Do you have a story to tell or a brand to market? You can give your story through a video and share the message. Once you shoot quality clips, you only need a video maker to put your clips together into a seamless video that engages your audience from the start to the end.

As a marketer and new to video making, you should pay much attention to the video editing process. How you edit your footage makes or breaks the quality of your video. Video editing may appear challenging when you’re a beginner. However, you shouldn’t be discouraged from trying. Using a video maker to polish your footage, you can create masterpiece content to keep your audience engaged and attracted to watch more.

Basic Steps to Edit a Video

Preview Your Clips

Video editing is a process and not a one simple click process. Begin by previewing your media and selecting the clips you value so much. Rule out clips with no value to your project, saving time during the importation of materials into the project.

However, you shouldn’t be quick to dismiss good clips due to a few flaws. You can use a reliable online video editor to improve the quality of essential clips or footage. Reviewing your clips moves you to the next step of video editing with quality footage.

Develop a Video Plan

Good video editing begins with a plan. You should figure out what you want to achieve with your video. What message do you intend to share through your video? When the message is clear, it becomes the focus that guides you to make decisions as you edit.

Remember that any good video should tell a story. Ensure you figure out how your finished video will look and follow your plan to make it happen. Also, you should consider how your video transitions will be consistent.

Familiarize yourself well with the footage. You make take notes and record what your footage shows. A good video plan helps you avoid many problems since you work with clips that push your narrative.

Make Rough Cut Using Video Editor

Once you’ve got the right choice of an online video editor, bring your clips to the editing timeline. Here you arrange your clips into the correct sequence. You may try to feel how every clip fits with each other. When a clip doesn’t work as you expected, you can make the changes. However, as you make changes, don’t limit yourself on the amount of footage. It will be good to put in too much and remove it later, compared to using little and adding more after editing.

Rough cutting is super easy but depends on the video maker you use for editing. You need a video editing tool with inbuilt storyboards to make your editing work easier. A good editing tool allows you to lay out your clips like a series of photos on a table and re-arrange them the way you want.

Edit Your Footage

At this point, you can begin manipulating your clips and convert them into a usable form. Add clips and different media pieces you need to lay your story’s foundation. You can trim the clips and split them where necessary using an online video editor to suit your plan. Ensure transitions between your clips are consistent. An exciting video should have straight-cut transitions, fades, or dissolves between segments or scenes.

Transitions are crucial, but you should avoid flashy transitions as they distract your audience. Once you’re done, go through your clips and make fine cuts. Make sure your clips show the audience only what is needed. You should make a sequence of your clips flow so they don’t distract your audience from the story you want to tell.

Cut it Further

As a beginner in content editing, you can be tempted to add all your footage into the edit. Quality matters more than quantity in video editing. Cutting and removing any section of your footage with no value is repetitive throughout editing. Don’t hesitate to remove unnecessary parts to shape your audience’s flawless and direct message.

Add Effects, Title, Music, and Color Correction

At this level, you’ll get the flow of your video exactly how you like it. From there, you can correct and grade the colors in your video. Adding music effects, songs, and color corrections should help your story give the message you intend to share. When emphasizing a particular action, you may slow down the footage. If you want your audience to experience a change of mood, a change of color in the video will do a perfect job. However, you need to be creating with your edits.

Remember, audio is as vital as the visuals in your video. You need to get the best audio or music that matches the content and message you want to share through your video. Get a video editing tool with free audio you can select from to avoid copyright issues. Don’t forget to make your audio track clear, which is good for your video in keeping the audience’s attention.

You should add graphics to your video to pass a critical message to your viewers. However, when creating graphics, you’ve to design them well for your audience to read and understand them easily. Make sure you don’t crowd the screen with too many words, which can disengage your viewers from watching.

Titles are essential parts of your video. You should give your content an eye-catching title to capture the audience’s attention. Your video titles need to stand out from the video background, and the colors ought to be matching.

Delivery of the Video

You’re in the last step of video making, delivering your video to the audience. Will you post on social media, stream live or have some DVD? Every delivery requires different conditions but video editing tools offer templates you can choose to make delivery easy.

Wrapping Up

With the above ideas, you have the basic steps to edit your videos. The steps guide you to begin video-making even when you have no experience. When creating videos for posting on social media, optimizing them for better ranking is essential. Well-optimized videos make your content more visible as it ranks on top of SERP.

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