Video marketing, just like many other forms of virtual marketing, has seen an incredible amount of growth and demand over the past decade at least. The whole reason why visual marketing is such a hit with the audience is that it has that x-factor that plain content doesn’t; as humans, we’re accustomed to getting attracted to anything that is visually appealing and stimulates the brain.

The tone of video marketing has definitely evolved over time; from being rather constricted by societal norms and sticking to “think within the box” type of creativity, it has gone to a very experimental, open-ended and “out of the box” type of creative presentation.

For anyone who wants to market themselves, this is a huge window of opportunity because it gives them the chance to explore a much more dynamic and adaptable market while switching up their own style of marketing and keeping up with the trends.

Instagram Video Strategy

Instagram, touted as the most used social media platform in the world, started allowing videos with 15 seconds duration in the year 2013. Today, videos from 3 seconds to 60 seconds can be uploaded to your Instagram account. This is applicable for audio files also. The increased duration of videos is helpful to digital marketers in marketing their businesses.

If you’ve heard of videos going “viral”, then you’ve been exposed to a trend that is surely here to stay. Sharing a video with one or even 20 people at once takes a mere second. So if the content is share-worthy, then you’ve already won half the game. And when the goal is to get more views on Instagram content, the reach you have plays a crucial role.

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The main challenge of video marketing is to convey the brand message within the timeframe allowed by Instagram. Every second in the video is precious as you have to convey the message within 60 seconds. You have to think creatively and precisely to produce videos that influence the viewers.

Since the duration of Instagram videos is only up to 60 seconds, digital marketers should know how to create a compelling and creative video that tells the brand’s story. Most users have a short attention span, and Instagram videos with short duration are their favourites. If you have a storytelling skill in a concise manner, then brand marketing on Instagram using videos will be a success.

Here are some video marketing strategies that help to create a brand identity on Instagram.

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Effective Video Strategies For Your Instagram

instagram marketing

1.  Make the viewer stay

Make the message clear, always. Although using tactical techniques to add a surprise element or element of uniqueness to your video is a great marketing idea, you need to ensure that your video doesn’t entirely digress from the core message.

This is simply because the attention span of an internet user doesn’t extend beyond 5 seconds if the content doesn’t grab their attention. So, essentially, you need to pack those 5 seconds with something that will really catch their eye and make them want to watch the rest.

2. Creating a story

Viewers today want much more than just a quirky caption and a fancy punch-line; they want to be able to connect with what a brand is selling and feel a certain sentiment towards it, which then pushes them to not only purchase the product but also become a retained user for the brand. This is where storytelling is instrumental; a video-making technique where there are a central character and a hard-core storyline, one that will stay with the viewers long after the video has ended, making a much needed lasting impression in their minds.

What you can do: pick up a relevant social cause and create a video around it. A lot of brands are conscious about speaking up on social causes because it resonates with the audience and makes an impact too.

3. Tell a story with subtitles and text overlay

instagram text overlay

Instagram videos do not have an auto-sound play option. Hence, videos usually start with muted sound. Some users may not be able to turn on the volume of the video for different reasons. If they cannot understand the video when the volume is mute, then they will leave without completing the video.

By including text overlay, they will understand the essence of your brand message. Using subtitles for the video is also helpful for the viewer to understand the objective of the content quickly.

However, including subtitles and text overlays will not bring you traffic. You have to narrate the story in a creative and engaging through motion pictures or images. The use of subtitles and text overlays is to enhance the visual appeal of the video.

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4. Going the automated way

What the digital era has done for markets is making promotional tools easy to generate, without having to delve too much into the intricacies of creation. As long as there is an idea, there is a tool that can take your idea and turn it into something deliverable and substantial to give your users.

So, as long a brand has the content, they don’t really need a whole team to come up with a video to post on social media. There is already a lot of software being released in terms of automated video creation tools.

A good strategy would be to keep yourself updated, do a good amount of research and always up your game when it comes to employing the latest automated video software. If any of these appeals to your marketing plans, purchase them without hesitation because they will surely come in handy sooner or later.

5. Make vertical and horizontal videos

You need to keep in mind that the majority of your audience is viewing your content on their mobile phones. This means that vertical videos would be the safer choice since they won’t have to tilt their phone every time they want to watch something. However, there’s also a different take on this.

Instagram Video

Using vertical videos is now becoming popular on Instagram. Instagram stories are perfect for using vertical videos because, when the viewer watches the vertical video, the mobile screen will be filled with the vertical video offering a visual treat.

Vertical videos are not, however, good to use as timeline videos. When you use a video on the timeline, it will feel disorienting for the user. If you want to use a video on the Instagram timeline, you have to capture it horizontally. Horizontal videos are best suited as timeline videos so, depending on whether you’re targeting stories or making posts on their feed through ads, your video orientation needs to change accordingly.

6. Create videos of events and offers

Use videos of product launch events, promotional events, behind-the-scenes, how-to, and offers to get the attention of Instagram users. Special offers or sales for products can also be created in a video format to reach potential customers. Include a message related to sales, events or promotions to give awareness about your product or service.

Remember that hashtags are very much relevant for video marketing as well. Catchy hashtags stay with the viewer even after the video has stopped playing, which means you need to pay attention to these little details.

7. Try video mapping

Video mapping is a very visually and graphically appealing technique to create a video; by using 3D projections on a flat surface to almost creating an illusion-like video that is sure to appeal to a viewer. While there is a lot of work that goes into making a video with this technique, the end result is usually quite stunning and does very well with the audience. If your brand is product-centric and is trying to penetrate into a rather saturated market, then you could include video mapping as a strategy to sell your product better.

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Video marketing is continuously growing by offering more opportunities to digital marketers. The success of video marketing strategy depends on the curiosity you create in the mind of the potential customers. It’s not just about creating videos with great content, but also about executing it in the right way.

You have to make videos specifically for Instagram marketing because each social network offers a different duration for videos. Make sure that your message is conveyed within 60 seconds. Video marketing helps you to know the reactions of your potential customers because you will get the immediate responses related to the video from the viewers.

By responding to the comments and likes of the viewers, you increase your rate of response and engagement as well. When you respond, users know that your brand values their suggestions and opinions. It shows the authenticity and trustworthiness of the brand.

By following the above-mentioned video marketing strategies, you can grow your brand’s social media presence. Analyze and study the current market trends thoroughly and figure out what works for your business, because it may not be the same strategy to work for other brands.

By using Instagram tools and analytics to understand the engagement data, you can apply tactics that receive most responses.

Most of all, you need to create great content, because that’s what sells the most!


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