When it comes to choosing an iPad, the Air is by far one of the most preferred options. Be it due to its universal design, or offering the best price to performance, it has been the go-to option to many people. As far as buying cases are concerned, the iPad Air offers compatibility with a plethora of varieties. 

Be it a folio cover, or a simple snap-on case, you have a ton of preferences when it comes to iPad Air. That is why we have curated this article on some of the best iPad cases you can pick for your Air. 

What to Consider Prior to Purchase? 

Finding the right case for your iPad Air can get tedious at times. So, there are several factors to consider as well. Take for instance, while choosing a Smart Keyboard Folio, you need to go for a cover where everything can perfectly fit in. 

On the contrary, if you are not a fan of using such cases, you can always carry an external mouse and keyboard, and choose a case that goes well with it. If you want to have an immersive iPad experience using the touchscreen majority of the time, a snap-on case would be the perfect fit. 

Not only they are lightweight, but at the same time, they can easily protect your iPad Air from minor scratches and drops. Similarly, a rugged case is based on anyone who accidentally drops their iPad more. In the end, it all comes down to individual preferences and how you are planning to use them. 

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Top 10 Best Cases and Covers for Your iPad Air 

1. OtterBox Symmetry Series 360 Case

If you want the most comprehensive case for iPad Air that is slim and sturdy at the same time, look no further than OtterBox Symmetry Series 360 case. It is by far one of the best protective cases. The magnetic folio also doubles up as a viewing stand while protecting your Air when not in use. As for the best part, you actually get an Apple Pencil holder with the case. 

Best for: The most well-rounded Air case. 

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2. Logitech Combo Touch Keyboard Case 

The Logitech Combo Touch Keyboard Case is by far one of the best keyboard cases for iPad Air out there in the market. If you don’t want to pay the premium prices of Apple, this should be your top pick. With a QWERTY keyboard and a fabric finish, its case looks premium as well. While you get backlit keys, the trackpad also supports all the iPadOS touch gestures out of the box. 

Best for: The most comprehensive keyboard case. 

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3. ESR Slim Smart Case

If you are running on a constrained budget, and still need a case to protect your iPad Air, ESR Slim Smart Case is just the right fit for you. You can get the case below $20 without burning a hole in your pocket. At the back, you get a translucent protective shell, while the folio doubles up as a viewing stand. Neither less to say, there’s also a plethora of colors to choose from as well. 

Best for: Most budget-friendly option. 

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4. Casemade Italian Leather Folio

Made from high-quality Italian leather, the Casemade smart folio case for iPad Air is by far one of the best premium options. While keeping your iPad protected, the case offers easy access to all the external features. Simply open the front cover and your iPad will instantly walk up. Neither less to say, the tan color looks phenomenal when paired with the Air. 

Best for: The most premium leather folio case

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5. OtterBox Defender Series Case 

If you are someone who constantly drops their smartphone, the Otterbox Defender Series Case for iPad Air is a blessing. It is by far one of the best-rugged cases you can find out there in the market. While the outer covering is drop-proof, the inner softshell protects from any damages to the hardware. 

Best for: The most rugged case for iPad Air. 

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6. Apple Smart Folio

While we are on the list of iPad covers and cases, Apple’s own Smart Folio shouldn’t go unnoticed. Offering a slim profile, and an unprecedented design language, you can expect quite the protection from Apple’s Smart Folio. You can always use the cover for typing and viewing the stand as well. While the entire folio is made out of high-quality polyurethane, you can always feel the premium quality on your hands. Neither less to say, it also comes in a variety of colors as well. 

Best for: The thinnest folio.

Buy on: Amazon

7. Twelve South Hardback Leather Cover 

For everyone looking forward to a discreet option for protecting their iPad Air, the BookBook cover my Twelve South has got you covered. In fact, while not in use, you can use this cover to hide your iPad among the books. As for the best part, the entire cover is handcrafted using genuine leather. In fact, the cover can also accommodate your iPad Air along with a Smart Keyboard Folio as well. 

Best for: One of the best discreet covers.

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8. PITAKA Magnetic Case

The PITAKA Magnetic Case is the perfect example of utmost minimalism that you can achieve on an iPad Air case. Made out of aramid fiber, the case is extremely thin and lightweight. But you can’t question its durability, as this is the same material used in the aerospace industry. With the carbon fiber finish, you can expect a premium look as well. The case also comes with Apple Pencil charging dock for convenience as well. 

Best for: The most minimalistic iPad Air case. 

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9. Speck Balance Folio Case

This goes without saying, with people becoming health conscious every time ever, the same is applicable to consumer electronics as well. With a slim profile, the folio case can easily protect your iPad Air from a drop of about 4 feet. But what makes this case unique is the addition of Microban antimicrobial treatment, that keeps the germs away from your iPad Air. 

Best for: Best antibacterial case 

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10. UAG Metropolis Series Folio Case 

The UAG Metropolis Series Folio Case comes with military-grade drop test standards. Throughout the case, you can find precise cutouts for easier accessibility. Neither less to say, with the magnetic cover, it can easily double up as a viewing stand. In the end, if you want the utmost durability for your iPad Air, this is just the one you should be aiming for. 

Best for: Most rugged folio case. 

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The Bottom Line 

So that was our curated guide on the best iPad covers you can find out there in the market. Neither less to say, there are other options to choose from as well. So, let us know in the comment section below, which is the perfect pick for you? 


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