We use pdf files almost daily but when it comes to editing them, we find that there isn’t any popular way. Today, I will share some free open source pdf editors that will help you edit your pdf files without paying a single penny.

Talking about the pdf format, it was a proprietary of Adobe till 2008. After that, it was released as an open standard for all. As there’s always an option of Microsoft Word or Google Docs for an editable document, Pdf files are not intended to be edited.

The most popular Adobe’s Acrobat Pro DC comes with all the required options but if you are on a tight budget, this isn’t recommended. So, whatever the purpose you’re looking free pdf editors for, just follow this article and you will end up knowing about some really good pdf editors tools.

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Open Source PDF Editors For Windows

1. The Traditional Way – Using Microsoft Word

If your requirements are simple and the pdf file you want to edit doesn’t contain so much styling, you can use the Microsoft Word to edit your document. The software has inbuilt option to convert any pdf file into Word and vice-versa.

First of all, Open Microsoft Word on your Computer. Click the File option and go to Open.

open source pdf editors

Navigate to the pdf file you want to edit and select that. If you are unable to see any pdf files, make sure the file type option at the bottom right is set to All Files.

convert doc to pdf ms word

Then, Word will automatically convert the file into the .docx format. After that, just edit the file and click on File option again. Now, click Save As and choose file type as PDF.

open source pdf editors

2. Apache Open Office Draw

Apache Open Office Draw is one of the best free Open Source PDF editors for Windows. This is actually a drawing and graphics tool but can also be used for editing pdf files. You can easily sketch complex plans, add, edit, delete and rotate images and vector graphics. You will also have the option to add styles and formatting to your files.

Coming to the topic, first, install this software from the link given below and launch it.

Then Click on Tools -> Extension Manager -> Add and find the import extension to install it.

open source pdf editors

Now, import the pdf file, do the required changes and finally save it as a pdf. That’s it. The Open Office is already a very popular office suite and more stable than others. You won’t face any difficulty using its interface.

Download Apache Open Office Draw

3. Inkscape

open source free editors

Inkscape is a professional vector graphics editor and can also be used as a free open source pdf editor. It’s available for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux. You can download this software from its website and can start using it directly. Inkscape comes as an executable file and doesn’t need to be installed.

Inkscape is also a popular tool used by many illustrators, designer, web designer or anyone who want to create some vector imagery. But you can also use it to edit pdf files by following the steps below.

The software has a user-friendly interface and provides an easy way to edit text, images and graphics of the pdf files.  The software is lightweight but sometimes become slow which can be fixed by restarting it.

To edit pdf files using Inkscape, just import the pdf file, double-click on the text-line and start editing. After finishing, just save the file as pdf.

Download Inkscape

Free Online PDF Editors

1. Sejda

Sejda is one of the best free online pdf editors which works seamlessly. It offers a wide range of editing tools like inserting text, images, links, shapes and annotations. You can even sign your documents using Sejda.

online pdf editor sejda

I have used this free online pdf editor many times and one thing I can tell you is Sejda is really easy to use. You just have to upload your pdf file, select the things you want to edit and change it as you wanted. Once done, click Apply changes and you’ll get the options to download the document, send it to Google Drive or Dropbox, delete it, or access a shareable link.

While using Sejda, one thing you should remember is its session expires after 3 hours. So don’t forget to save your work in a regular interval of time. Otherwise, you’ll end up losing it.

Visit Sejda

2. PDF Escape

free online pdf editor pdf escape

PDF Escape is another online pdf editor offering tonnes of options for free. It lets you add texts, images and even forms which is rare for a free pdf editor. The PDF Escape comes with an easy drag and drop user-interface which makes all the operations really simple for everyone.

There are two versions of PDF Escape. One which is a free web app while the other is a paid software. I am using the online pdf editor here, but if you download the desktop software, you’ll only get the trial version of the paid software.

Though this online pdf editor allows you to add boxes and geometrical shapes, there’s no option to edit the existing texts and images. If you want to hide something, you simply have to create white boxes over it.

Visit Pdfescape

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Conclusion: Free PDF Editors

If your requirements are limited and you just want to edit something in a pdf file, go with the traditional method using Microsoft Word. Otherwise, you can install any of the open source pdf editors mentioned above. It’s true that both the software has some limitations, but for normal pdf editing, it won’t cause any problem.


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