For everyone reading the article, you must be wondering about America’s largest carrier aka Verizon. With over 151 million active subscribers, Verizon is not only fast but also offers the best coverage throughout the entire United States. 

As we work our way through the article, we will be discussing some of the best Verizon wireless plans that you can opt for. With Verizon, there’s always a plan for everyone starting from the bare basics all the way up to premium plans. 

Top Verizon Wireless Plans to Pick 

For the past decade, Big Red has always offered some of the most compelling plans for its users. Verizon’s 4G LTE network extends to all 50 states, gradually increasing their 5G Ultra-WideBand coverage to 35 major cities. Here is our list of the top unlimited wireless plans from Verizon. 

Best Verizon Wireless Plans You Can Choose

  1. Start Unlimited: A plan for people who are just getting started.
  2. Play More Unlimited: A plan for people who stream a lot.
  3. Do More Unlimited: A recommened plan for working class with some extra benefits.
  4. Get More Unlimited: The most powerful and expensive Verizon plan which starts at $90 per month for one line.

1. Start Unlimited

Just as the name suggests, the Verizon Start Unlimited Plan is best suited for anyone who is just getting started. Although it might not be the most feature-packed, can certainly offer great value. The overall pricing is also quite affordable as well. While a single line costs $70, two lines bring it down to $60. 

Furthermore, you can get three and four lines at $45 and $35 each respectively. Apart from Apple Music, users can also get Disney Plus six months subscription completely for free. If you are a first-time user, the perks just keep coming. Verizon also provides 6 months Google Play Pass or Apple Arcade for free

Salient Features: 

  • Comes with unlimited data, talk time, and text
  • DVD-rip stream 
  • Users can get 6 months Apple Music subscription

Best Suited For: 

  • For users who require only SD quality steaming 
  • Who doesn’t require any hotspot data 

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2. Play More Unlimited

If you want to step up your game, while constantly looking out to stream the next big Netflix show, the Play More Unlimited plan is just the right fit for you. The Play More Unlimited plan is particularly curated to meet your music and movie needs. For one line the plan costs $80 per month. With two lines it’s $70 each, while the three and four line costs $55 and $45 each. 

As for the most part, it offers everything from the Starter Plan along with 25GB of mobile hotspot data. That being said, now you can enjoy the episodes at 720p HD. Another perk of the Play More Unlimited pack is that you can get Google Play Pass or Apple Arcade for a complete whole year. 

Salient Features: 

  • Includes 6 months Apple Music Subscription 
  • Comes with Disney Plus, ESPN Plus, and Hulu
  • Seamless access to 5G network

Best Suited For: 

  • Users who always require data to stream media
  • Best for 5G capable devices 

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3. Do More Unlimited

While the Play More Unlimited pack focuses on media consumption, the Do More Unlimited can actually make you stay productive. As for the overall pricing, it is kept the same as Play More with all the basic data, talk time, and text. While there are several perks to the Do More plan, you still lose 720p video streaming. 

Even the Apple Music subscription is back to 6 months. You trade all this at the cost of 600 GB of Verizon cloud storage, which is absolutely essential for any working professional. All thanks to Verizon, users can also turn down 6 months of Game Pass to save a few bucks as well. 

Salient Features:

  • Offers 50 GB of premium 4G data
  • Free 500 GB of Verizon Cloud Storage 
  • 50% off on any connected tablet or hotspot on Verizon

Best Suited for: 

  • Users who are working professionals 
  • For anyone who requires cloud storage

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4. Get More Unlimited

For anyone who wants to get their hands on the most powerful plan that Verizon has to offer, then the Get More Unlimited Plan is exactly what you need. This is by far the most expensive plan in the Verizon lineup starting at $90 per month for one line. 

For two lines it costs $65, while the price drops to $55 and $45 for three and four lines respectively. Apart from being a data beast, the Get More plan also retains all the goodness from Do More Unlimited as well. 

Salient Features: 

  • Truly unlimited premium data
  • Access to Apple Music and Disney Plus
  • Seamless access to 5G high-speed network

Best Suited for: 

  • Users with a higher requirement for mobile data 
  • Users looking to get unlimited access to online streaming apps

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The Bottom Line 

So now that you have settled for Verizon, all that’s left for you is to pick the perfect plan. We have discussed all the wireless plans, as each one is specifically catered towards a specific audience. 

That being said, for anyone with WFH jobs, the Do More plan might be the best fit, while Play More is better suited for steaming. Lastly, with the Get More Unlimited Plan, you can go through just about anything.


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