In an era where everything is readily available on the internet, it is very important to have a good Wi-Fi connection. In fact, upgrading your home network with the best WiFi routers can make your life a lot easier as well. 

It can make your smartphone, laptop and even game consoles work a lot faster as well. Apart from getting a faster download speed, the latest generation of WiFi routers is also feature-packed with network securities, parental controls as well as simple app-based interfaces. 

While spending the majority of our days online, be it for school, work, or even gaming, now is the best time than ever to upgrade to a better router. In this article, we are going to share some of the best wireless routers that cater to your everyday need. 

WiFi Router Buying Guide

If you are considering replacing your existing Wi-Fi but not sure where to begin? Here are a few tips to keep in mind before buying a Wi-Fi router.

1. Types of WiFi System – Traditional Router Vs Mesh Wi-Fi System

The first thing you need to decide is whether you need a traditional or a mesh WiFi system. Based on WiFi coverage performance, the mesh WiFi system is comparatively better. However, if you live in a small room then we recommend that you go for a traditional router.

But if you have a large home, then buying a traditional router can affect the WiFi speed. So, for a smoother internet experience switch to a mesh WiFi system. You can also try WiFi repeaters for better coverage.

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2. Single Band vs Dual-Band vs Tri-Band Routers

If you have a traditional router, then you can either use a single-band or dual-band model. A single-band router has a slower speed and longer range but dual-band routers have better range and performance as it supports 2.4GHz and 5GHz frequencies.

For mesh routers, a tri-band model is recommended. It ensures consistent performance, better reliability, and coverage. Tri-band is like dual-band but it has an additional 5GHz band that is ideal for households with multiple streaming devices.

3. Check for Ports

Don’t forget to check the number of ports of the router even if you don’t need it. An Ethernet connection is more stable and faster than Wi-Fi. You should use an Ethernet connection for TVs, PC, and game consoles. The major benefit of using Ethernet is that you can connect multiple devices to the router without any of them slowing down.

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4. Broadband Provider Compatibility

Wi-Fi routers need to be linked with the broadband provider. So, make sure that the router you’ll buy is compatible with the broadband service provider. Fiber is also a popular choice amongst customers.

You should also have a reliable connection to avoid issues like buffering and slow downloading. The internet service provider would quote the maximum speeds available. You can choose the internet speed as per your requirement. If you have multiple connections, then a speed of 100Mbps is adequate.

5. Check for Built-in Firewall or antivirus

Most routers have built-in antivirus to ward off attacks. If you don’t want to compromise your security, before purchasing a router check it has useful safety features and a built-in Firewall or antivirus.

1. Asus RT-AX86U

If you want a Wi-Fi router that can cram all the devices you throw at it, the Asus RT_AX86U is the best option for you. Neither less to say, this Wi-Fi 6 powerhouse can offer unbeatable speed with killer gaming features. Offering a two-year warranty, the Asus RT-AX86U is a value option for securing your home network as well. 

The lifetime software support ensures malware and intrusion protection like never before. And for the best part, you can use Asus RT-AX86U as a general use router as well as for gaming with all the ports and features you need for top-tier performance


  • Offers unprecedented performance 
  • Lifetime security software upgrade 
  • Comes with multi-gig input aggregation 


  • Lacks some of the advanced gaming features including ping heat map and geofencing

Buy Asus RT_AX86U

2. Google Nest Wi-Fi

While there are several mesh Wi-Fi routers out there in the market, Nest Wi-Fi offers the most well-rounded performance. Coming from Google, the Nest Wi-Fi is a very compact unit that can offer superior coverage in a mesh. 

In fact, with each extension packed with built-in Google Home smart speakers, you can experience voice assistants all throughout the house. The real appeal of the Next Wi-Fi lies within its seamless setup process, which can make your life a lot easier. In the blink of an eye, users can configure extensions all around the house. 


  • A very easy and seamless setup process 
  • Comes with an in-built Google assistant 
  • Offers overall good performance 


  • Constricted configuration option 
  • Short range 

Buy Google Nest Wi-Fi

3. Netgear Nighthawk AX8 (RAX80)

This goes without saying, the Netgear Nighthawk AX8 (RAX80) is an expensive piece of hardware that offers top-of-the-line performance. Backed by Wi-Fi 6 and enhanced security features, you can easily cross the 1 Gbps threshold. The included Disney’s Circle app ensures that all the inappropriate content gets blocked for family use. 

