This year around, Apple already announced their major operating system updates in WWDC Keynote on June 6. Not to mention, for all Apple enthusiasts, there is no bigger fanbase for any product like iPhone, hence iOS update remains in the spotlight. 

With the prominent success of iOS 15, the latest iteration iOS 16 is expected to add a plethora of new features. Rest assured, Apple didn’t disappoint this time around. In this article, we are going to discuss all the prominent changes coming with iOS 16 and how it is going to affect your overall iPhone experience. 

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iOS 16 Release Date 

Apple is going to release iOS 16 for users on MondaySeptember 12. Given Apple’s track record, Apple hardly deviates from the exact date for such major releases. Typically it occurs around 10 AM Pacific Time

That being said, iOS 16 is not going to be heavily focused on significant UI changes and design overhauls, similar to Android 12 with the introduction of Material You. This year’s iOS update is going to focus on the much-requested features including lock screen widgetsSharePlaybetter notification accessLive Text, and more privacy-focused features

iOS 16 Compatibility

One of the biggest anticipations with every year’s iOS release revolves around the list of supported devices. For this year around, any device released in the past five years, including iPhone 8 and later is going to support iOS 16. 

Credit: Apple

Although some of the older devices may not get full support for iOS 16. For instance, only iPhone 11 and later will support the Live Captions accessibility feature. While any feature that would require the LiDAR scanner such as Door Detection and People Detection will be available to iPhone 12 Pro and later

What’s New on iOS 16?

Users can now track medications within the Health App, along with a dedicated Fitness App. Furthermore, you can easily mirror your Apple Watch on your iPhone. Apple is finally introducing the option to edit and unsend any messages in iMessage. Once the update drops next week, we can actually dive deep into all the new features with iOS 16. 

Credit: Apple

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Last but not least, Apple has confirmed that iPadOS 16 release is going to delay. Once the iOS 16 updates arrive, we can expect updates for iPadOS 16 and macOS Ventura somewhere around mid or late October. 


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