Over the years, Roblox has created one of the most community-driven platforms, attracting gamers from different genres. What makes Roblox truly unique is the ability to create custom games, allowing a variety of games to thrive within the platform including FPS, roleplays, kids’ games, and scary Roblox games

Today we are going to focus on some of the best horror Roblox games that are going to put shivers down your spine. Our list comprises both single-player and team-based games that you can pick based on your preference. 

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Top 21 Best Scary Roblox Games to Try 

1. Dead Silence 

Dead Silence is considered one of the scariest Roblox games that you can find out there on the platform. It takes you through a creepy breathtaking experience, where you put yourself in the shoes of an investigator. The game is based on a horror film called Dead Silence, where you are investigating the disappearance of Mary Shaw, who is now haunting the local town. 

Download Dead Silence

2. Finders Keepers 

Finders Keepers is yet another prominent name, that revolves around a paranormal investigator. This time around, your task is to investigate strange occurrences at a family house, where you need to find out how the family disappeared in the first place. You need to search throughout the house and gather disks that contain the mystery behind their disappearance. 

Download Finders Keepers

3. Alone in a Dark House 

Alone in a Dark House is an exploration-based Roblox horror game that is set in August 1996. Once again you are a private investigator whose task is to travel throughout a small town in the pursuit of a vehicle murder. As the game proceeds, your journey takes you to a big house full of secrets. 

Download Alone in a Dark House

4. Geisha 

Geisha is a horror game that revolves around the urban legend of ‘Teke-Teke’ that takes you back right to your childhood. Once you are back from the past, your entire family disappears leaving you completely confused. But at the same time, you don’t feel alone, as it seems like someone/something is watching you round the clock. 

Download Geisha

5. The Mimic 

The Mimic is by far one of the most horrifying games on our list, and you can play it all by yourself or with friends. The entire game is compromised of various horror adventures that are set across different chapters. The Mimic has been derived from various stories based on Japanese history and urban legends

Download The Mimic 

6. The Mirror 

The Mirror is a horror game that is simply based on your biggest fear i.e. mirrors. Just as the name suggests, the game takes place underground full of mirrors. You need to navigate through these mirrors, with the intention of uncovering the truth. Just bear in mind, these mirrors contain more than just your reflections. 

Download The Mirror 

7. The Maze 

The Maze is not a title for the faint-hearted, as it might make you feel claustrophobic at times. This Roblox horror game puts you through an underground maze where you need to get out alive. Your only gear comprises a flashlight with a limited number of batteries and a camera. You can play this game with up to 12 players, ensuring that you are not exploring these mazes all by yourself. 

Download The Maze 

8. Stop it, Slender!

Stop it, Slender! Is another scary Roblox game that revolves around the popular urban legend. But this time around, it is the Slender Man himself. In this game, the citizens (players) are tasked with finding 8 hidden pages which are scattered across the entire region. The only catch, you are not alone, and Slender Man is out there to hunt you. 

Download Stop it, Slender!

9. Survive the Killer 

Survive the Killer is the Roblox variant of the popular horror game Friday the 13th. This game allows players to either become the survivors or the killer. Being a survivor, your task is to hide from the killer until the time runs out. It is certainly one of the scariest yet most exciting games on our list. 

Download Survive the Killer

10. Zombie Attack 

A list of horror games can never be complete without mentioning any Zombie titles. Zombie Attack is a classic zombie shooter game where you can team up with your friends to fight waves of Zombie hordes. That being said, as you proceed forward with the game you get access to a whole new round of weapons to find rare zombies and Zombie Boss

Download Zombie Attack

11. The Haunted Imperial Hotel 

The Haunted Imperial Hotel, as the name suggests revolves around an abandoned hotel that was closed due to several mysterious deaths. The game combines exploration mechanics backed with intense horror, which is bound to give you jumpscares. In this game, you play as an explorer, whose sole purpose is to navigate through the buildings and get to the bottom of the truth.  

Download The Haunted Imperial Hotel 

12. Happy Oofday! (ALPHA)

Oofday gained popularity within the Roblox community back in 2018, which led to the release of the remastered edition of Happy Oofday! Chapter One of Happy Oofday revolves around a birthday party, where your friends invite you to an abandoned yellow building. But, you are not alone, since the house is haunted by oof. Consisting of multiple endings, you are not going to get tired of this game any time soon. 

Download Happy Oofday! (ALPHA)

13. Murder Mystery 2

If you have ever played Among Us, chances are you are already versed in the plot of Murder Mystery 2. The game divides the players into 3 different groups, namely the InnocentsSheriff, and the Murderer. While the Innocents run and hide from the Murderer, the Sheriff is the only person on the team with a gun. 

Download Murder Mystery 2

14. SCP: Roleplay 

SCP is the abbreviation for SecureContain and Protect, which is backed by an interesting story and roleplaying. Based on the game, SCP is funded by the government and is responsible for protecting the world from various creatures. You can play the game from the perspective of different SCP characters including a scientist, a Class-D SCP, a security guard, and more. 

Download SCP: Roleplay

15. Bear (ALPHA)

The Bear is another survival-based title on your list which mainly revolves around teamwork. Bear is a 10-player game, where one person is the Bear who is responsible for terminating the remaining players on the team. But as a player, you can also use weapons and fight back the Bear to survive. 

Download Bear (ALPHA)

16. Midnight Horrors 

Midnight Horrors is the epitome of absolute horror, where you can explore your worst nightmare. The game comes with more than 450 unique monsters who are ready to devour you in any corner of the game. Starting from abducting aliens to Slender Man, the game has a list of every single creature you can possibly think of. Not to mention, each monster resides within its own map. 

Download Midnight Horrors 

17. Piggy 

Piggy is a very unique game on our list that adds puzzle-solving to horror, making you confused in the first place. The sole purpose of the game is pretty simple, as you need to solve the puzzle to win Piggy. But at the same time, you need to evade the villain, which happens to none other than Piggy

Download Piggy

18. Three Nightmares

Three Nightmares as the name suggests comprises three different horror stories merged into a unique scary gaming experience. Each story is set in a different location, with the same objective of finding objects. Without no light except your torch, don’t forget the monster lurking in the darkness. 

Download Three Nightmares

19. Blair 

One of the most prominent names in recent times among the gaming community is Phasmophobia. Taking inspiration from the same, we have Blair on Roblox. Blair is a multiplayer game where you can explore different apps and identify various ghosts that resides within them. If you are looking out for a fun game with your friends during nighttime, Blair is worth looking for.

Download Blair 

20. The Darkness Beyond

The Darkness Beyond brings forth a very different style of horror within you. While with most of the scary Roblox games, you know the kind of monster that is after you. But in this game, your biggest fear is the darkness, since you are going to have no idea what is lurking behind the shadows.

Download The Darkness Beyond

21. The Rake: Classic Edition

The Rake: Classic Edition is a Roblox horror game where the character is inspired by creepypasta. In this survival game, you are put on a map with the creepypasta character called The Rake. The main objective of the game is to survive the Rake while keeping your sanity in check. 

Download The Rake: Classic Edition

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Which Scary Roblox Game You are Gonna Try First?

For all the connoisseurs of scary games, this was our curated guide on some of the best picks you can find on Roblox. Furthermore, you can expect a completely different experience with the title on our list. While some are sheer story-driven horror games, others you can easily enjoy with your friends for a terrifying experience. 


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