There are several instances where you have seen people using “OP” on the internet. Sometimes it might find it on a Reddit thread, or somewhere people discussing any particular game. But, in case you are still unsure about its meaning. So, in this article, we are going to have a closer look at what does OP means. 

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What Does OP Mean?

OP either means the original post or the original poster on social media. This term is widely used, and the meaning varies depending on the context. In the online gaming community, OP stands for overpowered. OP is a popular phrase that has several uses on the internet. In anime, OP refers to the opening sequence of an anime.

During the 90s and early 2000s, OP was used on online message boards. Currently, the term OP is used in most of the websites that follow an online message board format such as Twitch, Discord, Reddit, etc. 

What does OP Mean on social media?

Maybe you saw OP on social media and clueless about its meaning. OP on social media stands for an original poster or original post. Likewise, a person who creates a post or the first post itself can be called OP. The term is popularly used on online message boards including Facebook, Reddit, Twitter, etc. 

What does OP Mean in Gaming?

Often, you see gamers using the term OP. Let’s look at its meaning and usage. 

The video game industry is indeed massive. So, with game communities being larger than ever before, acronyms and abbreviations are mostly used for convenience and to speed up the conversation. OP, also written as op, is the short form for overpowered. The dictionary meaning of the term is not the same as the meaning it holds in online video games. 

OP in online video games means that a character, item, or something else is way too powerful. Take this example, Dante from Devil May Cry is OP, as he possesses the power of both worlds, the son of Legendary Dark Knight, Sparda. Dedicated to exterminating evil demons, there’s no order individual, unlike Dante.  

How to Use OP on Chat Forums?

OP being a colloquial term doesn’t really form any particular meaning. Still, here are some of the instances where you can use OP during any online chat. 

The Bottom Line

This goes without saying, OP is just another acronym out of the many you see online. That being said, there are several ways in which you can use OP based on the circumstance. We will keep sharing the meanings and usage of these amazing Internet slangs in the future also. So, stay tuned with us.


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