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Google Removed Dangerous Apps

Google Removed These Dangerous Apps From The Play Store, You Should, Too!

Google found a number of apps working as a stalkerware and banned them from the Google Play Store. The search giant also discovered that...

5 Interesting Android Q Features You Should Know

Google released Android Q’s first beta in March 2019 and has now made beta 5 available to people who’ve signed up for the Android...
Reader Mode Google Chrome

How To Activate Hidden Reader Mode in Google Chrome

Internet is full of every kind of information. Just search your query on Google and it will show you millions of results. However, there...
most important image on the internet

10 Most Important Image on the Internet (According to Google)

The Internet is full of images, but what's important to you, may not important to Google. Confused? Well, I love playing with Google. Being...
Google go

Google Go, Maps Go and YouTube Go Apps Get New Features

Google has launched lite versions of their popular apps for phones with limited storage and RAM. These apps are meant to go pre-installed with...
Google Measure

Google Measure App is Now Available for All ARCore Devices

Many times we stuck in a situation where we want to measure some object but don't have a tape. Like many other problems, Google...
Google Tricks 2019

14 Cool New Google Tricks You Should Know (2020)

Everyone uses Google to fire random queries. It doesn't matter if the query is simple or complex, we just Google it and the search...
best chrome flags for android

14 Best Chrome Flags For Android You Must Know

The most popular internet browser Google Chrome is dominating the browser industry with 44.5 percent market share. It comes pre-installed on almost every Android...

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