Well, have you ever thought of how to use alarms in Windows 10? Most likely it would be a yes. Most of the time, you would be using your cell phone for timers and reminders. Alike many alarm apps you find on your mobile or tablet, windows 10 to have an ‘alarms and timers’ functionality that you may like using as your personal alarm to manage your schedule on a regular basis. In this article, we would look at the solutions that would let you access this feature and use it.

Various Ways to Use Alarm in Windows 10

1. Opt for built-in Windows 10 Alarms and Clock Feature

First of all, turn on your device.

Now, click on the ‘search’ icon on the taskbar. You would find the icon right to the Windows start button.

Next, type on the search bar ‘alarms’.

how to use alarms in windows 10

You would see the ‘Clock and Alarms’ result on your screen. Click on that.

After clicking on that, you would be taken to Windows 10 in-built alarms and clocks.

You can easily set your alarms by clicking on the existing entry that is displayed on the screen.

how to use alarms in windows 10

However, for adding a new alarm you can create it by clicking on the ‘+’ icon that is found on the right bottom of the screen.

how to use alarms in windows 10

Don’t forget to add the name or apply a sound to the new notification.

After pressing on the save button you’re done.

You need to understand that the alarm would work if your device is awake. So, you need to adjust the sleep settings of the device for anything further. Follow these steps for adjusting the sleep settings of your device.

  • First, you need to press the Windows + l keys.
  • Secondly, click on the System in the Settings window.
  • Choose the Power & sleep feature which is available on the main window. You would see it on the left side.
  • Lastly, you need to decide when to enter sleep mode. Confirm that your PC or laptop is awake so that, you will be able to get the newly set alarm notification.

2. Creating a New Task and Running it Through the VLC Player

If you want to play a specific sound as your alarm notification then you can simply this method. The method we are going to describe would wake your PC or laptop from sleep mode.

First, click on the ‘search’ icon.

Next, you need to type Task Scheduler and click on the entry with the same name.

Now, click on the action and choose to Create Basic Task from the task scheduler.

By following the on-screen prompts you can easily complete the field.

You need to enter the path to VLC in Action -> Start a Program. From there you need to enter the path to play your desired video or track.

You need to make sure that there isn’t any space included in the add argument paths.

Check the ‘open the properties dialog for this task when I click first from start a program’ at the end.

You can configure further settings from here.

Lastly, switch to the Conditions tab and check the ‘wake the computer to run this task’ field from the new window.

3. Third-Party Alarms Applications

You can use your in-built clock and alarms. However, if the above-mentioned solutions don’t seem to work then opt for third-party applications. You can go for any of these applications such as cool timer deluxe, music alarm clock, alarm clock HD, free alarm clock, Kuku klok. They have significant features so, you can pick any of these as per your liking.

Final Takeaway

We have described the easiest ways of using alarms in your Windows 10. These days, most people prefer using their cell phones for setting alarms and timers. However, you can try this feature available in Windows 10 too. You don’t have to depend on your cell phones all the time.


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