The recent TrueCaller insights US Spam & Scam reports says that 1 of 3 Americans, 30% have reported being a phone scam victim in 2020. Phone scams are one of the most common ways for fraudsters to con people out of money.

It’s hard to differentiate between a scam and a legit call. Fortunately, there are reverse phone lookup sites making it easier for you to identify the number calling your phone. In this article, we would look at some of the best reverse phone lookup sites that offer maximum scam protection.

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1. TrueCaller

TrueCaller is one of the most popular reverse lookup sites. The best part about TrueCaller is that it is not limited to the US, but it also has a firm presence in other countries as well.

If you’re using the desktop version, then you have to register yourself. But the app version functions with no registration. When you receive a call from an unknown caller, the app shows the ID of the person calling. Also, it has community-based spam reporting that is helpful in identifying scammers and reporting them. If you are interested, read how Truecaller works in detail.

Pricing: You can use the app for free. For the ad-free version, switch to premium. The premium plan starts at $2.99 per month and costs $14.99 for six months.

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2. TruthFinder (Paid)

TruthFinder is an excellent free reverse phone lookup service and background check sites available on the web. The information provided on the site is mostly accurate. It reveals both public and private information from thousands of databases. Just enter the name of the person or his number, and you’ll get all the relevant information.

The reverse lookup service has an extensive database. Starting from the criminal backgrounds of people to which credit card they use, TruthFinder reports everything. You can also try their app version from Google Play.

Pricing: Though their service is great. TruthFinder falls on the expensive side. One month’s subscription to TruthFinder costs less than $30 and if you take up 3 months combo package, then the monthly subscription comes down to $26.00 per month.

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3. Cocofinder

Cocofinder is one of the highly recommended free reverse phone lookup sites. It is becoming extremely popular and has a growing presence in many countries. Its people search feature allows you to search for people by entering their names and the city they are from.

You can have access to all the basic information of an individual. Cocofinder doesn’t have an app yet, but for basic purposes, this reverse phone lookup site works amazing.

Pricing: Cocofinder is absolutely free. But if you want more than basic information, you have to sign in for a paid version with its partner site, TruthFinder.

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4. PeopleFinders

PeopleFinders may be the most trusted and oldest people search finder on this list. The lookup site is comparatively easy to use. You have the option to search for the person by their name, number, address, and location.

It allows you to conduct quick background checks, discover their assets, check their social media, photos, and many more. PeopleFinders doesn’t have an app version, you can access it through your mobile web browsers.

Pricing: You can either opt for its monthly $24.95 or $29.95 subscription. For more detailed information, a $29.95 premium subscription is recommended.

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5. Instant CheckMate (Paid)

Instant CheckMate is a paid people search finder that allows the users to explore a person’s background, social media, and other details through name and city. The lookup site has maintained steady growth throughout the years and continues into 2023. Every name and number that is registered on a public record and available on online search engines are accessible through Instant CheckMate.

It is also backed up by other features that allow you to find more information. Instant Checkmate has an Android app, but there’s no app for iOS devices. You can also access it through web browsers.

Pricing: Pay $34.78 per month for unlimited reports, and pay $27.82 per month for 3 months of unlimited reports.

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6. Intelius

Intelius is one of the most affordable people search services available on the web. A significant number of people have used Intelius and found their results to be most accurate. To search for a person, enter their name and area of residence into the search field.

The Intelius people search finder app is available on both Apple and Play Store. So, you can access it directly through web browsers or download it.

Pricing: Intelius charges $22.86/month and $19.43/month for 2 months of unlimited reports. You can also pay $0.95 for a five-day trial and then cancel your subscription later.

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True People Search allows you to find people and their information from their largest database with advanced filters. The people search finder is the preferred option of many people as it provides free services with limited ads.

True People Search is easy to navigate. Plus, the app version is also available for download.

Pricing: Completely free to use.

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US Search is probably one of the oldest reverse phone lookup sites that started operating in the late 1990s. You can search for any information about a number or email address in US Search.

US Search is absolutely free. But for more detailed information, a monthly subscription is required. US Search doesn’t offer a mobile app, so you have to access the US Search through the web browser.

Pricing: The website is free. But for more detailed information, pay $19.95/month and $49.85 quarterly. Also, a single search would cost you $2.45, and background checks cost $39.95 approx.  

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9. Spokeo

Spokeo is another great people search engine that helps you find people by filling in their phone numbers, addresses, and email. You can also conduct background checks on them, check their criminal background, and other in-depth information.

Spokeo’s Mobile App is available for Android devices, so you can download it from the Play Store.

Pricing: You can get the basic results for free. For advanced features, switch to the premium version.

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10. SpyDialer

Undoubtedly, SpyDialer is one of the most reliable people search finders available. Users preferred SpyDialer as it is easy to navigate, offers free service, and provides accurate results. They update their records routinely, ensuring 100% accuracy in results.

The people finder also includes a standby tool that allows you to listen to a number’s outbound voicemail message. To check a person’s basic information, you can either visit their website or download the app version for Android.

Pricing: SpyDialer is absolutely free.

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11. ZabaSearch

ZabaSearch qualifies as a trustworthy phone number lookup. You can search for any US-based number on ZabaSearch and find information on them. If you just want basic information on people then you can opt for its free version. For more in-depth information purchase the premium plans.

ZabaSearch has no app version so you have to search for numbers on its website.

Pricing: Its premium-priced plans are handled by Intelius. The monthly plan starts at $24.86 and $42.25 for two months.

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12. ZoSearch

ZoSearch allows you to search for an individual through phone numbers, locations, and emails. The results will be displayed within a few minutes and that too is free of cost. Plus, you can also view other information related to that person like criminal backgrounds, financial details, business details, and many more.

ZoSearch is not available on the app store. So, you have to search for ZoSearch on your browser.

Pricing: ZoSearch is free to use.

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13. White Pages

White Pages provides an online directory service where you can check information on individuals and businesses. Go to the website and fill in relevant information like phone number, and email and get in-depth information on any person or business.

Starting from basic information and traffic records, everything is available. Plus, the site also provides legally recognized tenant screening, financial history, and many more. You can either access the site from your web browser or download the app for Android.

Pricing: Depending on what service you opt for, White Pages would charge accordingly.

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Wrapping Up

Reverse phone lookup services are critical in today’s world, where scams and frauds are common. We receive several calls every day, and it’s difficult to differentiate genuine calls from scam calls. A reverse phone lookup service provider allows us to find names on the directory and identify them. You can just enter the phone number in the phone search bar and press the “Enter” button to get the caller’s details.  


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