There are a plethora of ways in which you can actually set animated wallpapers on your Windows PC. While the idea of an animated wallpaper can be intuitive, it can become a tedious task to find the right one. 

With a popular operating system as Windows 10, and you have got yourself thousands of options to choose from. That is why we have curated a list of the best-animated wallpapers. With live wallpaper on your background, you can customize your computer just the way you want. 

How to Set Up Animated Wallpapers? 

One of the biggest misconceptions is that users can simply download animated wallpapers and set them right away. Since the majority of them are available in video formats, the conventional ways don’t seem to work. You can only set up live wallpapers using dedicated programs. 

Where Can You Find Animated Wallpapers 

Deviantart and Wallpaper engine is by far the most common place to find animated backgrounds for Windows 10. While Deviantart is completely free to use, Wallpaper Engine would cost you around $4, while giving you access to thousands of animated wallpapers to choose from. Not only they are easy to set up, but you might come across some of the highest quality wallpapers there. 

For everyone looking out for a freeware solution, Desktop Live Wallpaper is a great application, you can find it right at Microsoft Store. With varieties of wallpapers to choose from, you can easily get both free and paid versions of the same. For lengthy wallpapers, our recommendation would be to use PUSH Video Wallpaper. 

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Top Animated Wallpapers to Choose for Windows 10

Down below is our collection of the best-animated wallpapers you can choose for Windows 10. Just bear in mind, all these wallpapers are supported to their respective applications.

1. The Animated Matrix Wallpaper (MyLiveWallpaper)

The top of our list comes from one of the most iconic Sci-Fi movies of all time, The Matrix. If you consider yourself a geek, this is just the right wallpaper for you. The falling green texts behind the black background can set up the perfect ambiance. 

2. The Nebula (Windows Customization) 

Not an animated wallpaper, but the Nebula is just the perfect screensaver for your Windows PC. If you love space, it is worth giving a shot. You can actually spend countless hours just by looking at the Nebula. 

3. City Drive (MyLiveWallpaper) 

An iconic abstract that you can hardly say no to. While you might have come across its static part, the animated version is many folds better than the same. The sunset brings forth the perfect scenic beauty. 

4. Fire Place (Pixabay) 

While fire can bring forth motivation, it can also calm you from inside. With the fireplace animated wallpaper by your desktop, you can always feel right at home. The dark background makes it more eye-catching altogether. 

5. Rainy Night (Pixabay) 

Complementing the previous wallpaper is Rainy Night. Enjoy a rainy night down the street, with people passing by. The city life is as beautiful as it can ever get.

6. Girl in Kimono (Wallpaper Engine)

For all the Otaku out there, having an animated anime wallpaper is the best way to showcase your interest. Regardless of your desktop setup, the Girl in Kimono wallpapers looks elegant. You can always try out other anime wallpapers as well. 

7. Doggie Corgi (Wallpaper Engine)

Next on our list is yet another minimalism-inspired animated wallpaper. Neither less to say, the entire wallpaper not only looks adorable but at the same time also feels soothing. 

8. Café Coffee Drink (Pixabay) 

While coffee plays an integral part in our lives, this animated wallpaper is a gentle reminder of the same. Every time you look at it, the calm morning scene would rejuvenate you. 

9. Relaxing Plane Ride (Windows Customization) 

In one word, it is simply minimalism at its best. The plane passing through the mountain and clouds looks cute altogether. Set up as your Windows wallpaper, and you can create the cleanest desktop for your PC. 

10. Synthwave Grid (MyLiveWallpapers) 

When it comes to abstract, the Synthwave Grid is the perfect live wallpaper you can set for your home screen. Head over to the website, and you can choose from a plethora of synth-wave-themed animated wallpapers. 

The Bottom Line 

So, that was our curated list of the best animated wallpaper Windows 10 that you can use for your setup. Now, let us know in the comment section below if you have any more suggestions to make.


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