When we think about chatting with someone, the first name that comes to our mind is WhatsApp. WhatsApp is the biggest chatting app that holds more than 2 billion active users.

But WhatsApp has issued its new privacy policy for users asking for permission to share your data with WhatsApp’s parent company Facebook. If you have denied sharing data, then you will lose access to your WhatsApp account effectively from February 8, 2021.

After this news surfaced online, many WhatsApp users are showing interest towards migrating from WhatsApp to other messaging applications such as Telegram and Signal.

Talking about the Signal app, It got a huge surge in the number of installations from the Play Store and App Store both. Also, it’s share price got increased by almost 1100% after Elon Musk tweeted about it.

If you seem confused about why Signal is better than WhatsApp, then you have landed at the correct place. In this post, I will share 5 reasons that may motivate you to switch from WhatsApp to Signal.

Why Signal is Better than WhatsApp?

The signal is an instant messaging application that is available to download from Google Play Store and App Store. Signal offers support for every kind of messaging services such as text, images, video, and documents. In addition to these, it also supports group chat messaging. All the conversation that happens on the Signal is claimed to be encrypted with end-to-end encryption which makes it a favourable choice for privacy-centric users.

Here is what makes Signal better than WhatsApp:

1. Signal Offers Advanced Security Features

The Signal is well employed with new and advanced security features. For instance, Signal offers to disappear messaging features, which means you can choose to delete your conversation automatically after a certain period. WhatsApp still hasn’t introduced such features yet. The Signal app looks quite promising when it comes to privacy-related features. There is no fear of sharing crucial information with third parties.

2. Signal is an Open Source Messaging Application

Signal application is founded by a non-profit organization name Signal foundation. It means if you have any suggestions that can improve the Signal app then you’re welcome to share them with Signal. While on the other hand, WhatsApp owns by a person named Mark Zuckerberg. Recently, WhatsApp asked its users to share their account information as a part of its new updated privacy policy.

3. Prevents Users From Taking Screenshots

Signal introduces a new feature “Data Linked to You”, which prevents people from capturing screenshots of that message. So you can share any information without worrying about anything. WhatsApp never seems concerned about users’ privacy much.

4. Signal has Less Potential For Vulnerabilities

Signal has an encrypted database and it never uploads the unsecured chat backup to the cloud. While WhatsApp always prompts you to take the backup of the chats even they are unsecured.

5. Signal Never Demands to Share Personal Data

Unlike WhatsApp, Signal has never asked its users to share their personal information. This is what makes it stand far ahead than WhatsApp.

Final Take: Signal is Better than WhatsApp

Signal application has recorded an emerged growth after WhatsApp new privacy release. From now, if you want to continue using WhatsApp then it is must to agree to WhatsApp terms and condition. If you’re a privacy-centric person then its worth trying Signal instant messaging application.

Lastly, let us know how was your experience with Signal application? What Signal features you have liked most?

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