PlayStation 5 is now the fastest-selling gaming console in US history. Game boost, smoother frame rates, backward compatibility are some of its features compelling gamers to buy it as soon as possible. But the product is getting out of stock very frequently leaving customers to a never-ending search for this latest gaming console

If I talk about today’s status, both the Blu-ray and digital-only editions of PlayStation 5 are not available at any of the major stores including Amazon, Walmart, GameStop, Target, and Best Buy. On the one side, the demand for entertainment products is high because of the pandemic while on the other side, manufacturers are facing issues in providing required stock for various reasons such as chip shortage in the global market

If you’re really trying hard to score a PlayStation 5 and even ready to pay more than the actual price, you can definitely get a PS5 on reseller websites like eBay, StockX, etc, but we will suggest you to wait. You can keep checking major retailer websites on a regular basis for stock-related information. Furthermore, you can also monitor Twitter for restock rumors. Lastly, here are some of the websites you can keep a tab on – 

1. Amazon: You can check out PS5’s Digital Edition ($400) and PS5’s Blu-ray edition ($500) on Amazon. 

2. Walmart: You can also check Walmart for both the products. Here are the respective pages’ links: PS5’s Digital Edition and PS5’s Blu-ray edition

3. Target: This website is working to stock gaming consoles. You can check out this page for the Digital edition and this one for the Blu-ray edition.

4. GameStop: This website also sells both the PS5 editions. The prices are also the same. You can bookmark this website to check for the restock updates. Here are the links – PlayStation 5 – Digital Edition and PlayStation 5 – Bluray Edition.

5. Best Buy: You can also check out Best Buy’s website to monitor the availability of PlayStation 5. Visit the website and select the country to get started. 

6. eBay: Though we don’t recommend you to shop PS5 on these reseller websites at a great amount than the retail price, you can check out eBay, if you’re interested.

Wrapping Up

Seeing the current situation, it seems that it will time for the normal stock to reach the stores meeting the demands. Till then, it would be a challenge for every gamer to get hands-on PlayStation 5 at least for few months. 


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