In case you have never edited PDF, finding a good free pdf editor online can get tedious at times. While the idea might be compelling enough, but there’s hardly any software out there in the market that can provide you with the right resources. 

That being said, we are going to introduce you to one of the best PDF editors which can help you to get your way around completely for free. Enter into the domain of PDFescape and work with various features completely free. 

What Exactly is PDFescape?

PDFescape is one of the very first online tools to read, edit, and create forms in PDF. Basically, it’s an online tool that removes the constraints of any using software while streamlining the entire workflow for the user. In order to run PDFescape, all you need is an active internet connection along with a web browser. 

Benefits of Using PDFescape

PDFescape comes with its own sets of perks, compelling the users to use them. Here are some of the most prominent reasons why you should use PDFescape. 

  • It is cheaper than any desktop alternative. In fact, PDFescape is completely free to download. 
  • Based on your internet connectivity, PDFescape is much faster to use. 
  • You can basically use the tool on any Windows device whatsoever. 
  • PDFescape offers a plethora of added features to choose from. 

How to Edit a PDF File Online for Free

Editing PDF files has never been easier before. Follow the steps down below on how to edit pdf online.

1. Upload Your Files

All the files uploaded in PDFescape are safely done over an encrypted connection. So, all of your files are completely secured. Once you head over to the main page, select ‘Free Online.

Main Page

There are various ways in which you can upload your PDF file. You can also link your Google Drive and Dropbox files as well.

Uploading File

2. Add Text and Image in PDF

Select the ‘Text’ or ‘Image’ tool to edit pdf online accordingly. There are various options to choose from the toolbox.

Add Text

3. Save Your Changes

Once you are done with making all the suitable changes, select the ‘Save’ button to download your edited PDF file. 


PDFescape: More than Just a PDF Editor

PDFescape offers more various choices while working around PDF files. Here are some of the most advanced features: 

  • Support for PDF thumbnail, bookmark, and link
  • Add shapes, texts, and whiteout your PDF files
  • Sign PDF documents with scanned signature
  • Fill out PDF forms with ease
  • Add PDF form fields in any file
  • Create submit button within PDF file
  • Markup and comment on your PDF documents

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Final Thoughts

This goes without saying, making some of the most basic edits in a PDF file, you don’t really need a full-blown PDF editor. The free web version is most likely to meet the majority of your needs. 

So, in order to get an overall experience of free pdf editors makes sure to give PDFescape a try. Let us know in the comment section below. 

How did you find PDFescape?

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