Apart from an easier set-up process, the Nighthawk AX80 can easily be customized just the way you want. Offering a 90-foot range, the Netgear Nighthawk AX8 (RAX80) is the Wi-Fi 6 enabled router you need without any compromises whatsoever. 


  • Offers relatively high performance 
  • Comes pre-included with malware protection apps
  • A plethora of customization options 


  • Can be expensive for some

Buy Netgear Nighthawk AX8

If affordability is your primary concern, the TP-Link Archer C2300 is one of the best Wi-Fi routers you can get your hands on. But, don’t get fooled with its price tag. It is also one of the best routers to offer a considerably good range as well. In fact, for daily usage, you can easily churn out 1 Gbps of data. 

The TP-Link Archer C2300 also comes with its fair share of features as well. To name a few, it offers built-in optimization tools, parental control, antivirus as well as QoS. Almost half the price from its competitors, the TP-Link Archer C2300 is the most affordable Wi-Fi router out there in the market. 


  • Fairly inexpensive 
  • Comes with built-in antivirus protection 
  • Offers two-year warranty 


  • Can run hot at times 

Buy TP-Link Archer C2300

5. Asus ROG Rapture GT-AX11000

The Asus ROG Rapture GT-AX11000 is a Wi-Fi router that is dedicated solely to gaming. In fact, it is a gamer’s delight with improved speed even on longer distances while offering low latency. Bear in mind, the Asus ROG Rapture GT-AX11000 by all means is not a small router. 

Offering 8 antennas and a gigantic base, the router can take a maximum throughput of 10.8 Gbps. As for the technical specifications, the Raptor GT AX-11000 offers a tri-band design with four downstream Gigabit LAN ports. Optimized for gaming, this router can offer you all the controls you need. 


  • First in its class, Wi-Fi 6 (802.11AX) router
  • Expect the same performance over a distance 
  • A plethora of customization options 
  • Offers 2.5 GBps wired connection 


  • The larger size might be a constrain for some

Buy Asus ROG Rapture GT-AX11000

It is imperative to understand that Wi-Fi 6 routers are not cheap by any means. But, if you want to get your hands on one of the most budget-friendly, value-for-money routers, the TP-Link Archer AX6000 is the most suitable option for you. 

With 8 networking ports, it can pair two networks while offering up to 2 Gbps data speed. That being said, for anyone who wants to get their hands on a Wi-Fi 6, with robust security and fair coverage, this is the most recommended router. 


  • Comes with 8 different LAN ports 
  • Enhanced security features 
  • Fairly inexpensive 


  • Slightly limited app-Hard 

Buy TP-Link Archer AX6000

7. Linksys EA8300 Max Stream

For all the power users who prefer to stay connected 24/7/365, the Linksys EA8300 Max Stream is the perfect choice for you. Offering a tri-band design, users can customize their router just the way they want. 

The Linksys EA8300 Max Stream comes with all the customization options you need. You can even reallocate your bandwidth for optimal performance, set up parental control, and even automate several features on the go. 


  • Comes with a tri-band design 
  • Excellent performance backed by a good software support
  • Has a very compact design 


  • Offers a fairly short range 

Buy Linksys EA8300 Max Stream

The TP-Link Archer A7 is yet another budget router on our list that can offer seamlessly good performance at the fraction of competing routers. It features 4 Gigabit LAN ports for utmost connectivity. 

Being feature-packed, users can also enjoy a seamless installation process with parental control. Using the pre-installed application, you can also monitor and control network usage all around the world. In fact, the only trade you would be making is the lack of any customization option whatsoever. 


  • Offers two-year manufacturer warranty
  • An easy bargain router


  • Offers very limited customization option 

Buy TP-Link Archer A7

Know the Right Time to Upgrade Your Wi-Fi Router? 

There are several instances where you might find the need to upgrade your Wi-Fi router. Whether you are unsatisfied with the current range of your Wi-Fi, or there happens to be too many devices connected simultaneously. 

If you are experiencing setbacks due to any of the above-mentioned reasons, now might be the best time for an upgrade. Bear in mind, if you are using a decade-old Wi-Fi, it is worth upgrading the old hardware. 

Apart from faster connectivity, it offers other benefits as well. For starters, even your smartphone battery will last longer, all thanks to efficient device management. If you are using a Wi-Fi router with a monthly rental fee, getting a brand new router might be the best bank for your buck. 

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Choose Your Favorite Wi-Fi Router 

So that was our curated guide on some of the best Wi-Fi routers that you can find currently out there in the market. Let us know in the comment section below, which Wi-Fi router is going to be the best pick for you? 


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