Reading about something you enjoy and passing time with a great novel is one of the best ways to relax. Nowadays, most people prefer reading books online because it costs no money plus it’s convenient. The resources that are available online can match up the requirements of any reader which is a great benefit of reading online. You can get thousands of books online on different subjects. There are many sites to download free books. A few of them are worth trying. We have compiled a list of the top ten sites where you can download free books. So, here is the list. 

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1. Google Play Books

One of the best sites on the Internet to download and read books is Google’s bookstore, Google Play Books. You would also find the app version on Google Play Ebooks. Undoubtedly, Google Play (Books) provides a great reading list. Not all books can be downloaded free on Google Play Books. You have to pay for some of the recent best-selling books. But you can check the preview of the book before you decide to buy it. 

Some of the books that you don’t find on other websites can easily be found in Google Play Books. Indulge in reading the best fiction, non-fiction books of the best-selling authors on Google Play Books. People who love reading would like Google Play (Books).

2. Project Gutenberg

Another great website to download books. Project Gutenberg has over 57,000 free eBooks available in several formats. It is difficult to find recent books on Project Gutenberg but you would find plenty of classic books. The best thing about Gutenberg is that you would find books in other languages as well. Just type the name of the book and it would be available to you. 

There is a diverse range of eBooks available on Project Gutenberg ranging from memoirs to fiction. You don’t require any other application to download books from Project Gutenberg, just go to the web browser and type Project Gutenberg. Click on the first option and search for the book you wish to read. 

3. International Digital Children’s Library

When we talk about downloading free books online, then the International Digital Children’s Library has to be there. It is one of the best sites for children. The Children’s library has a great collection of children’s books that can help promote learning habits in your children. Plus, you would have many books translated into other languages as well. So, even if you’re searching for the vernacular translation of the book, you would probably find it. 

Not only that, the library features a lot of activities like scavenger hunts and other classroom games to make learning more fun. You can read the books online or simply download them in various file formats. Check the website now. 

4. Free Computer Books

For all the geeks and computer enthusiasts out there, Free Computer Books is the perfect website to upskill on any computer language whatsoever. The website has an extensive collection of all the computer books you can think of. That being said, it doesn’t run short on lecture notes as well. 

The majority of the genres that Free Computer Books follow include computer programming languages, data science, computer science, computer engineering as well as networking and communication. The only downside of the website is its outdated website design. Keeping up to date, you might miss the eBook formats that other websites offer. Overall, a pretty good website to follow. 

5. Authorama

We would highly recommend Authorama to people who are looking for a decent website to read and download books. The books are completely free and can be downloaded in several formats. You can browse all the free books by the author’s last name. The best thing about using Authorama is that the books are in an easily readable format. Plus, the user interface looks good. 

You can easily read your favorite books everywhere and anywhere. Additionally, Authorama offers a great collection of books from all over the world. For the majority of people, Authorama would be the perfect choice for the free books it offers from a wide range of authors. 


If you read and download books online then you must have heard of There is a huge collection of books on for book lovers. provides free and paid eBooks to both students and businesses. The website is free to join and offers an extensive book library. is one of the best websites with limited ads.

There is a great collection of books on starting from engineering to career and study advice and the list goes on. You can either read the book on the website or download it and read it. The website is easy to navigate and registering before downloading eBooks on the site is important. 

7. ManyBooks

ManyBooks offers a great selection of free eBooks. You must have guessed it from its name. If you’re searching for a site that has books from different genres then consider using ManyBooks. You would find many of the recent books in ManyBooks The unique thing about ManyBooks is that you can search books by language. Overall, the site seems to have a good user interface and the books are free. 

If you have recently read a book from the site and are looking for similar books then you can browse the ManyBooks Articles page. For instance, you would find books like The Ascent of Rum Doodle, Books like Falconer which is very useful when you want to read similar books. 

8. is by far one of the biggest places on the internet to find anything completely for free. This is an article we will be discussing in its eBooks and Books section. Users can look for different books based on their interests. You can also sort out books by their popularity or view count. These are some of the subtle aspects that make so unique. 

Some of the most popular genres on the website include fiction, children’s books, historical texts as well as academic books. also offers various download options including PDF, EPUB as well as Kindle. So, what are you waiting for? Get yourself the book you have been longing for in

9. The Literature Network

The Literature Network is a good source for all classic eBooks. If you’re having a difficult time finding a classic library online, then don’t forget to check The Literature Network.The site has over 3,500 complete books, 4,400 short stories, and many poems. It is a great site for Literature enthusiasts. Almost all the books are free but for certain books, you have to pay any amount.

You can travel to the realms and times of the authors you read. Go through your favorite categories and read and download the books. There are so many genres you can try. Who knows? The genre you abhor can become your favorite.

10. Librivox

Librivox is yet another intuitive website that is well known for its immense collection of free audiobooks. These audiobooks can be quite pricey for other websites. Another added advantage of using Librivox is the audiobooks are available in multiple languages. There is also a large collection of children’s audiobooks, making it the perfect fit for parents to discover as well. 

In other words, everything about Librivox is quite intuitive. One area where you might end up having a hard time is that the books are made by volunteers. This means, oftentimes, the overall quality becomes a hit or miss. You might also come across various authors who don’t have any listed books whatsoever. 

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Wrapping Up

Reading on the internet has become more popular amongst millennials. Fortunately, there are some great websites where you can read books. Hope you would try the websites we have recommended. You would enjoy it. Tell us about your favorite websites to download free books in the comment section below.


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