Video creation is an effective way of sharing information about brand, product and engage audience in various ways. It is one of the most important weapon in the marketing team’s arsenal these days. Let’s talk about some crucial tips that can help you create super engaging videos.


The marketers have realized the importance of approaching the most popular media of the moment to be able to involve the viewer by offering quality advertising campaigns. Storytelling highlights how everyone has a story to tell and shows how a format like video lends itself to be particularly challenging to produce. 

However, taking into account the common distraction of users, it is good to remember the importance of being concise. A short and clear video or message will undoubtedly have more grip than something long-winded and demanding to follow. This article will show you what is video storytelling and the storytelling tips in video production.

What is video storytelling

With video storytelling, we mean a marketing technique that uses the video format to tell a story in an engaging way. As the word itself says, video storytelling engages the viewer and guides him during the narration.

Conveying knowledge and emotions has always been the basis of communication. Although storytelling is not an innovative technique, it is still loved and used today and has had a strong return also thanks to new media and social networks.

The advent of social media has brought a solid return for visual storytelling, from Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube to Facebook, highlighted as essential tools for visual communication. Video storytelling cannot be defined as a simple sales launch since it does not focus only on the product but on the story to involve generating a need and a bond with the viewer.

How video storytelling is made

Making video storytelling requires a precise process made up of different phases that tend to follow each other. In particular, the brand that makes the video must focus on some questions concerning the plot, the purpose of the video, the way to involve users and the method distribution.

Once you have identified comprehensive answers and structured a plot, you already have an excellent starting structure with which to start working. But how is video storytelling done concretely?

First, it is important to think about how to tell a good story in an engaging way. This is because the attention of users is difficult to catalyze, but by using a coherent and engaging story, you can keep viewers engaged from start to finish.

The video storytelling then works on the emotional level, involving a succession of images that make up a story without the need to tell and explain everything in detail because it is the same story to explain.

Identify goal and target.

As we have already mentioned previously, the first thing to do is to identify an objective and a target, that is, a target audience.

Create a narrative

The second step is clearly to create a narrative. The best choice is to hire a screenwriter to be able to tell the story best. The plot must be clear, easy to understand and that the characters know how to leave their mark.

Decide the format

The video format largely depends on the available budget, but factors such as time and deadlines also influence. It is important to remember how demanding live-action footage is, which requires considerable time and resources compared to a stock video. The choice of a production team also goes hand in hand. In fact, by choosing professionals, it will be easier to define a creative team to achieve the objectives. 

Why do video storytelling

Making video storytelling is not just a trend of the moment, but it is a really effective marketing technique capable of conveying a message and leaving its mark. Making video storytelling means staying in the mind of those who have watched the video even just once.

Video storytelling and visual storytelling are the basis of corporate communication and branding activity according to the latest needs; the main reason for the remarkable efficiency is undoubtedly the immersive experience that manages to involve the user through the combination of music, images, films and text. 

Tips for video storytelling production

The world of video production and post-production offers many techniques and opportunities to customize a project, but the main objective is making a difference. The beginning of a video story is not easy to outline. It requires some fundamental steps often linked to each other, but it is good to remember how, despite being marketing, it also involves a lot the creative plan that often goes beyond the boundaries of the rules for bringing home the desired result.

Creating a strong arc, for example, makes it easy for the user to follow the story while fully immersing himself in the twists and turns and keeping the attention high, but it is also vital to create recognizable and identifiable characters that viewers tend to become attached to.

Pay attention to the audience’s attention span

The limits of public attention are something that returns a little in every creative and advertising sector. People are bombarded every day by advertisements, videos, sponsorships and presentations that inevitably tend to filter them according to personal standards.

Although the attention threshold is labile, it is difficult to define a defined time interval in which the user is perfectly concentrated. It is, therefore, reasonable to prepare to create different versions of the story with different lengths. We often see this operation in traditional advertisements that, in some cases, offer a real story, while in other versions, they launch into videos that are shorter than a few seconds where only the product is presented.

Use emotional triggers

Capturing emotions and communicating them through characters is not easy. This technique, highly appreciated by filmmakers, allows you to focus attention by visually capturing the necessary emotion by highlighting it.

Harness the emotional power of music 

The five senses certainly contribute to arousing emotions in the viewer, but for videos, you can basically limit yourself to that of hearing and sight and it is good to try to use them to the fullest. The right music can take the levels of the narrative to higher levels by managing to pierce the screen, entering people’s hearts and staying in their minds longer.

Do not be fooled by the choice of music. However, some research has revealed that although the cheerful melody may seem the most suitable, many benefits from listening to music with a melancholy melody.

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Use humor to engage the audience

Humor is often the winning key in advertising campaigns or in a video produced. Even video storytelling can involve the most lively and sparkling emotion and not just the melancholy one. Tearing a smile puts you in a good mood in life, but it also works in marketing. In short, using humor in your videos can make a difference and can help you be remembered.

Think about how many brands have managed to make it a distinctive trait. Think about how many advertisements have stuck to us precisely because of the jokes they uttered.

Creativity makes a difference

As we have mentioned several times in the post, video storytelling is indeed a marketing technique that must follow precise rules, but it is also a creative environment. Many tend to hold back creativity, fearing breaking the mold, but creativity can be the right way to channel a message and have a better chance of surprising the audience.

Create a coherent story

When we talk about coherence, we obviously refer to narrative coherence. It is important that every story has its beginning, a central development with a climax and an end. Like the fairy tales read by children, the same principle applies and the storyboards certainly come to help, which identify any critical issues in the making and all stages of the story.


No matter the type, the purpose and the target viewers of your video, telling a good story in your video should never be ignored. A good storytelling video helps a lot in brand awareness, engagement, and conversions. If you have an idea for making a storytelling video, you can now follow the above tips to create your own one.

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