With the Global debut of the flagship GT series, Realme is also going to step up its ‘fast charging game.’ As the company announced, they are going to launch the world’s fastest smartphone charging during this year’s MWC (Mobile World Congress) event. 

Realme has also got two phones up its sleeve, the Realme GT 2 and GT 2 Pro to be released globally. So, let’s dive into what Realme has to offer this year around?

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Realme to Unveil Fastest Smartphone Charging Technology 

Realme is going to introduce its latest fast charging technology at MWC 2022 on February 28. Although Realme hasn’t really disclosed the charging speed or particular wattage, they are claiming to be the fastest.

Although a leak from GizmoChina, suggests that Realme is most likely to introduce a 200W fast charger. Not to mention, the source has even leaked images of the supposed 200W fast charger online. 

Source: GizmoChina

As you can clearly see over the leaked image, it is most likely to be the Chinese variant of the charger. Model no. is specified as VCK8HACH with a maximum power output of 20V – 10A. Furthermore, these chargers are even capable of 45W USB PD (Power Delivery).  

More on the Realme Fast Charger

The new charger from Realme is Supposedly going to be in line with their existing 125W UltraDart fast charging technology. According to the company, it can charge any Realme device to 33% in just 3 minutes. Although this wasn’t released for any commercial smartphone yet. 

Previously Nubia debuted their 165W charger for Red Magic 7 Pro smartphone, wearing the crown for the fastest charger in the market. The device supported 135W fast charging via Nubia’s 165W GAN charger

Even Infinix has stepped up their game, debuting their 160W charging technology. Although Realme hasn’t clearly mentioned their charging speed as of now. But if the rumors are set up right, offering faster charge despite having low wattage can help them to take the title for ‘world’s fastest charging smartphone.’

According to Realme, their latest charging technology is going to be based on their ‘Go Premium’ strategy. An initiative was taken by Realme to invest 70% of all the resources from R&D. 

In order to get more info about Realme’s latest fast charging technology, we have to wait another week. Until then, stay tuned for all the recent development going around MWC 2022. 


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