India’s fastest growing telecom company Reliance Jio announced the second generation of its low-cost JioPhone at the 41st Annual General Meeting. The company has unveiled so many interesting updates at the event. One of them is JioPhone 2. After the phenomenal success of JioPhone, its latest variant will bring new Qwerty design with lots of new features.

Reliance has done their homework quite well and launched a phone which is capable of driving the next wave of mobile phone users online. JioPhone 2 is launched at the price of Rs 2999. But, if you are an existing JioPhone user who wants to upgrade to new JioPhone 2, you can replace your old JioPhone with the new one just by giving Rs 501 extra.

JioPhone 2 Specifications

Display2.4-inch QVGA with (320x240 pixels)
Processor1.2GHz Dual Core
Storage4GB (expandable upto 128GB)
Rear Camera2MP
Front Camera0.3MP
Battery2000 mAH
Operating SystemKaiOS
PriceRs 2,999

JioPhone 2 is all set to come into the hands of Indians. But it has also raised too many confusions among the consumers. Here, I am going to answer the Top 20 frequently asked questions about JioPhone 2.


Q1. What’s the display size of the JioPhone 2?

The phone comes with a 2.4-inch QVGA display with a 320×240 pixels resolution.

Q2. Does the JioPhone 2 have a touchscreen?

No, JioPhone 2 doesn’t have a touchscreen. It’s a normal qwerty keypad phone.

Q3. Does the JioPhone 2 have an HD display?

No, the phone has a QVGA display. QVGA (Quarter Video Graphics Array) contains 25 percent of the total number of pixels afforded by a VGA (Video Graphics Array) display.


Q4. Which processor does the JioPhone 2 come with?

The JioPhone 2 is powered by a 1.2 GHz SPRD 9820A/QC8905 dual-core processor.  It’s a Spreadtrum basic SOC used in basic phones with limited features.

Q5. How much RAM does the JioPhone 2 have?

The JioPhone 2 has 512MB of RAM which will be more than enough for day to day tasks of JioPhone 2.

Q6. Does the JioPhone 2 have a microSD card slot?

Yes, the JioPhone 2 comes with 4GB of inbuilt- storage which can be expanded up to 128GB via microSD card.

Q7. Does the JioPhone 2 have a fingerprint sensor?

No, as the device comes with a budget price tag, it’s not possible to expect fingerprint sensor till now.


Q8. Does the JioPhone 2 have dual cameras?

No, the device does not have a dual camera setup.

Q9. Can we do video calls using its front camera?

Yes, it supports video calling using its 0.3MP front-facing camera.

jiophone 2

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Q10. What’s the operating system on the JioPhone?

Just like the older JioPhone, the JioPhone 2 also runs on KaiOS. According to Wikipedia, KaiOS is a Linux-based mobile operating system that merges the power of a smartphone with the affordability of a feature phone.

Q11. Does the JioPhone 2 support Android apps?

No, as the phone doesn’t run Android OS, it can’t support Android apps.

Q12. Does the JioPhone 2 have its own app store?

Yes, the JioPhone has its own app store called JioStore.

Q13. Does JioPhone 2 support Google apps?

JioPhone 2 doesn’t support all Google apps but you will have few apps like Google Maps, Google Search and Google Assistant installed on your phone in their KaiOS version.

Q14. Does the JioPhone 2 support Hindi and other regional languages?

As the Reliance is targeting the next wave of mobile phone users. They have left no stone unturned in providing the best experience they can. The JioPhone 2 supports a total of 24 regional languages.

Q15. Can we use WhatsApp on JioPhone 2?

Yes, the new version of JioPhone has support for WhatsApp.


Q16. How much battery capacity the JioPhone 2 will have?

The new JioPhone 2 comes with a 2,000mAh battery. The company claims that its battery will provide a standby time of 360 hours.

Q17. Does the JioPhone 2 support fast-charging?

Fast charging mainly depends on the operating system and the processor. In JioPhone 2, both the things are not in favour of fast-charging. So, the JioPhone 2 doesn’t support fast-charging.


Q18. Does the JioPhone 2 offer dual-SIM support?

Yes. the JioPhone 2 comes with dual-sim support.

JioPhone 2 Price & Availability

Q19. When does the JioPhone 2 sale will start?

The JioPhone 2 will go on sale from 15th August.

Q20. Where can I buy the JioPhone 2?

You can buy the JioPhone 2 on Reliance Jio’s website and local Jio stores.

What do you think about the JioPhone 2?

The biggest advantage of buying JioPhone 2 is itself Jio. The 4G VoLTE phone will offer all the cool and useful value-added features of Reliance Jio. This latest variant of JioPhone is enabled to offer smartphone-like experience on a budget phone. The exchange offer will start on 21st July. So are you excited about the JioPhone 2? Tell me in the comments section below. If you have any other doubts related to JioPhone 2, feel free to ask below. I will try to answer that as soon as possible.

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