Getting stuck at home suffering through boredom can get tedious at times. Even binge-watching may not entertain you anything. Thankfully, with a bunch of people around you, playing a board game is a great way to kill some time. With that in mind, cards against humanity online is the greatest classic of all time. 

As the tagline goes by, ‘A party game for horrible people,’ the overall game is quite intuitive and certainly fun when played in a group. Neither less to say, with occasional sessions like such, can easily keep you entertained for hours. That is why in this article we are going to discuss some of the best sites to play cards against humanity.  

Talking about the rules, there’s no such, and that is the fun part. The deck consists of black and white cards. After each round, the black card is used to ask questions. Players choose their pick for the white cards coming up with the most bizarre and funniest answers. 

As far as the winner is concerned, the player who has submitted the funniest answers takes the prize. The rules are clear and easy to understand, making it the perfect fit for everyone regardless of the age group. 

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3 Sites to Play Cards Against Humanity Online


There are various reasons why tops our list. For starters, not only it is very easy to play, but its simplistic approach makes it the most preferred choice for absolute beginners. For someone who has been playing Cards Against Humanity might have a hard time, understand the settings. has taken a completely minimalistic approach towards the entire user interface. In fact, over the website, the game is called ‘Remote Insensitivity.’ Either way with a different visual representation, you can expect something new to the game. 

Without complete automation, the game actually makes the player involved with everything starting from moving cards, dealing them as well as discard. In order to play the game, simply head over to the website, look for ‘Create a new room’ and select ‘Remote Insensitivity.’ You can also share the link to invite your friends as well. 

Total no. of Players: Maximum 6


2. Cards Against Humanity Lab

The Cards Against Humanity Lab has taken a completely different approach towards this popular card game. Instead of getting involved with your friends, users can play all by themselves. Bear in mind, it can still give you few laughs whatsoever. 

The idea is pretty simple. While the computer deals with the Black cards, you need to choose the funniest answer possible. In fact, if you are feeling lonely at times, this website can keep you entertained for hours. As for the best part, since this is the official site from CAH, the AI actually learns for your every pick. 

That means you are not going to come across the same question multiple times. For research purposes, the questions are changed every once in a while. You might not find all of them resonating to your taste, but it’s worth giving a shot. 

Total no. of Players: Only 1

Explore Cards Against Humanity Lab

3. All Bad Cards

If you want to play with your entire group, All Bad Cards is the best Cards Against Humanity site for you. Starting with the overall interface, it is as cheeky as it can ever get. In fact, you can add as many as 50 players within a single game. So, the website is not going to run out of questions to keep you entertained. 

As a beginner, you might feel overwhelmed while using the website, as it never ceases to surprise even the experienced ones. As for the best part, you can actually expect a family-friendly version of the game available on the website. Simply share the link and start playing. 

Total no. of Players: Maximum 50

Explore All Bad Cards

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The Bottom Line

So that was our curated list of some of the best websites for cards against humanity online free. When it comes to card games, there’s nothing that beats the classic like Cards Against Humanity. In fact, head over to the official website, and you can actually print your own deck of Cards Against Humanity. 

In case you are planning on playing with your family, there’s also a family-friendly version available. So, let us know in the comment section below, how was your experience playing Cards Against Humanity? Are there any other card games you would suggest? 


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