Remember the golden days of the internet when the World Wide Web was a simpler place, and games were your best companions? Back then, Adobe Flash was the wizard behind the curtain, bringing to life some of the most cherished games we’ve ever known.

Recall the thrill of ‘Pac-Man’ eating up pellets, or the challenge of guiding ‘Frogger’ across a busy street? These games were our companions during rainy afternoons and lazy weekends, serving as portals for endless joy and unforgettable moments.

While the support for Adobe Flash bid us farewell in 2020, taking away many awesome games with it, the spirit of those classic games still lives on. In this article, we’re taking you on a special ride, sharing some of the best flash games that you can play in 2023. So, grab your virtual joystick and let’s embrace the nostalgia together.

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1. IndestructoTank

Web BrowserActionArmor GamesArmor Games2007

This is probably one of the best flash games to play. As you drive an indestructible tank around, you would be attacked by the enemy forces. The tank would toss into the sky and you can take down the enemies’ planes and helicopters. Now control the tank and take down the enemies in a single combo. This would fetch you more points. Though the tank is indestructible, you can run out of fuel. So, you need to level up faster and replenish the tank’s fuel.

Play IndestructoTank

2. Dino Run

WebEndless RunnerPixeljamPixeljamApril 30, 2008

Dino Run is the favorite video game of many people for all good reasons. In the flash version, you would play as a dinosaur saving yourself from imminent extinction from a fallen meteor. Run as quickly as possible and overcome all the obstacles. Make sure not to get caught in pits or you’ll lose a life. As you level up, you can collect eggs which would help you gain extra lives. Reaching the milestone is important for earning DNA. DNA helps you boost your abilities.

Play Dino Run

3. Matrix Rampage

WebAction/Beat ’em upEggyUnknown (Self-published)October 2, 2006

Matrix Rampage is an online action fighting game, developed by T. Suriyathep. You would be playing as Neo in the game. Your job is to go from floor to floor in the building and get rid of all the secret agents that come in your way. You can use anything to kill them, whether it be a gun, sword, or staff. Let’s see how you survive the gang of secret agents and manage to kill all of them. Step out as a man powerful enough to get rid of all your enemies at once. Matrix Rampage provides an amazing gaming experience for both players and fans.

Play Matrix Rampage

4. Amorphous+

WebActionInnocuous GamesKongregateAugust 16, 2008

Amorphous+ is another simple yet amazing action fighting game developed by Celeb Rhodes. The gameplay of Amorphous+ is comparatively easy. You have to save yourself from glooples by swinging the huge sword. While the weak enemies are easy to deal with, the dangerous ones would try to absorb and impale you. So, make sure you don’t get absorbed. Also, while you’re swinging the sword don’t let your guard down, or it’s over for you. You can also upgrade your weapon with points.

Play Amorphous+

5. Final Ninja

WebAction/PlatformerNitromeNitromeOctober 15, 2008

Final Ninja is an action platformer game developed by Nitrome. If you’re looking for something fun to play then we highly recommend Final Ninja. How cool it would be to play a ninja, Takeshi, who is on an adventure to redeem himself for what he has done in the past. You would be escaping from your old life and on the mission to begin a new life. Your ex-boss Akuma would send forces to kill you but you have survival weapons in your arsenal to bring his vanguard down.

Play Final Ninja

6. N

WebPlatformerMetanet SoftwareMetanet SoftwareMarch 6, 2004

This is one of those popular flash games on the web. It is a free multiplayer web game developed by Metanet Software Inc. You play as a ninja navigating tile-based levels. Make sure not to get into any hazards or it’s game over. You have to collect gold along the way and completing the level would open the exit door. That’s how you will move to another level. The gameplay primarily includes combinations of moving and jumping on different types of terrain allowing the ninja to overcome hurdles and complete the challenge.

Play N

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7. Throw Paper


Throw paper is a casual flash game that is quite popular. It’s oddly satisfying to toss the paper ball in the dustbin. The game offers various real-life settings so you can enjoy the game in different locations. Throw paper is actually simple yet fun to play. The more times you hit the bin with the paper balls, the more points you’d earn.

Play Throw Paper

8. Robokill

WebShooter/RPGRock Solid ArcadeRock Solid ArcadeMarch 7, 2008

As the name suggests, your objective is to go through the rooms to kill all the robots who have captured the space station. The game features multiple levels. So, as you complete each level, you will earn money. With that money, you can buy weapons and armor to defeat the robots. Also, if you couldn’t complete the level then the robots would reclaim the rooms and you have to restart the level.

Play Robokill

9. Bowman


Bowman is an archery game where you have to engage in a one-on-one battle. If you’re able to hit your opponent then you win. You can either play the game with the computer or via local multiplayer. The game offers unlimited arrows, but whoever hits the target wins the game. You can also go for practice mode if you want to hone your aiming skills. Also, the game offers the option to adjust the difficulty level.

Play Bowman

10. Bloons Tower Defense

WebTower DefenseNinja KiwiNinja KiwiAugust 15, 2007

Bloons is the top-rated tower defense franchise loved by many. It is developed by Ninja Kiwi. The game features a monkey who is armed with weapons to pop up the balloons coming from the sky. You have to carefully aim your dart and pop as much as balloons as possible. The game gets interesting with each level so you can expect to get hooked on the game for hours. No wonder, it has quite a fanbase.

