Twitch isn’t just about streaming; it’s where your creativity gets to shine! Emotes are like your personal emojis, giving your channel its unique vibe.

There are two types: global ones everyone knows, and custom ones that are all you. Take Kappa, for example—Twitch’s classic symbol of sarcasm!

In this article, we’re diving into the world of making Twitch emotes. Whether you’re a newbie or a pro, crafting your own emotes adds that special touch to your channel. Let’s get started and learn how to make Twitch emotes to make your channel even more awesome!

More on Twitch Emotes

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Emotes are basically specific symbols that viewers and streamers on Twitch can use in order to express their emotions within the chat. Predominantly, there are two types of emotes that can be used on Twitch. 

  • Global Emotes: These are the emotes which can be used by anyone on Twitch. Some of the most commonly used one includes “:HeyGuys:”, “:LUL:”, “:bleedPurple:”, or “:NotLikeThis:”. That being said, words are just going to be shown on the screen, rather they will be replaced by appropriate images. 
  • Custom Emotes: Custom emotes on the other hand can be designed by individuals, and are often original artworks by the streamer. 

Emotes are a great way to amplify ideas which can also be used to add expressions during any conversation. Furthermore, custom emotes are a great way to promote your channel, as users can easily associate the emote with its creator. 

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Guidelines to Create Custom Twitch Emotes

When it comes to creating custom emotes, users need to abide by Twitch’s Community Guidelines and Terms of Service. Predominantly, you need to make sure that the emotes are completely legal, following through trademarks and copyrights

Not to mention, your emotes shouldn’t include any sexual activity or showcase self-destructive ideas such as suicide or consumption of illegal substances. As long as you don’t break the rules, you can easily create your custom emote. 

Here are the technical specifications required to create your own emote: 

  • A PNG file of less than 25KB in size
  • You need to submit in three different sizes including 28x28px, 56x56px, and 112x112px
  • Clear and sharp with a transparent background
  • The image must be easily readable

Once your custom emotes check all the boxes, you can choose a unique code that you need to add after your emoticon prefix. 

Top Software to Create Custom Twitch Emotes


Created with GIMP

GIMP is one of the most prominent, free image editors you can find out there on the internet. Offering cross-platform functionalities, it’s is readily available on Windows, macOS, Linux, and more. 

If you are running low on budget, GIMP can provide you with all the sophisticated tools you need to get the job done. That being said, you can easily create high-quality emotes on the go. Just bear in mind, GIMP comes with a learning curve for all first-time users. 

Here are a few articles to help you explore GIMP –


2. Adobe Photoshop 

No list of custom emotes applications can be completed without mentioning the industry standard of manipulating photos. Adobe Photoshop has been the core driving factor for every creative project be it graphics designingdigital painting, or animation

While Adobe Photoshop can be complex at times, it is best suited for anyone who is willing to invest time to learn them. It is not completely free, but you can still get around using the 7 days free trial. 

Get Adobe Photoshop

3. OWN3D Emote Maker 

OWN3D offers a tool that is specifically curated to create unique emotes for your TwitchDiscord, and YouTube accounts. You can seamlessly create and download your emotes on the go, and implement them right away. 

Furthermore, OWN3D works closely with professional illustrators who contribute to their Emote Maker. In fact, you can create unique emotes from a total of 25,000,000,000 combinations. Simply pick your character, customize your emote and choose their variants. Once you make the payment, you can download them immediately.  

Get OWN3D Emote Maker

4. Clip Studio Paints

Clip Studio Paints caters to creative works including drawing and digital painting. Although the application comes with a price tag, you can still use them for 6 months completely for free. Clip Studio Paints comes with all the features to create emotes completely from scratch.

Get Clip Studio Paints

5. Placeit Emote Maker

Placeit Emote Maker comes with a total of 250 different templates to create the most unique Twitch emote. Since you are using pre-made templates, your emotes might not be completely original. 

But, you can still tweak them, and modify the graphics based on your preference. Placeit has made the application completely free to use, where you can create emotes within a matter of minutes. 

Get Placeit Emote Maker

6. Emotes Creator 

Emotes Creator comes with a dedicated Twitch Emotes Maker tool which allows you to pick a style and customize your emote just the way you want. You can also pick your character based on different avatarschibi, or cartoons.  

Simply start with your base emote, and you can work your way through picking the gender, skin tone, hair, eyes, ears, mouth, clothes, and just about everything. With just deep personalization, you can make your character truly unique. 

Get Emotes Creator

7. StreamShift

Using StreamShift’s dedicated Twitch Emote Maker tool, you can easily create emotes on the go without waiting around for outsourcing. Simply design your custom emotes, preview them and you are good to go. 

There is also a quantity discount you can avail of, where you can buy multiple emotes and get up to 30% off. Using StreamShift you can get the advantage of complete customization, allowing you to create millions of unique emotes. 

Get StreamShift

8. Kapwing 

Kapwing Studio is an all-in-one platform that allows you to work with any image, video, or GIF and make memesresize them, and do just about everything creative. It can also be used to share your multimedia storiesedit media online and even create digital art. With an intuitive and easy-to-navigate UI, you can easily create custom Twitch emotes. 

Get Kapwing

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Wrapping Up

After putting the finishing touches on your custom emotes, it’s time to showcase them on your Twitch channel. Head over to your Dashboard and navigate to Affiliate/Partners Settings. From there, select Emotes and upload your emotes in three different sizes. Don’t forget to click Save Changes to make them live!

For Affiliates, you’ll start with one sub-emote slot, with the potential to unlock a total of five slots. Partners enjoy even more versatility, with access to a grand total of 60 emote slots, including six that are automatically unlocked right from the start. With your unique emotes in place, your Twitch channel is ready to express your personality and engage with your audience like never before!


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