You might be using Facebook for connecting with old friends and finding the new ones till now. But that does not seem enough to Facebook. At the F8 developer conference, the social media giant introduced a new reason to spend more time on the world’s largest social network.

Facebook has added a new feature to Facebook Dating called ‘Secret Crush’, which let you find and connect to your crush who is already in your extended social circle.

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How does Secret Crush feature work?

The app allows you to select nine of your Facebook friends who you consider more than just friends. If that person has also opted for Facebook Dating, he/she will receive a notification from Facebook saying someone has a crush on you.

Luckily, if your crush also adds you to his/her secret crush list, it would be considered as a match.

Facebook Secret Crush
Source: TNW

Facebook has taken care of privacy very well. So, if you crush isn’t on Facebook dating, hasn’t created a secret crush list or doesn’t add your name to list, there’s nothing to worry about. No one will ever know that you’ve added his/her name to your secret crush list.

In order to use Facebook Dating, you’ll need a Facebook account, but don’t worry, your dating profile and normal profile will be separate. Nothing from your dating profile will show in your main Facebook profile or newsfeed.

The social media giant allows you to control who can see your dating profile and block anyone who makes you feel uncomfortable on Facebook Dating.

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Facebook ‘Meet The Friends’ Feature

Apart from letting users connect to their secret crushes, Facebook also introduced another feature called ‘Meet The Friends’. The main purpose of this feature is to connect you to someone you don’t know but shares a community you belong to. You may live in the same place, attend the same school, etc.

For Meet The Friends feature, first, you need to choose the communities in which you want to meet new friends. You can also add your introduction or activities if you wish to.

Then, you’ll see people suggestions who also expressed an interest in this feature from the selected communities. This feature may be useful for people who have just joined a new company, school or moved to a new city.

Anyway, there are a lot of things on the way. Currently, Facebook is fine-tuning the features to make them more useful and easily accessible. So, what do you feel about these new features? Share your views in the comments below.


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