Play Bloons Tower Defense


WebPuzzleVarious DevelopersVarious Publishers1984

Tetris is one of the most popular game titles ever. Tetris has been remade throughout the years however not all of them are worth trying. The flash Tetris version is simple yet addictive. Surprisingly, hosted by The Tetris Company offers a clean version of the old classic game Tetris. Also, the game offers customizable controls and more features for a better gaming experience. We assure you that you’re going to enjoy the flash version.


12. Frogger

WebArcadeKonamiVarious Publishers1981

Frogger is a gem for arcade game lovers. This version offers a similar experience to the official Frogger game developed years ago. You have to guide the frog to the top of the screen by passing through all the hurdles on the way. It can either be crossing a highway full of vehicles, lanes of trucks, or a river where you have to avoid being eaten by predators.

Play Frogger

13. Pacman

WebMaze/ActionNamcoNamcoMay 22, 1980

One of the most popular games of the 1980s, Pacman has successfully made its way to the present time as well. The flash version features simple on-screen controls that recreate the addictive arcade-style gameplay. You would be playing as Pac-man and your goal is to avoid getting devoured by the ghost. So, don’t miss out on the popular arcade game, Pacman in the flash version. Don’t let the design deceive you, the game is fun and addictive.

Play Pacman

14. Crimson Room

WebPuzzle/AdventureToshimitsu TakagiToshimitsu Takagi2004

Crimson room is a popular escape room game originally developed in Flash. It is the very first game in the room-escape genre. In the game, you would wake up in a room where there’s no one except you. You have no clue how you ended up there. Now you have to find your way out by collecting objects and solving puzzles. Zoom in to find out clues as to how to escape the room.

Play Crimson Room

15. Zuma

WebPuzzlePopCap GamesPopCap GamesDecember 12, 2003

Zuma is an enjoyable matching puzzle game that can keep you hooked for hours. The objective of the game is to align three or more jewels of the same color while making sure that the chain doesn’t reach the end. Zuma is one of the best flash games due to its easy-to-play mechanics and intense gameplay. The game has a distinctive art style and great music.

Play Zuma

16. Tangram

WebPuzzleVarious DevelopersVarious PublishersAncient Chinese Puzzle

Tangram is a popular Chinese classic game. The game was immensely popular during the World War and is still popular at the present time. In the game, you have to use 7 polygons to create unique countless figures. You would see a figure on the screen, and from the given shapes you have to create the same figure. Complete the levels and unlock more challenges.

Play Tangram

17. The Last Stand

WebShooterCon Artist GamesArmor GamesApril 21, 2007

The last stand is a popular series of Adobe Flash video games developed by Chris “Con” Condon. The game follows the journey of a lone survivor Jack who has to survive the zombie apocalypse. As the player, you have to find weapons and other survivors while repairing the barriers to avoid attacks from the zombies. The last stand is as good as other top-rated zombie games so you would definitely enjoy it.

Play The Last Stand

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18. Platform Racing 2


Platform Racing 2 is an online flash game developed by Jacob Grahn. The game allows you to customize your character, create levels and challenge your friends to race. The race takes place on a premise inspired by Mario Kart. You need to reach a rank to unlock all levels. The game is similar to its predecessor, Platform Racing. So, if you’re a fan of the first edition, then you can try Platform Racing 2.

Play Platform Racing

19. Base Jumping

WebSportsVarious DevelopersVarious PublishersVarious

Base Jumping is fun to play. Whoever hits the ground first wins the match and moves on to another level. The game starts with you being on the air aligned with your competitors. Once you start, hit the spacebar as fast as possible. Again, hit the spacebar again to open your parachute. If you win three rounds in a row, then you would move ahead in the league.

Play Base Jumping

20. Stick Arena

WebShooterXGen StudiosXGen Studios2007

Stick Arena is a multiplayer online flash game. The main objective of the game is to compete against other fighters and take them down. You can bring down your enemies with various weapons. At the start, you won’t have any weapons. As you explore the levels, you can get more weapons and with that, you can kill other players. Honestly, the gameplay is quite intense. So, you won’t stop until and unless you get all the players.

Play Stick Arena

21. Cursor Thief

WebPuzzleRob AllenRob Allen2004

Cursor thief is a casual flash game where the player has to move around the cursor avoiding it to be stolen by the little guy. The little guy would probably steal your cursor and toss it into the pile of millions of cursors that he has stolen. At first glance, the game may not interest you. But, believe us once you start playing, there’s no turning back. We dare you to keep your cursor away from this little thief.

Play Cursor Thief

22. The Idiot Test

WebPuzzleRyan CurtisRyan Curtis2006

The Idiot Test is an enjoyable online quiz game where you can test your IQ by answering a range of logical and tricky questions. In the game, you have to progress by answering a series of questions and proving how intelligent you are. Sometimes the questions can be difficult but after trying for a while, you can answer them. There are a few flaws in the game, though the gameplay is good.

Play The Idiot Test

Wrapping Up: Fun Awaits!

So that was our curated guide on some of the free flash games you can get your hands on in 2023. Whether you love action or puzzles, arcade or racing or anything else, there’s something for everyone. Have fun, explore, and enjoy your gaming journey. Also, share your favorite flash game in the comments section below.


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