Many times we stuck in a situation where we want to measure some object but don’t have a tape. Like many other problems, Google also found a solution to this and launched an app to measure any object just by using your Android phone’s camera. The Google Measure app is now available for all ARCore devices running Android 7.0+.

What is Google Measure App?

The Google Measure App is actually a very useful augmented reality app which was launched in 2016. At the time of launch, it was just available for Google AR Platform – Project Tango. The Google Measure is a very simple yet interesting app which uses the device camera of your smartphone to measure the length or height of objects.  The app is now available for download for free on the Google Play Store but you also need to install the ARCore app first.

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How to Use Google Measure App?

The new Google Measure app has now lesser hardware demands. First, download Google Measure app from play store. Then, move your phone around the space to find flat surfaces such as tabletops or the floor. Now, drag a length tool or height tool into the screen, and adjust it to the right size. Then, tap the camera icon to snap a photo for later, or tap the bin icon to start a new measurement.

You will also have options to switch between metric and imperial units. The Google Measure works best on a textured surface and with a good amount of light. Anyway, Google explicitly states that measurements taken through the app are estimates, and might not always be 100% accurate.

Download and Enjoy Google Measure App

The Google Measure app lets you measure things. So, it would be quite useful for people who are looking to buy new furniture but might not have a physical tape to measure their requirement.

It works best if you use it on textured, well-lit surfaces, the company says, and you need to move your phone around the area before you start measuring stuff. You can also switch between metric and imperial units, and save photos of your measurements for later. Recently, Apple has also unveiled their own AR measuring app in IOS 12. So, have you ever used any augmented reality app? Just share your experience in the comments section below. For more, stay tuned with Tech4Fresher.


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