Chances are you must have come across the error message ‘Our system has detected unusual traffic from your computer network’ while looking something over Google? This goes without saying, the ‘Unusual Traffic Error’ is nothing uncommon, and users can come across it every once in a while. But, if the error is persistent, this is just the right article for you. Here we will be discussing some of the most effective ways to fix Google’s unusual traffic error. 

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What Exactly is Google ‘Unusual Traffic’ Error? 

Once you come across the Google ‘Unusual Traffic’ error, it is a clear indication of something suspicious on your search request. The term unusual is used while Google detects any automated traffic caused by bots or malware, it sends the following error. 

In case you are making too many search queries over a short duration of time, this is when the message gets triggered. Some of the primary reasons behind ‘Unusual Traffic’ Error in Google include: 

  • Too many searches over a short duration of time
  • Using a public computer
  • Connecting to the internet via VPN
  • Malicious third-party extensions
  • Using automated search tools

Most Effective Ways to Get Rid of ‘Unusual Traffic’ Errors 

1. Clear Out the CAPTCHA Test 

Taking a CAPTCHA Test is by far one of the easiest ways to bypass the ‘Unusual Traffic’ Error. The idea is pretty simple, with the introduction of CAPTCHA, Google can actually limit automated search queries. After all, the CAPTCHA Test comes with only questions humans can solve. 

So, in case Google is restricting your searches, simply tick the checkbox, ‘I’m not a robot’ and perform the CAPTCHA Test. Once you have selected the correct images, check on Verify to proceed further. In case you are greeted with the same error message, try signing out from your Google account. You can also try out using a different web browser altogether. 

2. Disconnect Your VPN Services

While using a Virtual Private Network (VPN) can offer you added benefits of keeping your online privacy, it might have an adverse effect on your Google Search. You might actually come across more instances of ‘Unusual Traffic’ Error while being connected to VPN. 

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Try changing your location or disconnect the VPN before making a search query. It can help you to bypass the error. You can also try out switching your internet connection, from Wi-Fi to mobile data, if it works. 

3. Hold on to Your Searches 

Are you frequently using operators for your Google search? Typically, opting for too many searches within a short duration of time can provoke the ‘Unusual Traffic’ Error. Primarily this is caused while using scrap bots or similar automated search tools. Generally, with a cooldown period of 24 hours, and such limits get lifted from your IP address. 

That being said, frequently using operators is a clear indication of using bots. Simply head over to advanced Google search, in order to limit the same. You can wait for an hour or two, in order to check whether the error shows up or not. 

4. Scan for Virus Infestations 

You can’t deny the fact that a virus attack might actually be the underlying reason behind Google’s ‘Unusual Traffic’ Error. While the chances are nominal, but it is worth giving it a try. In order to check for viruses, you can either go with any third-party software or use Microsoft Security. 

Simply head over to Windows Settings > Updates and Security > Windows Security. Our recommendation would be to go with a ‘Full scan.’ Restart your computer and you should be good to go. 

5. Check for Malicious Browser Extensions 

Last but not least, if the error message still pertains, now is the best time ever to carefully check individual browser extensions. In case you find any suspicious one, that was particularly used for scraping searches, you can temporarily disable the same. One of the easiest ways to actually reset your browser to its default settings. 

Chrome users can simply head over to Settings > Advanced > Reset and Clean up. Now simply click on ‘Reset settings to their original default.’ This is one of the best ways to check for malicious browser extensions. Chances are you won’t receive the error message anymore. 

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The Bottom Line 

Bear in mind, there is nothing to worry about Google’s ‘Unusual Traffic’ Error. The above-mentioned are some of the most effective ways to fix unusual traffic from your computer network. But, if the same problem persists, now is the best time than ever to actually rethink your Google search habits. 


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