Virtual Reality is by far one of the most prominent ways in which you can step into the amazing virtual world. That being said, VR headsets still remain one of the newer technologies that haven’t been adopted by the masses yet. But with the advent of cheaper and affordable headsets, the scenario is gradually changing. 

Even in the market, there’s a VR headset for everyone, starting from the bare basics all the up to the premium segment. With plenty of Amazing titles including Half-Life: Alyx, Star Wars: Squadrons, No Man’s Sky, and more, there’s definitely room to explore. In this article, we are going to discuss some of the most prominent Virtual Reality headsets that you can currently avail of.

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The Ultimate VR Headset Buying Guide

When it comes to buying the best VR headset, it is not as simple as it looks. Here are a few technical specs that you must consider before purchasing one.

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1. Types of Virtual Reality Simulations

There are primarily three types of virtual reality simulations namely, 

Non-Immersive Virtual Reality: Non-immersive virtual reality is a type of VR where you interact with a virtual environment, usually through a computer. 

Semi-Immersive Virtual Reality: Semi-immersive virtual reality immerses users in a virtual environment while being connected to their physical surroundings. 

Fully Immersive Virtual Reality: If you want to fully immerse yourself in a realistic virtual world. It gives the impression to the user that they are part of the computer-generated world. 

2. Immersion 

By immersion, we mean the perception of players being part of the virtual world. Our brain is tricked into thinking that what we see is real. The best immersive VR headsets would let you explore and experiment with an interactive artificial environment. 

3. Comfort

Headset comfort is another key factor to consider. Immersion is an essential factor when it comes to VR headsets. However, owning the best VR headset matters little if it’s uncomfortable and heavy. It would negatively affect your VR experience. Users should be able to spend at least one to two hours comfortably. 

Weight and Fit 

A poor fit can also impact your VR experience. Fit and weight are especially important for VR sets as they tend to apply pressure on the nose and cheekbones. It’s always wise to choose a lightweight headset. Also, don’t forget to check the headset’s adjustability. It is necessary to have adjustable head straps or tightening knobs for a comfortable fit. 

Material of the Cushion 

You also need to consider the material of the cushion. All this can have an impact on how well headphones feel. Some fabrics produce itching and irritate the skin. So, we recommend that you choose a material that is skin-friendly. 

4. Battery life

Most VR headsets are considered to have a decent battery life. Having a better battery life means less time to worry about charging. A poor battery will ruin your VR experience, so we suggest you check the battery life of the headset. You can also check the reviews to learn if the product is a good investment. 

5. Display

The most important aspect of buying a VR headset is the display. Most headsets use an organic light-emitting diode (OLED) and a liquid crystal display (LCD). 2560 x 1440 pixels is the standard resolution found in most VR headsets. In order to get the most out of your VR Headset, try to look for one that has a better display. 

1. Meta Quest 2

The Meta Quest 2 is the best VR headset for most people. It is affordable, standalone, and has a great library of games and apps. The Meta Quest 2 boasts an impressive display resolution of 1832 x 1920 per eye, offering breathtaking visuals that will transport you to another world.

This VR headset is free from the usage of any tangled cables and allows us to enjoy the freedom of wireless VR. The Meta Quest 2 grants you access to a vast library of games and applications, ranging from captivating adventures to immersive simulations.


  • High Quality Visuals
  • Wireless Freedom
  • Easy setup and user friendly interface
  • Extensive game library


  • To use the Meta Quest 2, you’ll need an Oculus account and internet connectivity. This may be a concern for individuals who prefer offline experiences or have privacy concerns.
  • Compared to PC-based VR systems, the Meta Quest 2 offers fewer customization options in terms of hardware upgrades and accessories. You may have limited choices for enhancing your VR setup.

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2. Valve Index

If you want to have a premium VR gaming experience on your PC, the Valve Index can cater to the best value. Offering a 120Hz refresh rate (even 144Hz in experimental mode), the Valve Index offers 130 degrees of FOV

In fact, you won’t be able to find any screen door effect within the headset as well. These are some of the most salient features that make the Valve Index truly unique. Further including, the customizable controllers are a cherry on it. The only catch is, you need to pay a hefty pricy for using such premium features.  


  • Great build quality with top-notch hardware
  • Smartly designed VR controllers
  • Offers great comfort while wearing
  • Comes with future expansion options


  • Offers very limited support for finger tracking

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3. PlayStation VR

For all the console gamers, the PlayStation VR is primarily the only shot you have while experiencing Virtual Reality. Even while rocking a semi-futuristic look, the Headset is quite comfortable. 

Another great advantage of the PlayStation VR is how users can also watch movies and shows while having an immersive experience. Being launched with the PS4 and PS4 Pro, the VR headset also supports PS5.  

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  • Comes with a large game library
  • Comparatively easier to set up
  • Quite affordable 


  • The controllers are quite outdated 

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4. HTC Vive Pro 2

The HTC Vive Pro 2 is the latest iteration from the company offering some of the most compelling hardware specifications. With a massive 2448 x 2448 pixels, 120Hz, and 120-degree FOV, the display of HTC Vive Pro 2 are as beautiful as it can ever get. 

Getting the full starter kit comprises of the headset, along with 2 controllers and a pair of Base Station 2.0 satellites. Bear in mind, this is also being to be power-hungry, so make sure to get all the power sockets you need. 


  • A state-of-the-art display
  • Offers very precise tracking 
  • Comes with a higher refresh rate


  • Can get expensive for some

Buy HTC Vive Pro 2

5. HP Reverb G2

The HP Reverb G2 has become one of the most compelling VR headsets among the Windows Mixed Reality group. Backed by 2160p per eye, the screen looks absolutely gorgeous. Offering an impressively longer range, the HP Reverb G2 also with physical IPD toggles right underside the headset. 

Using the IMU Gyro sensors, the headset is capable of tracking movement quite precisely as well. As for the overall comfort, HP has nailed that aspect as well. The only trade you need to make while getting the Reverb 2 is its constrained FOV. 


  • Long cables with very easy to set up process
  • You can’t find any screen door effect
  • Easily accessible Physical IPD Toggle


  • Comes with restricted FOV

Buy HP Reverb G2

6. HTC Vive Cosmos Elite

Maintaining the core specifications of its predecessor, the HTC Vive Cosmos Elite address the issues it was lacking behind. The dual 4.3-inch display with a 90 Hz refresh rate is more than enough to get you going as well. 

And for the best part, it already comes pre-bundled with two of the most sought-after games including Half-Life: Alyx and Viveport Infinity. Lastly, while the HTC Vive Cosmos Elite was launched with a higher price tag, you can expect some great deals on the headset. 


  • Comes with Half-Life: Alyx and Viveport Infinity
  • Offers high-resolution display
  • Comes with very accurate tracking 


  • Offers only 1st gen controllers

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Is it Worth Buying a VR Headset? 

Bear in mind with the coming years including 2023, there are rumors of new VR headsets arriving. While Meta is working on Project Cambria, PlayStation is going to launch VR 2 and lastly Apple’s mysterious headset. While VR technology is still in Flux, several companies are working on different headsets catered towards connecting devices. So, there is no right time to get yourself a VR headset. There’s always going to be one headset better than its predecessor.

The Bottom Line 

Identifying the Best VR headsets surely takes a lot of consideration starting from its hardware all the way down to software integration. After vigorous research and testing, the above-mentioned VR headsets are some of the best this market has to offer. So, let us know in the comment section below, which headset you are most excited about buying? 

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