Whether you are watching a movie or your favorite TV show, subtitles are an integral part of the overall viewing experience. This is mainly important if you are consuming the content in a foreign language. In order to get a complete grasp of the film, subtitles are something that can truly come in handy at times. That is why we have properly curated this article suggesting some of the best websites to download subtitles for your favorite movie and TV shows. 

What Exactly are Subtitles?

As the screenplay keeps on progressing, you can see the transcripts of the dialogues, which are commonly known as subtitles. This, in turn, can help you to get a clear understanding of what exactly is being talked about in the film.

Usefulness of Subtitles

There are various ways subtitles can be deemed useful. Some of the most common ones being: 

  • Subtitles can help you to have a clear understanding of dialogues for foreign languages. 
  • Subtitles can help even deaf people to enjoy watching movies and TV shows.
  • Subtitles can help you to ditch the dubbed and watch in the original language. 
  • Over time, subtitles can be benefitting while learning a new language. 

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1. SubtitlesHR


While SubtitlesHR is not so great in the aesthetics department, it has certainly ranked the top on our list due to its current offering. One of the biggest highlights of the website is its collection of subtitles. With an easy to navigate UI, downloading subtitles is as easy as it can ever get. Further including, you won’t be annoyed with ad popups every once in a while.

2. Addic7ed


If you are looking for a website particularly for TV shows, Addic7ed is your one-stop solution. The website is available in 18 different languages with 7 subtitle versions to choose from. There’s hardly a TV show this website is going to miss.

3. Opensubtitles


Opensubtitles is a website that is mainly dedicated to offering English subtitles for all of your favorite movies, documentaries, and TV shows. Available in more than 60 different languages, anyone can use the website with ease.

4. Subsene


Subsene is one of the renounced websites to download subtitles for movies. With the search functionality added within the website, you can actually look for all the movies you need. One of the added features of subsene is that you can actually look for subtitles with hearing-impaired friendly texts.

5. Onsubs


Previously known as Megasubtitles, Onsubs is one of the most popular websites among movie lovers. Its simple website design makes it completely easy to navigate and find subtitles for your favorite movies. With the real-time search feature, you can always end up with the right search result no matter what. In other words, Onsubs is by far one of the most reliable websites to download subtitles.

6. Subdl


Although Subdl is one of the newer websites, it has one of the vast databases to download subtitles. You can just simply search for the movie or TV show without going through the vast list of catalogs. Another unique feature is that you can actually look for subtitles in multiple languages in subdl.

7. English Subtitles

english subtitles

Just as the name suggests, one of the most unique features of this website is that you can actually get thousands, if not millions of subtitles for your favorite movies and TV shows. English Subtitles also features subtitles for some of the classic movies that you won’t get elsewhere.

8. Downsub


The Downsub website is unique on its own. Instead of having its own database, it actually offers its users to download subtitles from popular websites such as Viki, VIU as well as YouTube. Any video you download for the website is complexly free.

9. Subtitle Seeker

Subtitle Seeker

In the past few years, Subtitle seeker has gained a lot of popularity. In fact, it is one of the most visited websites when it comes to downloading subtitles. All the subtitles you can find are in SRT format which is easily compatible with the majority of video players.

10. DivX Movies English Subtitles

DivX Movies English Subtitles

DivX Movies English Subtitles are solely dedicated to offering subtitles for all the DVD and DivX videos. You can find subtitles available in various languages including English, German, Dutch, and a lot more. In other words, DivX Movies English Subtitles has got you covered for all of your subtitle needs. 

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Use these Websites to Download Subtitles

If you want to appreciate foreign TV shows and movies in their own language, subtitles are the way to go. In fact, subtitles can help you to overcome the linguistic barrier, and enjoy with your heart’s content. So, what are you waiting for? Download subtitles from the above-mentioned websites and enjoys binge-watching with your family and friends. 


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