Top 20 Most Useless Websites Ever!

most useless websites ever

We visit a lot of websites on the Internet but not all of them are useful. With the evolution of the Internet,  the number of websites also got increased. We usually look for websites which provides quality information or services. But if you are bored of visiting useful websites or reading about the best websites, here is something different. Today, I am going to share the top 20 most useless websites ever. These websites are so funny and pointless that your boredom will go away in just a few minutes.

These websites could help people who are in a routine job and mostly get frustrated due to pressure or any other reason. Usually, when people get bored, they keep refreshing Facebook or Twitter feed with a hope to find something interesting. But they end up just passing time. With these useless websites, you will definitely find something more interesting than the normal post. So, you won’t find any better and cheaper reason to laugh. Just check the useless websites list below and see some unique and hilarious websites.

Most Useless Websites Ever

1. Paper Toilet

most useless websites ever

Did you ever imagine that you will be playing with a toilet paper? Today, I am giving you this golden opportunity. Paper Toilet is all about how a paper toilet should be placed. This website will let you play with a toilet paper by rolling up and down.

Visit Paper Toilet

2. Find the Invisible Cow

Finding a cow isn’t difficult anymore. Find the Invisible cow is one of the most useless websites ever. Open the website, turn the audio ON (which was quite irritating for me) and move the cursor in the browser. Once, you find the cow, your level will be up and then you can look for other animals.

Visit Find the Invisible Cow

3. Cat Bounce

most useless websites ever

Some people like cats so much and so they might also love to watch bouncing cats. In Cat bounce, you can make all cats bounce by just moving the cursor all over the screen. There is also an option – “Make it Rain” which show you a rain of cats. How funny, isn’t it?

Visit Cat Bounce

4.  Corgi Party

Corgi is a dog of a short-legged breed with a foxlike head and if you want to see them dancing, you won’t get a better chance. This website will show you a large number of small Corgi puppies dancing on the screen to annoying music, then bigger Corgis come and start dancing across those images. This is also one of the most useless websites ever.

Visit Corgy Party

5. Rrrgggbbb

most useless websites ever

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With a unique name, the website doesn’t offer anything unique. On visiting this website, you will see a giant RGB text. Here, you can hover the mouse over each of the letters and create your own tune. You can visit this website to kill your boredom.


6. Most Exclusive Website

This is the most exclusive website you will ever find on the Internet. This website is so exclusive as it only allows one visitor at a time. This is also one of the most useless websites in 2018. You can visit this website to kill your free time.

Visit Most Exclusive Website

7. Watching Grass Grow

The website claims that this is the most boring website in the world and I agree with the owner. Watching grass grow isn’t an easy task. But, you can visit this website when you just want to kill your free time. You’ll also hear a background music on this website which some people found interesting. So, do you?

Visit Watching Grass Grow

8. Do Nothing For 2 Minutes

most useless websites ever

When you just don’t want to do anything, just visit this website, leave your mouse and do nothing for two minutes. Note, the counter will reset if you move the mouse.

Visit Do Nothing For 2 Minutes

9. everydayim

The website changes the background colour on click which is enough to keep your mind distracted sometimes. You will be just lost in colours for few minutes. This makes its place in our most useless websites ever.

Visit Everydayim

10. Falling guy

most useless websites ever

Want to help someone in your free time? Visit this website and help the little guy in dropping safely. You can control him by moving your cursor.

Visit Falling Guy

11. Make Everything OK

Ever had a wish of having a button that can make everything ok in just a click? This website does exactly same. When you click on the make everything ok button, it will start showing – “making everything ok is in progress”. After it completes, the website will show a popup with a message – “Everything is ok now. If everything is still not OK, try checking your settings of perception of objective reality.” Keep reading about most useless websites ever.

Visit Make Everything OK

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12. Rock Paper Scissors Game

most useless websites

I don’t think playing games is a waste of time. Especially, when you are playing the most famous Rock paper scissors game. It’s a kind of nostalgia when we hear the names of games that we used to play in our childhood. So, how about trying this game online and refreshing your memories.

Visit Rock Paper Scissors Game

13. Popopopcorn

This website is dedicated to all popcorn lovers out there. Ofcourse, you can’t eat popcorn here but its making may be somewhat satisfying for you. Be sure to check out our other most useless websites ever.

Visit Popopocorn

14. Puppy Licking Your Screen

Do anyone like if his/her puppy starts licking the screen? Though I don’t find this activity cute if you are fond of puppies and love to watch their activities in videos or real-life, you may find it interesting. On visiting this one of the most useless websites ever, A cute puppy is pictured licking your computer screen, making a bit of a mess, but thankfully – it’s all virtual.

Visit Puppy Licking Your Screen

15. Where is the sloth

So, we have covered Cow, Cats, Dog and puppies in this post. Now, this is another one. According to the Wikipedia, Sloths are arboreal mammals noted for the slowness of movement and for spending most of their lives hanging upside down in the trees. If you find this information interesting and want to play a game, just visit this website and find where that lazy sloth is hidden.

Visit Where is the Sloth

16. The Useless Web

most useless websites

Do you know the useless websites also have their own community? This is the place where they help each other in order to kill someone’s time. This website also follows the same theorem. Actually, when you visit this website and click on ‘Please’ button, it will take you to another random useless website. What an awesome way to kill some time, right?

Visit The Useless Web

17. Taco Spin

I was thinking about the person who developed this website? What he was thinking while making this website. This is one of the most useless websites ever. It is just a taco that spins and the website counts the number of spins you’ve watched. What an easiest way of killing your free time. Just Wow!

Visit Taco Spin

18. Koalas To The Max

most useless websites ever

This is another website among most useless websites ever. This website is just made to kill your time. Open the website and hover over the circles, they will start dividing into more pieces. When you will reach the ultimate level, you will see a very cute animal.

Visit Koalas To The Max

19. Is my computer on?

So, you are working on your computer and still asking whether it is on. How bored you are on a scale of 1 to 10. If you are still not sure, just visit this website and get the answer.

Visit Is my computer on?

20. The Official End of the Internet

This is the last website in our list of most useless websites ever. If you ever wanted to know what the end of the Internet looks like, visit this website, see some pieces of information with no links taking you anywhere.

Visit The Official End of The Internet

Conclusion: Most Useless Websites Ever

For preparing this list, I had visited many other useless websites but didn’t find anything interesting there. So, if you know any other website which should in our most useless websites ever list, just share it below. And, I also believe work is worship and there’s nothing wrong with setting yourself free for few minutes and relax your mind. So, did you like our top 20 useless websites ever? Tell me in the comments section below and for more, stay tuned with Tech4Fresher.

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