A creative poster always attracts more eyes than other branding stuff. In the era of social dominance, an eye-soothing visual makes your brand stand out. So, it would be best if you took great care while creating posters. Moreover, it is a proven way of customer acquisition through an initial interest in your product. 

Apart from marketing, posters are crucial in other businesses as well. Poster making software gives you a platform to visually tell your story. Therefore, choosing the right one that fulfills all your requirements and gives you enough flexibility while designing and publishing is essential. 

What does poster making software mean?

Poster making software is used to create creative social media, marketing, and promotion designs. This software has various templates you can choose to make your designs. Alternatively, you can create it from scratch using elements provided in the software or imported by you.

There are no limitations on the variety front as it lets you create designs for invitations, promotions, events, flyers, infographics, marketing, PDF, PPTs, etc.

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Best Poster Making Software You Can Use

1. CorelDraw

CorelDraw is one of the best poster making software available because of the various image formats it supports. It allows you to create an excellent layout, shapes, graphics, etc. 

You can create highly detailed graphics using CorelDraw. There are templates that you can use as the base of your design. Furthermore, you can export your creation to numerous formats.


  • Excellent for vector illustrations
  • It supports most image file types like TIFF, PSD, PDF, PNG, etc
  • Able to trace vectors from Bitmaps
  • Intuitive project dashboard to organize files 
  • Multi-page viewing facility 
  • Great font management tool

Platforms: Windows and macOS

Payment: Free and paid subscriptions

Cost: $465.00

Free Trial: 15 days

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2. Adobe Express (Formerly Spark)

If you want a diverse tool that can handle static and motion graphics, try Adobe Express. It is another best poster-making software offering various options for creating web pages, social media posters, and motion graphics.

Adobe Express is an upgraded version of Adobe Spark. Along with the essential stuff, the software comes with tools to remove backgrounds, animate text, and add Photoshop-quality effects in no time.


  • Plenty of source material to use
  • Customize fonts, colors, and logos
  • Seamless watermark removal tool
  • Great for creating social media posters
  • Able to build one-page website designs 

Platforms: Windows, Android, and iOS devices

Payment: Free and paid subscriptions

Cost: $9.99 per month

Free Trial: 30 days

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3. Canva

Canva is one of the simplest poster making software available out there. Even if you are unfamiliar with photo editing options, Canva provides easily understandable tools to work with. It has a gallery of premade templates that you can use to prepare documents, visiting cards, posters, graphics, PPTs, etc.

Though Canva is popular as a web-based platform, it has separate apps for desktop and other platforms.


  • Allows team creation and collaboration
  • Plenty of high-quality templates to customize
  • Image crop, resize, straightening tool
  • Easy drag-n-drog functionality to add elements
  • A wide range of brand logos and icons are available

Platforms: Windows, Android, and iOS devices

Payment: Free and paid subscriptions

Cost: $4.15 per month

Free Trial: 30 days

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4. Adobe Illustrator

Adobe Illustrator is easily one of the best graphics software used by illustrators to create excellent vectors. Professional graphics designers use this tool extensively to create mind-blowing designs, logos, typography, etc. 

It is an industry-standard poster making software that can create social media designs and web pages. You can modify texts and trace imported images to create unique designs.


  • Create high-quality vectors
  • Best tool for creating drawings, logos, typography
  • Image mirroring and pattern creation
  • Use image as a brush functionality 
  • Glymph snipping for better precision

Platforms: Windows, iOS, and macOS 

Payment: Free and paid subscriptions

Cost: $31.49 per month

Free Trial: 7 days

Get Dobe Illustrator

5. Adobe Photoshop

We can’t forget about Adobe Photoshop while listing the best poster making software. This excellent tool is used by beginners to professional graphics artists. Adobe Photoshop comes with all the essential tools required to create and edit images in any possible way. it’s considered as is one of the standard designing tools for creating website layouts, social media posters, and digital paintings.


  • Multi-functional pen tool
  • Auto sync of brushes, and swatches with preset syncing
  • Vector masking and re-touch tools
  • Limitless editing options
  • Supports industry-level color grading

Platforms: Windows, iOS, and macOS

Payment: Free and paid subscriptions

Cost: US$20.99 per month

Free Trial: 30 days

Get Adobe Photoshop

6. Piktochart

Piktochart has all the necessary features businesses, schools, and colleges need to create intuitive infographics. If you want to keep the main focus on the text, charts, or maps, you will benefit most from this. 

If you want to share your creation via email or publish it on websites, Picktochart is one of the best poster making software.


  • Availability of several illustrations, templates, icons, etc
  • Single Sign-On feature for added security
  • High-resolution downloads
  • Charts, maps, and template creation
  • Allows to export on multiple platforms

Platforms: Web

Payment: Free and paid subscriptions

Cost: $14 per month

Free Trial: 30 days

Get Piktochart

7. VistaCreate (Crello)

VistaCreate is among the most user-friendly graphic designing tools available. It features an abundance of stock images, vectors, shapes, etc., that will surely help you to create incredible designs.

You can even integrate clip art into your design to make it visually outstanding. Even if you’re a novice graphic designer, you will not have difficulty using this amazing poster making software.


  • Options to create multiple template creation and storage
  • Availability of a stock library
  • Font selection, scaling
  • Create various shapes, add clip arts
  • Allows layout editing and supports multiple formats

Platforms: Web, Android, iOS, Windows, and macOS

Payment: Free and paid subscriptions

Cost: $5/$10/$17.50 per month

Free Trial: 30 days

Get VistaCreate (Crello)

8. MyCreativeShop

If you are only looking for a web-based tool that you can access from anywhere, MyCreativeShop is your best bet. It is a fantastic design tool that helps you to create unique social media marketing posters. On top of that, it allows you to create outstanding print designs as well. You can even export high-quality images using this poster making software.


  • An excellent color palette generator function
  • Duplex printing facility
  • Pre-designed multiple templates to choose from
  • Image compression and conversion functionality
  • High-quality print outputs

Platforms: Web

Payment: Paid subscriptions

Cost: $19 .95 per month

Free Trial: No free trial. Discount on the first month of a yearly subscription.

Get MyCreativeShop

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Wrapping Up: Poster Making Software

Adobe Photoshop and Illustrators are widely accepted poster making tools all over the globe. However, there’s a learning curve which you have to go through to use the software to its full potential. On the contrary, Canva-like tools that come with pre-built templates are comparatively easy to use. Overall, all the tools mentioned above are sufficient for all types of graphical requirements. Which one are you using currently? Let us know.

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