well known for low power consumption, making them an industry standard for office usage.  


  • Comes with three years of warranty
  • Best suited for professional usage 
  • Offers dedicated power management solution 

View on Amazon: 250GB

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Final Words: Best SSD Under Rs 5000 to Enhance Your Gaming or Work Experience

If you will ask for my opinion, I would also say an SSD is a must have thing now. It does not only make your work faster but also saves the battery life of your Laptop, and it’s definitely a good thing in a longer run.  So, if you still looking for a few more advantages to convince yourself, just go for an SSD once and then tell me how’s the experience? For any query related to Solid state drives, feel free to ask below.


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