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Earlier this year, Samsung already debuted their first Galaxy Unpacked event. This included the launch of their latest flagship Galaxy S22 along with the Galaxy Tab S8 lineup. Now, Samsung is going to partake in the MWC 2022, scheduled for 27th February. 

In this event, we can expect Samsung’s text on the next generation of connected devices. Not to mention, a considerable number of announcements for new laptops, new OS, and more. So, let’s dive into what you can expect out of Samsung Galaxy MWC 2022.

Samsung’s MWC Event 2022: Things You Should Know

Recently Samsung has revealed few key details on things we can expect from the MWC 2022. In their blog post, Samsung is creating anticipation over their next generation of Galaxy Books. 

In fact, the new Galaxy Book line of laptops is going to focus on creating a ‘best-in-class experience.’ While everything about the laptop is not bought into the light, there are still a few things we can confirm as of now. 

Samsung is supposedly working with Intel and Microsoft to offer a seamless experience to the end-users across all Galaxy devices. We can expect a deep integration among these companies over at MWC 2022. 

Samsung is also going to introduce One UI 4 Book, which would be a skin on top of Windows 11. Bringing a lot of visual changes, Samsung envisions a similar approach towards PC as that of their other offerings. 

The launch of One UI Watch for the Galaxy Watch 4, gives us enough idea on how much series Samsung is with their ecosystem. For the next-gen Galaxy Books, Samsung and Intel are going to create an ecosystem focused on mobility as well as performance. 

Now, the biggest question remains, what exactly Samsung would unveil? With all the flagship smartphones and tablets launched earlier, they are unlikely to happen in the second iteration. 

Similarly, the Fold series is mainly reserved for the second half of the year. So this leaves out the Chromebooks and laptops. We are keeping a close eye on Samsung’s MWC 2022. So, stay tuned to learn more about the event. 

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