Krafton, the studio behind BGMI is partnering with Solano Labs, a blockchain company. The two companies are going to be on a joint venture for the development, design, operation, and marketing of blockchain-based games and services. 

This is right after Krafton partnered with Naver Z, another Metaverse company to launch their own NFT-based platform. Bear in mind, Solana Labs is the developer of the Solana Blockchain, one of the biggest competitors of Ethereum. Let’s dig deep into what this new partner has to offer for all PUBG fans? 

Krafton’s Partnership with Solana Labs 

In the recent official blog post, Krafton announced its partnership with Solana Labs. Bear in mind, Solana Labs is the same company that has been all over the news for offering faster transaction speed at a lower cost

According to Krafton, making the most out of decentralized blockchain, the company is going to further expand its horizon. Karfton further added their input on partnering with Solana Labs. Given their high-performance speed backed by lower transactional costs, Solana is the best representation of the Web3 ecosystem altogether. 

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Krafton strives to get insight knowledge over the entire blockchain-based experience. Looking at the broader spectrum, this is not the first time Krafton is working with any blockchain company. 

The largest speculation revolves around dropping Krafton’s share price. According to the Financial Times, the huge competition from Chinese rivals resulted in such a drastic fall. This is where Krafton is adopting play-to-earn models while integrating blockchain within. 

The Future of Krafton

Given the falling share price, Krafton already made their popular title PUBG, a free-to-play model. With the recent partnership with Solana Labs, the Korean giant aspires to develop and add more play-to-earn titles within their Web3 ecosystem. 

Now it is completely unclear, whether Krafton is going to integrate blockchain technology with existing titles or launch new games altogether. As for the existing games, it would certainly make them Metaverse-ready. That being said, it is still going to take some considerable time before the services hit the commercial market. 

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The Bottom Line

So that was all about the recent development between Krafton and Solana Labs. No matter the outcome of the partner, it is surely going to take the gaming industry by storm. So, let us know in the comment section below, what are your thoughts on PUBG changing once and for all? 


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